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Example sentences for "feckless"

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feci; fecimus; fecisse; fecit; feck; fect; fects; fecture; fectus; fecula
  1. Feckless he wandereth, knowing no tie-- Have ye seen him pass by?

  2. Yet those fires die not, and sometime they will kindle up, purified and strengthened, and will burn the trash and stubble and warm God's feckless people.

  3. A very weary, feckless cripple of a man," I said, smiling.

  4. They, feckless things, that left were better than none, though they should hae been skelped for their idleness.

  5. As ye weel ken, he's a feckless man at lookin' after himsel'.

  6. Once I overheard a Highlander whisper to a Lowlander, "Surely she iss a feckless creature," and I guessed with a feeling of abasement that he was speaking of me.

  7. Surely you're no' gaun to rot your inside wi' sic' feckless trash.

  8. You take a pleasure to torment me," said I, "and I make a very feckless plaything; but let me ask you to be more merciful.

  9. I will never have seen such a feckless creature of a woman; surely all there was of her would tell her ay or no.

  10. McDonald told me privately that it was 'nae sa bad; a deal better than Pete's feckless bellow.

  11. As for that feckless loon Bombazo, the peer[13] body is best in bed.

  12. He's nane feckless for the deevil's wark or for his ain, which is ae thing and the same.

  13. The Lady Joan is in the right of it--a feckless lover, no true man!

  14. She must have a care for her honour, which (poor, feckless wretch!

  15. It is that bellicose little devil who hides himself at the bottom of every human being, impelling him down into the danger zone to fight, who is guilty of the rash and feckless deed.

  16. We will make no mistakes, as we did in the feckless past, bringing us not only bleeding feet, but wounded hearts.

  17. Hey, put she's a puir feckless potie, and dinna ken the when she's well off.

  18. I wonder where the money would have come from to pay for your fine edication if I had chosen to sit and drink my tea in the afternoons like a feckless leddy, as I might have done!

  19. I would break my neck if I ventured through this feckless crowd.

  20. It caps all--you niver heard sec feckless wark," she was saying.

  21. The missionaries assert that they are wholly without morals, never punishing the infringement of marital rights; petty thieves, and idle and feckless to the last degree.

  22. The cuif is a feckless person of the male sex, who is a recognized butt for a whole neighbourhood to sharpen its wits upon.

  23. Busy were the bailies, marshalling such of the burgesses as could be persuaded to take up arms, but all who joined them were feckless aged men, dealers and traffickers in commodities for the courtiers.

  24. Boys, who when they were at school were looked upon as feckless funks, have performed valorous exploits, which any one remembering their school days would have regarded as absolutely beyond the bounds of belief.

  25. The hero of the modern novel, if hero he can be called, is feckless and unsteady: like Dostoievsky he is continually on the look-out for what is round the corner.

  26. It is a penetrating, shrewd comedy wherein many feckless people are portrayed to the life.

  27. In the first instance, further progress by carriers was obviously out of the question, because, except for the feckless one himself, there was not a man about the place.

  28. The feckless Finn seemed struck with the idea; it had not occurred to him before.

  29. So we sat down on the baggage and stated exactly to one another what we thought of the feckless Finn who owned Scurujaervi farm, and then with toil and weariness set about to work the canoe back to the place from which she had come.

  30. We took the feckless Finn in hand, turn and turn about, and (to use the beautiful symbolic language of the sea) we twisted his tail.

  31. Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry were hanging about waiting to be paid, and we gave them what we had bargained for with the feckless one, and a douceur over for themselves, and then we went out and strolled about in the open air.

  32. The feckless one roused sufficiently to make a grummet of withes to put round the steer's nose, and Tom Sawyer made a head-stall out of string, and bent on a check-rope to the grummet.

  33. We put our bundles into the sledge, and lashed them there, and turned to give a final curse to the feckless Finn.

  34. He was a feckless poor body, that Arran, or he'd have never let the old count and his daughter and the bairn get away.

  35. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "feckless" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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