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  1. Sometimes smoke-black mixed with the blood from the incisions is used instead.

  2. Many incisions are cut nearly parallel to each other.

  3. They were scoring the poppy capsules with vertical scratches and scraping off the exuded juice which had bled from the incisions they made yesterday.

  4. From the ends of the lower wound vertical incisions are made into the lid, running slightly outwards and inwards respectively towards the outer and inner canthus (Fig.

  5. A crescentic piece of skin is marked out on the lower lid by two incisions which have their concavity directed upwards.

  6. In Great Britain there is plenty of variety in the methods and material employed for the closure of the incisions in abdominal operations, but at the present time there is a marked tendency to return to the older and simpler methods.

  7. The large cavity is filled with one long strip of 1-inch ribbon gauze, which is left projecting from the nostril, and the skin incisions are carefully brought together with silkworm-gut sutures.

  8. The tissue between these two incisions is undermined so as to produce a band of skin and subcutaneous tissue.

  9. The periosteum incisions are now carefully planned.

  10. By joining the ends of these two incisions the cervix is completely separated from the vagina.

  11. These large incisions heal quickly, and are no more prone to hernia than the short incisions.

  12. Two incisions were made on each side of the back, about half an inch apart.

  13. His duty it was to make incisions in the back of the aspirant for honors.

  14. I should hardly be of that humour who hold health to be worth purchasing by all the most painful cauteries and incisions that can be applied.

  15. These incisions being made on the faces of both sexes when they are about twelve months old, the dyeing material, which is inserted in them, becomes scarcely visible as they grow up.

  16. The women have also incisions on their faces, but in a different fashion; the lines being from two to five in number, cut on each cheek bone, from the temple straight down; they are also stained with blue.

  17. This process is continued until incisions have been made in the bark from a height of about six feet down to the ground; the lower down on the trunk of the tree, the better is the quality of the sap.

  18. At the end of about ten hours these cups are emptied into larger ones, and on the morning of the following day new incisions are made in each tree, about eight inches below the old ones.

  19. The machine with which instantaneous incisions in the skin are produced, was all out of order, so they had to use the lancet.

  20. It exudes, or flows rather, spontaneously from the tree in such plenty that there is no need of making incisions to procure it.

  21. In this way a series of longitudinal incisions are made on the model at different levels corresponding to the water lines of the vessel.

  22. Make incisions in the bird, and cover it with this seasoning.

  23. XVI-57] Some days after you must boil it with a great quantity of figs and three bay leaves; then take off the skin, make incisions in the flesh, and fill them with honey.

  24. Cook it; then put it in a saucepan with some honey and garum; make several incisions in the bird; baste it with its own gravy, and sprinkle with pepper previously to its being served.

  25. That which flows from the lower incisions is often collected on tiles or on a concave piece of the prickly pear (Opunlia), but is less crystalline and more glutinous, and is less esteemed.

  26. MANNA, a concrete saccharine exudation obtained by making incisions on the trunk of the flowering or manna ash tree, Fraxinus Ornus.

  27. This operation is performed in July or August during the dry weather, by making transverse incisions 1(1/2) to 2 in.

  28. Armed with a sharp knife, he made circular incisions round the trunk, at the distance of several feet from each other, and a single longitudinal one intersecting all the others.

  29. That done, with the point of a knife he made small incisions between his toes, and also upon his breast and fingers.

  30. This author relates a clinical case tending to demonstrate how incisions made in the gums, advised in the first place by Vesalius, in order to facilitate the erupting of the last molar, are not always exempt from danger.

  31. The incisions would, therefore, have to be made by chance, which would often render the morbid condition still more serious.

  32. Thenceforth, the practice of gingival incisions in cases of difficult dentition fell more and more into discredit.

  33. The aromatic resin obtained by incisions cut in the trunk was formerly used in the treatment of gout, and in the West Indies is manufactured into varnish.

  34. The resinous gum obtained from incisions made in the bark is emetic, purgative, and diuretic.

  35. The tails of some animals, however, can be skinned only by incisions made down the middle from the outside.

  36. They are taken off with as few incisions as possible, and then dried and prepared.

  37. To obtain the manna from these trees incisions are made in the bark with a knife; the first cut is made near the ground, and the others at 2in.

  38. The Otomis tattooed their breasts and arms by making incisions with a knife and rubbing a blue powder therein.

  39. Duran and Brasseur evidently consider the slight incisions made for the purpose of drawing blood from the prepuce or ear, in the eleventh month, as the act.

  40. If the latter demands their performance, no rules can be given for incisions or flaps, they must just be obtained where and how they can best be got.

  41. Various other incisions have been devised for gaining access to the joint.

  42. Both incisions must be made by a heavy scalpel with a firm hand, so as to divide all the tissues down to the bone.

  43. Incisions as for the preceding operation, except being on the opposite side.

  44. Among the various incisions recommended, the best seems to be the Semilunar Incision.

  45. A branch of the circumflex iliac artery will very likely be cut in dissecting through the muscles, and must be secured, as also any branches of the epigastric which may be divided in the incisions through the abdominal wall (ut supra, p.

  46. Two parallel incisions were made along the sides of the leg, these were met by a third transverse incision behind, which joined the lower extremities of the first two.

  47. It is impossible to give any exact directions for the incisions which must be planned for individual cases, with two chief aims, to avoid hæmorrhage as far as possible, and to leave abundance of skin.

  48. The vertical incisions are then united by a transverse one passing across just below the lower angle of the patella.

  49. We have thus traced the necessary guiding principles as to our incisions from the bladder outwards through the prostatic portion of the urethra.

  50. The operation described was performed according to Mr. Teale's method, as far as the external incisions were concerned, but the long flap was made from the back instead of from the front of the limb (Plate IV.

  51. It is hardly necessary, or indeed possible, to lay down exact rules for the performance of this operation, in so far as the external incisions are concerned, for the sinuses which exist ought in general to be made use of.

  52. Again, some surgeons prefer two lateral incisions instead of one dorsal one.

  53. A fluid juice exudes from incisions in the trunk and hardens into a yellow resin.

  54. This tree affords gum-kino, which is obtained by making incisions in the bark, from which the juice exudes and hardens into a brittle mass, easily broken into small angular, shining fragments of a bright ruby color.

  55. The balsam is collected by making incisions in the stem, when the liquor is said to pour out copiously; as it exudes it is thin and colorless, but immediately thickens and changes to a clear yellow.

  56. Mastic is the resin of the tree and is obtained by making transverse incisions in the bark, from which it exudes in drops and hardens into small semitransparent tears.

  57. Camphor oil is obtained from incisions in the tree, and has a fragrant, aromatic odor.

  58. It is obtained by spontaneous exudation from the trunk and branches, or by incisions made in the bark, from whence it flows in a liquid state, but soon hardens by exposure to the air.

  59. This plant yields the drug known as balsam of Peru, which is procured by making incisions in the bark, into which cotton rags are thrust; a fire is then made round the tree to liquefy the balsam.

  60. The milky juice exudes from incisions made in the branches, and is so acrid that it excoriates the hand when applied to it.

  61. The sap is collected from incisions made in the tree during the dry season, and is poured over clay molds and dried by gentle heat, successive pourings being made till a sufficiently thick layer is produced.

  62. The turpentine flows from incisions made in the trunk and soon becomes thick and tenacious, and ultimately hardens.

  63. The celebrated Wigand of Hamburgh, who strongly opposed making incisions into the dropsical structure, does not appear to have tried the plan recommended above.

  64. Posterior arms simple, undivided; anterior arms lobated or cleft, with one or more incisions at the distal end.

  65. Each arm four-lobed, with three terminal deep incisions of equal size.

  66. Anterior arms trifid, with two shallow incisions at their distal end.

  67. Each arm four-lobed, with three terminal shallow incisions of nearly equal size.

  68. Posterior arms of the same length, but much broader, trifid, with two incisions (one larger and one smaller).

  69. Anterior arms trifid, about as long as broad, with two incisions at their broad truncated end.

  70. A species of ash grows in Sicily that yields a substance called manna which used to be valuable as a medicine, and this manna is obtained in the same way as maple-sap--by making holes or incisions in the bark of the tree.

  71. In the spring two circular incisions are made, several feet apart, and two longitudinal ones on opposite sides of the tree; after which, by introducing a wooden wedge, the bark is easily detached.

  72. The sap is the most valuable part; and when incisions are made in the trunk of the tree, there is an abundant flow of thick milk-like sap, which is described as having an agreeable and balmv smell.

  73. If much tumefaction of muscular tissues beneath fasciæ occurs, or abscesses form in them, free incisions should be at once made for their relief.

  74. Neither, although the site of lodgment be ascertained, if extensive incisions are required, or if there is danger of wounding important organs, should the attempts at extraction be continued.

  75. Extensive abscesses formed among the gluteal muscles on the left side, and down the left thigh; and though free incisions were made, great constitutional irritation supervened, and he sank.

  76. Take a well smoked ham, wash it very clean, make incisions all over the top two inches deep, stuff them quite full with parsley chopped small and some pepper, boil the ham sufficiently; do not take off the skin.

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