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Example sentences for "bootless"

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  1. And bootless is my dismall crye; Time will not be recalled againe, Nor thou surcease before I dye.

  2. O staunch those bootless teares, Thy weeping tis in vaine; I am not lost, for wee in heaven Shall one daye meet againe.

  3. An illustrious Breton, the last man of the Middle Ages, who had gone on a bootless errand to convert Rome, received there some brilliant offers.

  4. Then people did what the love of life had never made them do: they forsook the old sacred medicine, the bootless holy water, and went off to the Witch.

  5. The cavalry, returning from their bootless ride, might have charged the Covenanters home as they streamed in disorder across the bridge; but Gun, swearing that all was lost, gave the signal for flight.

  6. On this bootless errand Hamilton arrived in Edinburgh early in June, and took up his quarters in Holyrood.

  7. He was sensible of waiting and hoping for the fox's bootless return, when he suddenly lost consciousness.

  8. No one seemed to connect his candidacy with his bootless search for his nephew.

  9. Beyond this first camp the trail was lost, and a week was wasted in a bootless search around the mine at Gold Gulch, whither it seemed probable the partners had gone.

  10. The dentist went away from his bootless visit to his wife shaking with rage, hating her with all the strength of a crude and primitive nature.

  11. It shall be therefore bootless That longer you desire the court.

  12. Through the still subsidized Einstein he knew that the bootless espionage upon his leisure hours had been given up at last.

  13. A long and bootless argument ensued; and, as disputants occasionally will part, the monetary transaction of the morning seemed to have raised neither in the estimation of the other.

  14. A mutiny flared up, and the mate and the men went ashore, leaving Keating and Bogue marooned on board, but the search was bootless for lack of directions.

  15. An Indian was sent down to fetch it as a souvenir of the bootless quest, that they might, however, carry home something with them.

  16. In "The Force of Prayer," which opens with the question-- What is good for a bootless bene?

  17. Apropos--when I first opened upon the just mentioned poem, in a careless tone I said to Mary as if putting a riddle "What is good for a bootless bean?

  18. The stanzas from which Lamb quotes run:-- "What is good for a bootless bene?

  19. Go and manifest A late contrition, but no bootless fear!

  20. Crouching in the twilight-gray, Like a hunted thing at bay, In his brain one thought is rife: Why not end the bootless strife?

  21. But this our purpose now is twelvemonth old, And bootless 'tis to tell you we will go.

  22. Three times hath Henry Bolingbroke made head Against my power; thrice from the banks of Wye And sandy-bottom'd Severn have I sent him Bootless home and weather-beaten back.

  23. Bootless he came,--and bootless wends he back, Gnawing his gloveless thumb, and pacing slow.

  24. Hector was griev'd, That thus his spear had bootless left his hand.

  25. Bootless is flight: they follow us with wings; And weak we are, and cannot shun pursuit.

  26. Bootless are plaints, and cureless are my wounds.

  27. We may as bootless spend our vain command Upon th' enraged soldiers in their spoil, As send precepts to the Leviathan To come ashore.

  28. The robb'd that smiles steals something from the thief; He robs himself that spends a bootless grief.

  29. Come, come, dispatch; 'tis bootless to exclaim.

  30. We bodg'd again; as I have seen a swan With bootless labour swim against the tide And spend her strength with over-matching waves.

  31. It shall be therefore bootless That longer you desire the court, as well For your own quiet as to rectify What is unsettled in the King.

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