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  1. Of course spelling and reading are two different things; the excentric visual acuity may perfectly suffice for the recognition of single letters, central and also excentric visual acuity is necessary for reading.

  2. This rapid fatigue, which only permits the visual acuity present to be estimated for a short period at a time, may easily result in the visual acuity being supposed to be worse than it is.

  3. According to my experience no higher visual acuity can be attained by use of the amblyopic eye, than that which is best detected by the aid of eserine in the first examination, if it is only carried out thoroughly enough.

  4. Visual acuity of 1/20 suffices to read III-I/II at 2.

  5. Procure a Snellen's test chart and determine the visual acuity of the members of the class.

  6. Acuity of hearing can be tested by finding the distance at which the various members of the class can hear a watch-tick.

  7. The portraits of certain artists in this unique volume recite the history of the critic's acuity and clairvoyance.

  8. His ecclesiastical fond may be recognised in Le Chemin de Velours with its sympathetic exposition of Jesuit doctrine, and the acuity of its judgments on Pascal and the Jansenists.

  9. Visual acuity was normal, but the use of ophthalmometer was impossible, as was measurement of the visual field.

  10. Visual acuity was diminished on the right, and there was general limitation of right field; left-sided vision and field normal.

  11. For these reasons we cannot conclude that the kind of astigmatism described can really increase the horse's acuity in the perception of movements.

  12. Nor did Hans possess anything like that high degree of visual acuity which had been attributed to him.

  13. This work requires a concentrated type of attention, good visual acuity and quick and keen perception, accompanied by quick responsive action.

  14. No cases of extraordinary hyper-acuity were met with.

  15. The visual acuity of the Chenchus was tested with Cohn's letter E, No.

  16. For clinical purposes, the visual acuity would be represented by a fraction, of which 6 is the denominator, and the number of metres at which the position of the letter was recognised by the individual tested is the numerator, e.

  17. Stensen's work brought him in contact with some of the distinguished men of the seventeenth century, all of whom learned to appreciate his breadth of intelligence and acuity of judgment.

  18. His contemporaries, indeed, exhausted most of the adjectives of the Latin language in trying to express their appreciation of his acuity of observation.

  19. At times the thinking disorder may develop with great suddenness or improve as quickly, and a tendency to isolated evidences of mental acuity is another example of the inconsistency which is so highly characteristic of stupor.

  20. Mental acuity of this grade combined with amnesia looks more like an hysterical than a manic-depressive process.

  21. In glaucoma simplex, which is largely devoid of marked congestive periods (acute attacks), a surprisingly high degree of acuity of vision may exist with a deep excavation and pale nerve.

  22. As might easily have been gathered from previous references, however, it is here that the most frequent surprises as to the acuity of this medieval traveler await the modern reader.

  23. There is said to be an acuity of observation and a vigor of representation displayed in the book which is highly complimentary to the powers of the Thirteenth Century artists.

  24. No one set about consciously organizing for the establishment of complete institutions of learning.

  25. A kind of "sensorial intoxication" could be produced by the inhalation of odors and the whole system stimulated to greater activity; the visual acuity was increased, and electric and general excitability heightened.

  26. The modern authorities on olfaction, Passy and Zwaardemaker, both alike insist on the same characteristics of the sense of smell: its extreme acuity and yet its vagueness.

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