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Example sentences for "booze"

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  1. George sketched it from life one night over at the Booze Arts.

  2. Then Edward became inoculated with an idea that it would be a good plan to consume all the booze on Broadway, thereby preventing others from living intemperate lives.

  3. I do all day long is to roam around from one place to another imbibing booze and balloon juice.

  4. I smashed a jug of booze they were bringing to my camp, and I'd have split their heads if they hadn't run.

  5. Go back and take your booze with you," he ordered; "and don't let me catch you this side of that line again.

  6. Of course we can't stand for booze in the camp," said Joe.

  7. You could have explained to the sheriff, couldn't you, your reason for having booze in the car?

  8. What sort of looking fellows were those, Ryan, that left a load of booze on your hands?

  9. But you haven't got the booze buried yet, and you've been figuring all the evening.

  10. So then I went huntin' booze that I could git without the hull of Nevada knowin' it in fifteen minutes.

  11. And where, Mr. Nolan, do I git the booze to peddle?

  12. You're broke--robbed, I take it, by the men who somehow managed to leave you with the car and a load of booze on your hands.

  13. Casey Ryan ain't no booze peddler, an' now's as good a time as any to let that soak into your system.

  14. Your idea of backing down there around the turn and burying the booze was all right.

  15. Never seen a booze peddler, never seen a cop look my way.

  16. You're hoping you can cache the booze and make your getaway while I've gone bye-low.

  17. THE MORAL It's up the spout and Charley Wag With wipes and tickers and what not Until the squeezer nips your scrag, Booze and the blowens cop the lot.

  18. At any graft, no matter what, Your merry goblins soon stravag: Booze and the blowens cop the lot.

  19. Well, their money's as good to buy booze with as anybody else's, I reckon.

  20. Why, looka here, Mr. Surtaine, you know yourself that booze is poison to any feller with kidney trouble.

  21. In our snug cribs We live like fighting-cocks: On dainties rich we splash the dibbs, And booze we never docks.

  22. Then guzzle, cullies, and booze away Till Gabriel's trump on Judgment Day!

  23. They's as full of sin as a barrel of booze and as quick as a cat with a gun.

  24. A booze town and a construction job don't mix.

  25. You know what booze and gambling will do to a construction gang, Jack.

  26. But he had changed his mind and had left the clean-up to the town itself, which was nothing but a jumping booze camp, and what booze camp ever cleaned itself up?

  27. The booze is rotten and the games crooked.

  28. Tesno brought out the sheriff, and I got arrested for peddling booze to Indians!

  29. He didn't know whether booze was a drink or a liniment and the only ladies he was bothered about was his mother.

  30. Joe sets down a mixin' glass full of booze before the Kid, and Scanlan looks at Harold and asks Joe what was the matter with the shaker.

  31. The bartender must have gone crazy and put booze in them cocktails, because I've had that headache ever since!

  32. I'm a pretty bad egg, I guess; and the booze and you holding me was too much.

  33. Pretty girl, nice family and everything, but she liked her booze and she liked to pet.

  34. Booze or no booze, I was going to make this brute respect me if I had to resort to old-time methods.

  35. Evidently the booze was working on him and he was intending revenge.

  36. Whether my sudden irruption amongst them with the belaying-pin was a counter-irritant for the booze they had within them or not I don't know.

  37. We located all the places where booze was sold, and ascertained exactly how much whiskey was disposed of in the town's drug stores for "snake bite" and "stomach trouble.

  38. He is a booze fighter and a card shark and a lot of other unscriptural things.

  39. I reckon the people around here will take the word of the sheriff of their county against the booze fightin' son of a Methodist preacher.

  40. Most of 'em land up as hopeless booze artists in the last stages of D.

  41. With unbelievable slyness she had dulled the pain for years with booze and he had never suspected.

  42. Nothing," he said hoarsely, thinking that he'd give his life for enough booze to black him out.

  43. If I owned 'em I'd send down a lot of them big fat brutes and buy doggies; but Bill spends all the money he gits fer booze anyhow, so I reckon it's all right.

  44. Old soak came up and asked for booze and had the same old grin While others burned their living forms and wet their coats with gin.

  45. Oh, few are left that used to booze some twenty years ago.

  46. You recollect our favorite, whom pride claimed for her own,-- He used to say that he could booze or leave the stuff alone.

  47. He perished for the James Fitz James, out in the rain and snow,-- Yes, few survive who used to booze some twenty years ago.

  48. Well, I had thu price O' nine bottles o' booze in thu bag when I counted her oveh at Tin Cup on Chrismus eve.

  49. Far better be a Buffo goat And court the booze bot-tel.

  50. Home-made booze is either a farce with no serious kick to it, or else a tragedy with an unhappy ending.

  51. Home-made booze may be all right to take the grease spots out of the rugs with, but it ain't for the human stomach to drink.

  52. A kind of gol-dinged autobiography of what me and Old King Booze done before he went into the grave and took one of my feet with him.

  53. Well, she says, what rent money them two houses brings in don't any more than pay for the booze you drink.

  54. That there rent money used to pay for three times the booze I drink.

  55. Why, the only way they're getting away with this booze thing now is because millions and millions of shattered nerves is solacing and soothing theirselves with tobacco.

  56. My own observation and belief leads me to remark that them kind of folks was less ornery and mean when they had booze than when they didn't have it.

  57. I want to be fair to the drys, and I will say that neither Prohibition nor booze has much to do with making a mean man mean.

  58. What I would like to know," he said, "is what mean folks is going to blame their meanness onto, now that booze is gone.

  59. The Old Soak was silent a moment, and then he said: "This here installment of my diary of booze takes up that very point of quarrellin' with the Old Woman.

  60. What ailed High Jack was too much booze and education.

  61. And then was when High Jack's booze drowned his system of ethnology.

  62. When I used to dance in the joints around 14th Street and over on Eighth Avenue I danced just the things I knew then, which was cafes filled with cigarette smoke, booze on the tables and puffy, bad faced men staring at me.

  63. I told him he either had to cut out the booze or cut out working with me, cause you can't do the two things and do both well.

  64. That is one thing I never saw no fun in, and I must say for you, Kate, that with all the rotten crowd you run with, you didn't take to booze nor dope.

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