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Example sentences for "incisiveness"

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incised; incising; incision; incisions; incisive; incisor; incisors; incitation; incite; incited
  1. It was obvious that this author was familiar with the best French writers, and had acquired through them that clear and crisp incisiveness of utterance which was supposed, hitherto, to be untransferable to any other tongue.

  2. He spoke with a quiet self-possession and a pithy incisiveness which were altogether phenomenal.

  3. Clavering shook his head, but there was a curious incisiveness in his tone.

  4. Clavering flushed, for there was a contemptuous incisiveness in Grant's voice which stung his pride.

  5. Saint Simon has often been compared to Tacitus, but his torrent of words very little resembles the laconic incisiveness of the Roman.

  6. The Master heard, and replied with edifying incisiveness mingled with splendid irony.

  7. With logical incisiveness the Master demonstrated that such givers have their reward.

  8. He never quarreled with the directness and incisiveness of Cowperwood's action.

  9. As a rule they were quick to recognize the charm of his manner, the incisiveness and grip of his mind, and to estimate at all its worth the high individuality of his soul; but he could also always see that Aileen was not so acceptable.

  10. Rossetti had both wit and humour, but these, during the time that I knew him, were only occasionally present in his conversation, while the incisiveness was always conspicuous.

  11. Yet Bunbury's incisiveness and his thorough command of what it is his design to express assure him a distinct position as an artist.

  12. It lacked incisiveness and construction and definite color; it droned and it preached.

  13. The measured incisiveness of her tone, and the contemptuous expression of her face would have silenced most men, but he was mad with passion.

  14. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "incisiveness" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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