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Example sentences for "incendiaries"

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  1. The Parliament conceded so far as to release all the incendiaries but five, and these were to be referred to a committee for trial, and their sentence to be pronounced by the king.

  2. Those who condemned that chief, the incendiaries and the murderers, are the negotiators of this new contract; the one hundred and fifty-nine thousand dollars, is to be the fruit of their victory over the assassinated chief.

  3. The party of political incendiaries in France is the only one which carries out such designs energetically and directly.

  4. Congress had threatened to set fire to the place rather than let it fall into the hands of the British: but they abandoned this design, and no incendiaries were left, as at New York.

  5. Lurking incendiaries wreaked their vengeance on property, the destruction of which only tended to aggravate the prevailing distress.

  6. As a great number of inhabitants had returned to Bangoon, they introduced incendiaries into that town, who lighted up a conflagration which was not extinguished until more than a fourth part of the place was destroyed.

  7. Washington had previously proposed to congress that the city should be burned, rather than left in the hands of the English, which proposal had been negatived, but notwithstanding incendiaries were employed to execute the design.

  8. Would those incendiaries be entitled to say that the town authorities were incendiaries also and "believed in setting fire to towns"?

  9. Once an American town was set on fire by incendiaries and was threatened with destruction.

  10. The incendiaries have already set out upon their work"--with these words the Jewish organ Voskhod warned its readers in its issue of March 11.

  11. The conflagration which was openly prepared by the incendiaries broke out at the moment determined upon.

  12. One of the criminal haunts of these incendiaries was situated at that time in Kishinev, the capital of semi-Moldavian Bessarabia.

  13. Sometimes in incendiaries Lombroso has noted a peculiar delicacy of the skin, an infantile aspect, and abundance of hair, occasionally resembling a woman's.

  14. One of the incendiaries there was, "wicked Williams," who certainly had run through the whole gamut of evil.

  15. Could Pitt and his colleagues stand merely on the defensive, while incendiaries sought to stir up a war of colour?

  16. Sidenote: Punishment of incendiaries who have burned a Jewish Synagogue.

  17. If we be obliged to endeavour, that all incendiaries and malignants, &c.

  18. All buildings that had escaped the incendiaries were looted from top to bottom, and not a vestige of anything valuable was left by the rabble.

  19. Such incidents were of frequent occurrence, and often the native police were the offenders; no mercy was shown, however; those found guilty of pillaging only were flogged, while incendiaries were shot.

  20. Then the corps of incendiaries got to work.

  21. Incendiaries with a distinctive badge on their arm went down the main street throwing handfuls of inflammatory and explosive pastilles into the houses.

  22. Trial of the Incendiaries for burning the Ursuline Convent.

  23. CP] So much tenderness towards an assassin, and similar proceedings which I have witnessed relative to incendiaries and persons guilty of forgery, recall to mind those times of barbarism, in which criminals were redeemed at a price.

  24. These crude incendiaries survived through the 1700's as, for instance, the flaming cargoes of fire ships that were sent amidst the enemy fleet.

  25. Of the seventy families who remained at √Čtrepy during the battle, sixty-three were homeless after the incendiaries had passed by.

  26. The work of the incendiaries is seen by comparing the opposite view with that given below.

  27. I cannot finish this letter without telling you that before our military forces had reached the Rhine, our political incendiaries had already taken the field, and were in full march towards the Austrian, Russian, and Prussian capitals.

  28. Those guilty of pillaging were flogged, and incendiaries were sentenced to be shot.

  29. During the night nothing was heard but the crackling of the flames, mingled with the cries of the incendiaries and the occasional fall of a heavy building.

  30. Many of these were pillagers and incendiaries of the worst class, and strict orders had to be given to prevent their returning to the scene of their former exploits.

  31. The most vehement incendiaries were Julius Florus and Julius Sacrovir; the first amongst those of Treves, the second amongst the Aeduans.

  32. Orders were immediately issued to shoot all the incendiaries on the spot.

  33. In those days the dungeons of Klausenburg were well filled with condemned robbers; in the past year alone no fewer than thirty incendiaries had been discovered who had resolved to fire all Transylvania.

  34. Southern newspapers and politicians could not find epithets strong enough to denounce the fanatical incendiaries who said that slavery, being wrong in itself, should cease at once.

  35. Thus, it seems, we are incendiaries who place the torch in the hands of him whose dwelling we would fire!

  36. In some of the villages watchmen were engaged to catch the incendiaries at night.

  37. The incendiaries were to be "students," discharged from the factories on account of the strikes.

  38. The fire was spreading, and the incendiaries were still at work, and we must act now.

  39. The incendiaries and murderers in the New York riots are the nurslings and disciples of the Iro-Roman clergy and the Iro-hierarchy.

  40. The incendiaries and murderers in New York cheered McClellan and came to his house.

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