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Example sentences for "boots"

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  1. The tops of the boots were tight-fitting and the peg-bottomed trousers were drawn snugly over them.

  2. Two young men of aristocratic appearance, and otherwise faultless dress, were observed in the Park on Monday, in boots of ordinary leather.

  3. As to foot-gear, English hobnailed boots may do excellently well for mountaineers, and may be the best possible things on ice.

  4. In boots a man has no chance of using his toes to cling with; even to bend his foot is beyond his powers, and a boot once worn out cannot be repaired in camp, whereas a moccasin may be patched until none of the original article remains.

  5. He flung himself into an arm-chair, put his head in his hands and his feet on the andirons, drying his boots until he burned them.

  6. His boots were trodden down at the heels, and full of holes.

  7. The Duchess probably thought that if the General came with her and appeared in a ballroom in boots and a black tie, nobody would hesitate to believe that he was violently in love with her.

  8. Having filled a sugar-bag with 'pippies' on the ocean beach, we put on our boots and make our way through the belt of scrub to where our boat is lying, tied to the protruding roots of a tree.

  9. For such a little man he had the biggest boots I ever saw--baggy, elastic sides, and toes turned up, with the after part of the uppers sticking out some inches beyond the frayed edges of his trousers.

  10. At the pressing request of the cook he removed the victim's boots first, and, as Dick said, it was surprising what a difference it made.

  11. He leaned back, and half closing his eyes, smoked with the enjoyment of an old smoker to whom a pipe is a somewhat rare luxury, while Henry regarded his shabby clothes and much-patched boots with great interest.

  12. The whistle blows just as the ladies have hung their bonnets in the rack, and the gentlemen exchanged their boots for slippers.

  13. Those boots in which he shambled along his martyr-course were filled with peas.

  14. Boots came second in rank, but twelfth or so in number,--weight probably on a par with the leaded brogans of the little wind-driven poetaster of old.

  15. He actually hated her sturdy legs in their boots or puttees--those tireless, pitiless legs, always twinkling ahead of him, up the trail.

  16. That down-climb with your toes crashing through your boots at every step; with your knee-brakes refusing to work, your thighs creaking, your joints spavined.

  17. She was ravishing in her golf clothes, her small feet in sturdy, flat-heeled boots planted far apart, and only the most carping would have commented on the utter impossibility of her stance.

  18. I wouldn't have wanted to be in his boots when she got him home.

  19. Luckily I had retained my dancing shoes, or my thick boots would have kept the ball in my foot.

  20. It is needless to say that, although the boy worked with both hands in the most conscientious manner, the farmer's boots defied him.

  21. Clean your boots, my gentleman," cried a little shrill voice; "clean both your boots for a halfpenny.

  22. I have waded after salmon in long boots and caught trout in tweed knickerbockers and spats.

  23. Uncle Eustache said, if he went to shoot them, he should go in a little skiff; for as to putting on high boots and going into the mire, at the risk of sinking in above his ears, he would not fancy that much.

  24. He never could remember to wipe his boots on coming in, even when he was a mere lad.

  25. His mind was occupied with lofty matters, he said; he could not bring it down to boots and mud.

  26. She was as neatly dressed as the lad beside her was uncouth in his man-size overalls, her short corduroy skirt belted about with a broad leather clasped with a gleaming silver buckle, the tops of her tall laced boots lost beneath its hem.

  27. Carlson's shirt was open at his throat, his laced boots came to his knees over his baggy corduroy trousers, his long red hair hung over his temples and ears.

  28. I've had old snoozers workin' for me that the coyotes eat the boots off of while they was asleep.

  29. What boots it, with an iron hand To tear a chieftain from his land, And dim that sweetest light that lies In a fond wife's adoring eyes?

  30. The race is o'er, the spoil is won, And yet what boots it all I've done?

  31. What boots it to have snatched away This steed, and hound, and cattle-prey?

  32. Her boots are the terror of stray blackbeetles, for a course of lectures on Hygienic clothing early taught her to view with horror and distrust a slim ankle and a pointed toe.

  33. Short tailless coats for morning wear were coming in, and Punch welcomes in 1889 the introduction of brown boots as a relief from "that dual despotism, dreadful grown, of needless nigritude and futile polish.

  34. Your shoes or boots are by your bed, all oiled and cleaned, and your puttees are neatly rolled, ready to be wound around you from the tops of the shoes to the knee.

  35. He took off one of his heavy hunting boots and cast it overboard.

  36. We take off our heavy hunting boots and slip into the soft mosquito boots.

  37. Only boots and tobacco, which were ordered and not sent to Admiral Folkersham through lack of time.

  38. The boots do not fit, and white boots are an absolute necessity in the tropics.

  39. I took off my boots and went to sleep again in wet clothes.

  40. I put on high boots and took my mackintosh.

  41. Both were young and dressed like Europeans, and had boots on.

  42. High boots are invaluable, but it is a pity they do not come above the knee, as I sometimes have to crawl and spoil my trousers, just as I did to-day.

  43. The deafening noise of the clashing swords, the tramping of the heavy boots on the bare oak floor, the blasphemous oaths of the drunken ruffians, and the stunning din of battle almost deprived her of consciousness.

  44. At each place they were obliged to stop for tippets and great-coats and India-rubber boots for the little boys.

  45. The little boys put on their India-rubber boots and their red mittens.

  46. Who e'er remembers Isaac Smith, Mounted top boots and breeches with, Upon his stately old black mare Will recollect a horseman rare.

  47. These boots are a cardinal point in a sportsman's dandyism.

  48. Glen sprang from the frozen ground, to rush back into the tent for his boots and army overcoat.

  49. Would it be better to take long-legged leather boots or rubber-boots, or both?

  50. His boots were odd ones, whose gaping apertures revealed the sockless feet within.

  51. Now," said the Parisian, laughing, "I suppose I may as well throw the boots into the river.

  52. Without a word, they fastened the boots to the knapsack, and buckled it on their shoulders.

  53. Trangoil-Lanec replied seriously; "the boots must be taken care of.

  54. His dress consisted of a long coat of coarse cloth, buckled round the waist by a leathern belt, and boots of the latter material, untanned, reaching just above his ankles.

  55. Boots also of Turkish leather, and worked by the same loved one, covered his feet.

  56. They wore long dark coloured gowns, and sheep-skin coats: rough boots of untanned leather protected their feet, and by their side hung wallets to contain their food.

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