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Example sentences for "incentives"

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incense; incensed; incenses; incensing; incentive; incept; inception; inceptive; incerta; incertaine
  1. Businessmen must continue to have the incentives necessary for investment and for the development of new lines of enterprise.

  2. Manufacturing and agriculture together contribute only 10% of GDP and show little growth, despite government incentives aimed at those sectors.

  3. The government's policy of offering incentives to high-technology companies and financial institutions to locate on the island has paid off in expanding employment opportunities in high-income industries.

  4. If this Hero has the strong Incentives to uncommon Enterprizes that were remarkable in Alexander, he prosecutes and enjoys the Fame of them with the Justness, Propriety, and good Sense of C├Žsar.

  5. Her becoming Tears, her honest Anguish, the wringing of her Hands, and the many Changes of her Posture and Figure in the Vehemence of speaking, were but so many Attitudes in which he beheld her Beauty, and further Incentives of his Desire.

  6. In youth the incentives to it are the strongest; from ambition and from duty, from emulation and hope, all the prospects which the beginning of life affords.

  7. No wonder that women of all states of society found high incentives toward dedicating their lives to the service of Christ and the Holy Virgin.

  8. The models, then, which the Romans derived from Grecian poetry, were the finest productions of human genius; their incentives to emulation were the strongest that could actuate the heart.

  9. And he demonstrates that one of the most urgent economic incentives to war that has ever existed will be the relative condition of Europe and the United States at the close of the Great War.

  10. In non-dramatic literature the incentives of the classics and of the Italians from Petrarch to Tasso had led on from translations and imitations to experiments and inventions.

  11. Its effect in supplying fresh incentives for worthy endeavor was slight, indeed, hardly discernible unless in the influence of Racine upon Otway.

  12. But the thousand and one emotions and incentives prompting such movement, and differentiating the resulting action across the extensive range between the noblest benefaction and the blackest murder, baffle every scientific method.

  13. An Englishman does not require any extraneous incentives to emotion when, leaning against the beams of that archway, he recalls who have thereby gone in and out, bent on what errands, and thinking what thoughts.

  14. The murder of a hundred families, the ruin of a thousand homesteads, were incentives capable of exalting our national enthusiasm to the requisite pitch without the aid of exaggeration or invention.

  15. No; she fully believed that her motives were pure and holy; and she felt assured that pride, ambition, and hatred formed no part of her incentives to action.

  16. These having few higher motives for the selection of their candidates or stronger incentives to action than individual preferences or antipathies, moved the bitter waters of political agitation to their lowest depths.

  17. There is battle ahead, great interests to be gained, great incentives to heroic effort.

  18. My plan would encourage real estate construction by extending tax incentives for mortgage-revenue bonds and low-income housing.

  19. That means new incentives to create jobs in our inner cities by encouraging investment through enterprise zones.

  20. But now, other incentives to her efforts were added.

  21. All these incentives to heroic sacrifice were now combined.

  22. They were continued--and their economic distortions intensified--during World War II in order to provide incentives for production of food needed to sustain a war-torn free world.

  23. It is designed to stimulate classroom construction, not by substitution of Federal dollars for state and local funds, but by incentives to extend and encourage state and local efforts.

  24. The Administration will prepare additional recommendations designed to achieve the same objectives, including career incentives for medical and dental officers and nurses, and increases in the proportion of regular officers.

  25. May his love, his life, his words, his wishes be the abiding incentives in my soul to simply living to him and for him, and for his creatures through him.

  26. They have no incentives to exertion, and spend their time in shooting, fishing, and drinking spirits in taverns, where they speedily acquire the vices of the white men without their habits of industry and enterprise.

  27. My sleeping capacity had returned, and I ceased to use the incentives previously found necessary; but my appetite, poor enough before, deserted me there.

  28. I told him briefly of the previous encounter on the balcony at St. Croix and the incentives to the present affair.

  29. To deprive the youth of the colored race of the higher education is to deprive them of all the nobler incentives to study, to sacrifice, to struggle to get an education.

  30. Every thoughtful person knows that these incentives are necessary for the white race; they are equally necessary for the colored race.

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