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Example sentences for "cheerlessness"

Lexicographically close words:
cheeriest; cheerily; cheeriness; cheering; cheerless; cheerly; cheers; cheery; chees; cheese
  1. The cares of the child's burial over, and the crowd dispersed, the cottage of the widow Cooper was once more abandoned to the cheerlessness and wo (sic) within.

  2. Everywhere you felt the cheerlessness of a house which is not lived in.

  3. But she succeeded; the cheerlessness of the little chamber turned her thoughts backwards to the years of girlhood, and when she had finished dressing she almost mechanically lit the fire and put the kettle to boil.

  4. He was grateful to her for sharing his sense of the empty cheerlessness of his existence.

  5. Casting off this cheerlessness by repentance, address thyself with a strong will to action.

  6. Whatever state of consciousness exists united with any feeling of discontent or cheerlessness should be regarded as occasioned by an accession of the attribute of Passion into the mind.

  7. Dispelling this cheerlessness that overspreads thy face, listen to me with undivided attention.

  8. There was, first, a sense of the cheerlessness of unbelief--the sadness and the sorrow resulting from the loss of trust in God and hope of immortality, and from the wretched prospect of a return to utter nothingness.

  9. Next morning, Duryodhana said unto Drona, these words, from petulance and wrath, and in great cheerlessness of heart at the sight of the prosperity of their foe.

  10. Such cheerlessness does not become thee, O chief of the Bharatas, as it does an ordinary person.

  11. And it inspired the timid with cheerlessness and fear.

  12. Such a companion for herself in the periods of anxiety and cheerlessness before her!

  13. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "cheerlessness" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    anguish; anxiety; bitterness; boredom; depression; discomfort; discomposure; discontent; dislike; displeasure; disquiet; dissatisfaction; distress; dread; dullness; emptiness; ennui; grief; infelicity; inquietude; lamentation; malaise; melancholy; misery; mournfulness; nausea; pain; pathos; poignancy; sadness; sharpness; spleen; tedium; uneasiness; unhappiness