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Example sentences for "greetings"

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greete; greeted; greetes; greeteth; greeting; greets; greeue; greeued; greeuous; greeuouslie
  1. Being pretty tired and hungry, and knowing absolutely nothing of the distance to the next place, I endeavor to cultivate their friendship by smiles, and by addressing the nearest youngster in polite greetings of "chin-chin.

  2. Said manoeuvres and evolutions consist of more or less noisy greetings and demonstrations at every town and village we pass.

  3. And greetings were scarcely exchanged with these when the families from Ashlands and the Laurels joined the circle; so that quite a large surprise party had gathered there unexpectedly to themselves as well as to their hosts.

  4. The others, from Mrs. Dinsmore down to Walter, followed suit with greetings no less joyous and cordial, for the old gentleman was a great favorite at Ion, and with the whole connection.

  5. Meantime greetings had been exchanged among the others, and the four little girls had got into a corner by themselves.

  6. Greetings were exchanged, some kind, encouraging words spoken to her and Max, then their father and the other gentlemen fell into conversation.

  7. After greetings I stepped to the station platform and mingled with the crowd--disgusted, and disposed to desert.

  8. Greetings were exchanged in Spanish, and the peculiar shoulder tap, or abbreviated embrace, was indulged in.

  9. We began it with tenderest greetings for the birthday of our dear little Arthur.

  10. He made a slight attempt to acknowledge the faint greetings of the spectators, some of them ignorant of the identity of the visitors, all of them taken by surprise.

  11. These and suchlike greetings met me as I was recognised and welcomed by de Belin, the young Tavannes, de Cosse-Brissac, and others of my acquaintance.

  12. The others, however, stopped, and then burst out in joyous greetings of de Belin and very haughty glances at me.

  13. He hardly returned the greetings of the few friends assembled in the drawing-room, but went at once to the fireplace, applied a match to the fire laid there, and thrust the poker between the bars of the grate.

  14. Reising remarked en passant that Lori returned their greetings with a certain condescension, and these greetings were very polite--she was already looked upon as future mistress, and felt herself to be such.

  15. As well I deem, if I, who pledged my faith To one, and greetings from the other had, Bore not aright the tidings 'twixt the twain.

  16. But no, the greetings were polite and formal.

  17. After our preliminary greetings he said, "We Yucatecans never ask anybody to our houses, but I should like you to see the interior of a Yucatecan home.

  18. Greetings and welcome, sire, from this your faithful city," began Monceux, very hurriedly.

  19. Greetings to you, Will," said Robin, blithely.

  20. Now, farewell--take my greetings to our brother at Gamewell.

  21. Balzac courteously sent greetings to Lirette in his letters to Madame Hanska, and evidently liked her.

  22. Early in his literary career Balzac knew Baron Gerard, and in writing to the painter, sent greetings to Madame Gerard.

  23. The walk from the Manor had touched her freshly, and she had been pleased by the respectful greetings of the villagers.

  24. Mr. and Mrs. Vandegrift's friends send their greetings from summer land.

  25. These greetings for half an hour or so were exceedingly warm; and to make them more impressive, several persons deposited in their hands valuable trinkets and money, which they received with thanks.

  26. Its commencement was flattering, from the numbers and high respectability of my visitors, and I was pleased, from day to day, to meet the faces and friendly greetings of those whom I had seen there at the private view.

  27. Well, you are a nice fellow," cried Calton, after greetings were over.

  28. There is my daughter, Calton," he said, after hurried greetings had been exchanged.

  29. Cap after cap was lifted in greeting to Master Headley by burgess, artisan, or apprentice, and many times did he draw Poppet's rein to exchange greetings and receive congratulations on his return.

  30. By this fortunate chance, greetings were frequently exchanged, and meetings of varying duration occurred.

  31. Today the swallows swept not to the earth with loving greetings and pleasant messages of happy days to come.

  32. There follows a confusion of greetings and commands: "Get a lantern.

  33. When the ice goes out the tree is borne downstream, to carry greetings from the Arikara to their old village sites down the river.

  34. On reaching Liverpool, having called a porter to carry my things, I hurried homewards, expecting to receive the usual happy greetings from my father and sisters.

  35. I have brought some strangers to see you," I said, after our greetings were over.

  36. Warm greetings were exchanged, and as the weather was now too cool for comfortable sitting upon the veranda the Captain led the way to the library--a favorite resort with them all.

  37. Morning greetings were exchanged, then Evelyn, saying that their breakfast was just ready, invited the Captain to come in and share it.

  38. For you love the best seats in the synagogues, and the greetings in the marketplaces.

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