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Example sentences for "incautious"

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incarnationis; incarnations; incarnatus; incase; incased; incautiously; incendia; incendiaries; incendiarism; incendiary
  1. It was an easy feat of the imagination to make Phaethon the incautious son of Helios, or Apollo, and to suppose that extreme drought is caused by his careless driving of his father's chariot.

  2. An incautious tongue running under emotion is a dangerous thing.

  3. In his incautious excitement he ignored the secret code.

  4. This protection has become necessary in consequence of an incautious felling of wood in the immediate neighbourhood of the mouth, which has exposed the ice to the assaults of the weather.

  5. Johnson's Dictionary and therefore would be taken by an incautious reader as its proper sense.

  6. Nothing, therefore, can be more easy than to pass off on an incautious mind this constant companion of each, for the essential substance of all.

  7. His rhetorical expressions may easily captivate any incautious reader.

  8. The owl sailed slowly past; the goatsucker hawked for moths about the oaks; the trout rose to the incautious flies; the corncrake babbled loudly in the long, lush meadow grass.

  9. From trifles, as they may seem to us at this distance of time, hostile ingenuity wove the web destined to enmesh the incautious Academicians.

  10. He marched three days among wild forests, over unsealed mountains and through swamps, where muddy pitfalls gave way beneath the feet and swallowed the incautious traveller.

  11. But if any one is so incautious as to commit this mistake, the very earliest lesson in the logic of inference, the Conversion of propositions, will correct it.

  12. The arrival of this salutary reaction may, however, be materially retarded by the shallow conceptions and incautious proceedings of mere logicians.

  13. Bob stationed himself by the cart where Chang-Wo was still bound, and fired a shot at intervals whenever an incautious member of the attacking force presumed on the general silence of the besieged and emerged from cover.

  14. It was impossible to enter it without being discovered; no one indeed wished to enter it; if some incautious traveller did intrude within its borders, his only wish, and that a vain one, was to make his way out.

  15. The moment came; some incautious Chunchuse had no doubt exposed himself, for Bob saw the Manchu lift his rifle in the attitude of taking aim.

  16. There are Russian spies also in all parts of the country, and a single incautious sign might have compromised me and led to my discovery and suicide.

  17. Even now an incautious shout, a flicker of light, an accidental shot sounding in the still air of these mountain solitudes, would bring him down upon his quarry like a beast of prey.

  18. Sing-Cheng also recognized his old enemy; Bob heard him pant, and for a moment feared lest an incautious exclamation should betray him.

  19. Sir Archibald Alison, not an incautious person, and certainly no friend to innovation, elaborately supported a contrary opinion.

  20. But the gospel of Socialism proved unintelligible to the uneducated, and the more ardent, incautious missionaries fell into the hands of the police.

  21. Oppression and extortion remained unnoticed, whilst an incautious word or a foolish joke at the expense of the Government was too often magnified into an act of high treason.

  22. An incautious word or a foolish joke against the Government was considered a serious crime, and might be punished by a long exile in some distant and inhospitable part of the Empire.

  23. This time he had spent in looking over the unsealed documents of the incautious young Baron.

  24. The premature death of Mrs. Sittingbourn, at the age of seventy, occasioned by incautious burning of a pot of charcoal in her sleeping-chamber, left him in his nineteenth year nearly without resources.

  25. These words had scarcely escaped the lips of the speaker, when close beside, and even as it seemed in the very midst of the incautious group, was heard the hard dry cough of the subject of their discourse.

  26. Various circumstances had tended to point those suspicions towards Bassompierre, and anxious, if possible, to test their validity, he determined to make an effort to surprise the incautious noble during a moment of frivolity and recklessness.

  27. Everybody wanted information from her, and how easily she might let slip some incautious remark!

  28. One incautious movement in the descent from the cross, which should cause the blood to flow back too quickly to the heart, might cause his death.

  29. Either the public have been betrayed into an incautious endorsement of the author’s opinion of his own work, or the author has mistaken the character of the sensation which he has created.

  30. He dare not give an incautious confidence, drop a random word.

  31. Juliet, with a vehemence that would have startled, if not discouraged him, had not another incautious 'Alas!

  32. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "incautious" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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