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  1. I would accept with devotedness the candidacy of the city of Paris.

  2. We may lose the Senatorship as far as my personal candidacy is concerned.

  3. The Calhoun opinion was represented a few years later in the Presidential candidacy of John C.

  4. Presented to the Philosophical Faculty of Johns Hopkins University in candidacy for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy by John Lesslie Hall, late Professor in the college of William and Mary.

  5. Rafael Nunez, a brilliant writer, a resolute and ambitious party chief, and a leader in the confiscation of church property, had been defeated in his candidacy for the presidency in 1875.

  6. Opposition centred against the presidential candidacy of Balmaceda--the radical, the Anti-Christ, the uncompromising.

  7. The opposition tried to rally around the candidacy of General Baquedano, the greatest general of the war, but the prestige of the administration was too powerful.

  8. Still, it is not proper to advance that candidacy too decidedly at first.

  9. The public service corporations, especially those whose officials were under indictment, generally opposed Mr. Langdon's election, and supported the candidacy of his Union Labor party opponent.

  10. Partridge had a clear field against Schmitz, but his candidacy failed to carry the confidence, or to awake the enthusiasm which brings success at the polls.

  11. But Ryan's candidacy was not to be defeated by adverse criticism.

  12. The Douglas headquarters in Hibernian Hall bore witness to the business-like way in which his candidacy was being promoted.

  13. He who would might stand for office, either announcing his own candidacy in the newspapers, or if his modesty forbade this course, causing such an announcement to be made by "many voters.

  14. It was at this moment in the canvass that the promoters of Douglas's candidacy made a false move.

  15. There was not the smallest chance, of course, that Fremont could be elected upon a platform such as this, but his candidacy seemed likely to withdraw from Lincoln a considerable vote, which would otherwise be his.

  16. His next political experience was a candidacy for the legislature 1834.

  17. In Illinois his candidacy developed in February and came to ahead at the republican state convention at Decatur.

  18. I think it must have been the new halo of the Conservative candidacy that already radiated from his brow.

  19. But just in one phase of the public speaking, the candidacy of Mr. Smith received a serious set-back.

  20. The local papers in supporting his candidacy for this office had often spoken of him and his chief deputy as human bloodhounds,--a terror to evil doers.

  21. The latter had, in the meanwhile, by conferences with his peasants, ascertained that Philip's candidacy was regarded with great disfavor, because he neither had nor pretended to have a drop of royal blood.

  22. Count Palatine Frederick, whose candidacy was supported by the German Emperor.

  23. The promoters of Assotin City announced before election day that they would not push the candidacy of their location, preferring to throw their strength to the twin place a mile down the river.

  24. It is obvious that a man so deeply convinced of Mr. Roosevelt's insincerity of purposes and instability of conviction could not think of withdrawing in his favor or of lending any countenance to his candidacy for nomination.

  25. The latter referred to his candidacy in the words, "My hat is in the ring"; and during his campaign fiercely turned upon Mr. Taft.

  26. His political influence and vote were sought by Theodose de la Peyrade in the interest of Jerome Thuillier's candidacy for the General Council; for Phellion favored another candidate, Horace Bianchon, relative of the highly-honored J.

  27. To Rosalie de Watteville's satisfaction, he opposed Albert Savarus, the rival of the elder Chavoncourt, in his candidacy for a seat in the Chamber of Deputies.

  28. The men whose fame rests altogether upon laurels won in Congress have seldom been more successful than Webster and Henry Clay in their candidacy for the chief magistracy.

  29. The supporters of Maso explained that his candidacy was withdrawn because there was no prospect of a fair election.

  30. A citizen of Avalon County, the Record regrets that it cannot support his candidacy for the Republican gubernatorial nomination.

  31. But it would have been absurd of me even to think of a candidacy founded on personal friendships.

  32. The candidacy of Arthur was doomed to failure.

  33. He had secured the aid of independent reformers in that campaign,--men who resented the candidacy of Folger and the intrusion of the National Administration in local politics.

  34. The candidacy of Chase had faded, that of Frémont was already unimportant, and the renomination of Lincoln was assured.

  35. During the campaign of 1898 Roosevelt carried his candidacy to the voter in every part of the State.

  36. Upon his return from his trip around the world his candidacy was pressed and had strong support among Civil War veterans and men who were displeased with Hayes.

  37. The LaFollette candidacy was deprived of most of its supporters, through the superior popularity of Roosevelt.

  38. He failed to get the Republican nomination, but the strength of his candidacy showed the uncritical devotion of many voters to success.

  39. His candidacy was formal and authorized, but his opponents hoped that Hanna might be induced to try to defeat him.

  40. The New York delegation, however, decided to present Morton's name and submit his candidacy to a vote.

  41. Of course, the antagonism has become so great on your candidacy that we cannot vote for you, but if you will withdraw, we will go into caucus.

  42. The strength of my candidacy was that New York was unanimously for me, except for one vote from New York City, and no nominee could hope to be elected unless he could carry New York.

  43. Notwithstanding my interview and what he had said, he sent no word whatever to me, and personally I had no information and no notification that his candidacy was authorized by himself.

  44. In 1880 General Toombs appeared in Atlanta, and addressed the Georgia Legislature in behalf of the candidacy of General A.

  45. Old party antagonisms arose at the last moment to confront the candidacy of Mr. Toombs.

  46. It is not a little remarkable that Douglas, whose candidacy had the effect of setting aside Buchanan for Pierce in 1852, should afterward have been the means of turning down Pierce for Buchanan.

  47. The French ministry, however, was not satisfied with this, and demanded that the king of Prussia should pledge himself that the candidacy should never be renewed.

  48. The French minister of foreign affairs declared that the candidacy was an attempt to "reëstablish the empire of Charles V.

  49. First, last, and always, Jackson's candidacy was put forward as the hope and opportunity of the plain people as against the politicians.

  50. At that, his own State rebelled and, through a resolution of the Legislature, put itself behind the candidacy of Senator Hugh L.

  51. But Clay had felt very bitterly about the candidacy of "this military chieftain.

  52. This candidacy comes not through his own seeking.

  53. On the contrary, in those debates with Douglas, he was consciously laying the foundation for his candidacy two years later.

  54. No doubt to most people, his candidacy must have seemed in the nature of a joke, and though he stumped the county thoroughly and entertained the crowds with his stories and flashes of wit, he was defeated at the polls.

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