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Example sentences for "incensing"

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incendiary; incendio; incense; incensed; incenses; incentive; incentives; incept; inception; inceptive
  1. The chief prosecutor of the saint, who at first sought to gratify his lust and avarice, now labored to satiate his revenge, by incensing the judge against her; his passionate fondness being changed into anger and rage.

  2. The first thing to be done on waking was to array themselves in their canonicals, take their censers, and to follow an old priest called Quaquacuilti to all the chapels and altars of the idols, incensing them.

  3. After him several other captives were immolated, and then the priests started another dance, the atepocaxixilihua, which lasted the remainder of the day, certain intervals being devoted to incensing the idol.

  4. This ceremony gave the name to the festival, which was known as the 'incensing of Huitzilopochtli.

  5. This is the day of the incensing of Huitzil', which, you know, has been celebrated for ages as a festival religious and national.

  6. Rubruquis seems to intimate that the Nestorian priests were employed to consecrate the white mares by incensing them.

  7. The organ then swallowed up one stanza out of two, and under the seditious pretext that the length of the Office of incensing was too long to be filled up entirely by singing, M.

  8. It was a Benediction of nature, a genuflection of trees and flowers, singing in the wind, incensing with their perfume the sacred Bread which shone on high, in the flaming custody of the planet.

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