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Example sentences for "incenses"

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incendiarism; incendiary; incendio; incense; incensed; incensing; incentive; incentives; incept; inception
  1. His Holiness then incenses it and returns to his throne.

  2. His Holiness reads the usual prayers over the palms, sprinkles them with holy water, and incenses them three times.

  3. Before the deacon sings the gospel he incenses the book; and after it the Pope is once more incensed by the first cardinal priest.

  4. All stand, as at the gospel: he incenses the book, and then sings the Exultet[114].

  5. The Cardinal incenses the offerings and the altar, washes his hands, and recites the Orate Fratres and Our Father.

  6. The player should be able to remember the different odors of the incenses tested; and he is expected to identify the guest-incense at the proper time merely by the unfamiliar quality of its fragrance.

  7. Recipes also should be given of those strange incenses made "to imitate the perfume of the lotos, the smell of the summer breeze, and the odor of the autumn wind.

  8. Then the music burst out again with formidable rollings, while the master of the ceremonies summoned the acolytes with their chandeliers, and conducted the censer-bearers to the officiating clergyman, who blessed the incenses in the vases.

  9. There is a small fine smile around his lips that incenses her, she scarcely knows why.

  10. Know, O prince of Asuras, that incenses are of diverse kinds.

  11. Dhupas are incenses offered to the deities.

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