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Example sentences for "bitterly"

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bitten; bitter; bitterer; bitterest; bitterish; bittern; bitterness; bitternesse; bitternesses; bitterns
  1. When, then, Matthias finally succeeded in winning the crown of Bohemia, he found himself surrounded by Councillors who were bitterly opposed to each other, and who had each their own reasons for distrusting their King.

  2. He resented bitterly both the loss of his territories and the demands of the Bohemian Protestants; and, as he was not yet able to take any steps to recover his lost lands, he proceeded to turn his bitterness against Budovĕc and his allies.

  3. This time it was not to Caesar that the cloudy sky promised welfare--his life was wrapped in gloom--but to the people he had so bitterly hated.

  4. And he went on to accuse himself so bitterly that Melissa regretted having alluded to the misfortunes of their family, and did her best to inspire him with courage.

  5. His score with the Alexandrians must be settled later, and it was in his power to make them atone with their blood and bitterly rue the deeds of this night.

  6. The immortals who had afflicted her, and whom she had often bitterly accused, could be kind and merciful too.

  7. How bitterly this grieved Melissa, and even added to her anxiety for him!

  8. Leo could not reach her window without passing close to him, and he thought bitterly now of his simplicity in not grasping the meaning of torn-down growth and broken trellis by the summer-house.

  9. She wept bitterly as she lay helplessly there, for it seemed like rejoicing that her sister was found out; but the thoughts would come, and they mastered her.

  10. Is to warn you that you are about to take a wanton to your bed--and that you will bitterly repent your folly when too late, going too far?

  11. The king smiled bitterly "She will bring dishonour upon you," pursued Catherine.

  12. Immediately on Anne's return to the castle Lord Rochford had a private interview with her, and bitterly reproached her for endangering her splendid prospects.

  13. His death was bitterly regretted by his father and by all who had known him.

  14. Hepburn's claim to the right of the line of battle was bitterly resented by the senior French regiments.

  15. Charles as legitimate king of Great Britain, but his efforts were defeated, chiefly through the adverse influence of Cardinal Alessandro Albani, who was bitterly opposed to the Stuart cause.

  16. She considered Mr. Kilroy obtuse, and thought bitterly that anyone with a scrap of intelligent interest in her must have noticed that she had something on her mind, and won her confidence.

  17. She was bitterly sorry to see me grieved; but her moral consciousness was suspended, and she felt no remorse whatever for her intention, except in so far as it had given me pain.

  18. The older I get the more I feel the destructive effects of old age; and I regret bitterly that I could not discover the secret of remaining young and happy for ever.

  19. How many times I reproached myself bitterly for having let out my silly calculations.

  20. As I was leaving it to join the monk, I was so unlucky as to meet Captain Alban, who reproached me bitterly for having led him to believe that my trunk had been left behind.

  21. I bitterly repented of having outraged her modesty, for I now esteemed and respected her, but yet I could not make up my mind to repair the wrong I had done her.

  22. Murray tore away the front of her holy habit, and I extracted a stiletto eight inches long, the false nun weeping bitterly all the time.

  23. I have repented of this lie bitterly enough, for in the week I spent at that profligate woman's house I have had to endure the most humiliating insults that an honest girl ever suffered.

  24. I was racking my brain to contrive some way to know the position of my mistress--for I felt certain it was a fearful one--and believing her to be unhappy I reproached myself most bitterly as the cause of her misery.

  25. The good landlord was delighted to see me again, and hastened to light me a fire, for a bitterly cold north wind was blowing.

  26. Amongst them your name figures in full, and the aforesaid rector has reproached me bitterly for harbouring a heretic.

  27. I wept bitterly for his loss, but tears, after all, are but an idle tribute to those who cause them to flow.

  28. But when the marchioness was gone the countess gave reins to her passion, and scolded the marquis bitterly for having laughed.

  29. The wind was blowing fiercely, and it was bitterly cold.

  30. I could not make the oracle speak to please Esther, and I could still less make it pronounce a positive prohibition, as I feared that she would resent such an answer bitterly and revenge herself on me.

  31. I also noticed Don Francisco, and as I was going out of the church my rival followed me, and congratulated me somewhat bitterly on my good fortune in having taken his mistress a second time to the ball.

  32. She wept so bitterly that all of us had to shed tears.

  33. If I had waited a minute longer," he bitterly added, "I should have found my way open to the regular entrance, and so escaped all this.

  34. Mr. Grey, ignorant of the relations between the millionaire master and his man which sometimes led to the latter's personifying the former, was confident of his own mistake and bitterly ashamed of his own suspicions.

  35. My sister reproached me most bitterly for having deceived her, and actually believed that it was all an invention of mine.

  36. When, a hundred years earlier, it befell my brother Lessing that he lost his only-born after a single day of life, he bitterly reviled Christ in his sorrow.

  37. I know of course that you never think bitterly of me, and that you forgive me everything in your joyous, vigorous times, when your real, true nature dominates.

  38. The temptation against which I fought and to which, bitterly ashamed, I nevertheless repeatedly yielded, now no longer went out from hapless prostitutes, but from the beautiful and amiable woman whom I had made my wife.

  39. My love and devotion to my wife and children were forced and strained, and I grieved bitterly that so much beauty and loveliness did not attract my natural interest.

  40. Janet, it is bitterly painful to me to say so, but your endeavours to open that bureau privately have brought suspicion upon you, and I must have it opened in my presence.

  41. The poor boy's heart is in these Church matters, and he is so bitterly grieved at the failure of all his plans that I cannot bear to check him in doing all he can.

  42. Few and short were the prayers we said, And we spoke not a word of sorrow; But we steadfastly gazed on the face that was dead, And we bitterly thought of the morrow.

  43. Bitterly wept I over the stone: Bitterly weeping I turn'd away: There lies the body of Ellen Adair!

  44. Sweet Emma Moreland spoke to me: Bitterly weeping I turn'd away: 'Sweet Emma Moreland, love no more Can touch the heart of Edward Gray.

  45. One night he remembered toiling away with his pen while the sick child was actually on his knee; he always fancied that the pamphlet he had then been at work on was more bitterly sarcastic than anything he had ever written.

  46. Bitterly did he now regret the indifference of former years, and the actual uncharitableness in which he had of late indulged.

  47. Oh, it is legal," he replied bitterly "the pound of flesh was legal.

  48. And now very bitterly they felt the evils of this voluntarily embraced poverty, for the summer heat was for a few days almost tropical, and the tiny little rooms in the lodging-house were stifling.

  49. It was clever and eminently readable, but it was bitterly sarcastic; she could not endure it.

  50. I tell you, Roberts, if you knew the man, you could not speak so bitterly of him.

  51. Then there would have been something tangible to hate bitterly for a season, and then to get revenged on by making a much more brilliant marriage, as she could easily have done.

  52. Stephen was bitterly disappointed, his eyes filled with tears, and he flung himself down on the turf feeling as if the shouts of "A Barlow!

  53. He so bitterly resented and deplored the burning of Tindal's Bible that there was constant fear that he might bring on himself the same fate, especially as he treasured his own copy and studied it constantly.

  54. Stephen rode thither to see him, and found him a dying man, tyrannised over and neglected by his servants, and having often bitterly regretted his hardness towards his young brothers.

  55. While the dramatist was writing "Andromaque" he was bitterly attacked by the leader of a sect of religionists for the wretched morality of his play.

  56. He had a salary of twenty thousand francs for himself, and four thousand for his niece, who bitterly opposed the acceptance of Frederick's offer.

  57. He was a mighty man, and the fact that he was bitterly persecuted, gave him a hold upon the sympathies of succeeding generations.

  58. It created a vast deal of talk, and was both highly praised and bitterly attacked.

  59. In after years George Sand bitterly repented her neglect of this friend, and she has written very touchingly in one of her books her repentance.

  60. You cannot credit how bitterly he has wounded us at times; alike the innocent, the absent, and the friendly.

  61. Calvin bitterly complained of it, "that M.

  62. When you inveigh so bitterly against all the ministers of our country, you seem to me to be forgetful both of your mildness and your modesty.

  63. But among many injuries, there was nothing I felt more keenly and bitterly than that this affair forced me into a hateful contest with M.

  64. Not content with that, he brought forward a paper filled with foul accusations, in which I was bitterly reviled for more than twenty times.

  65. That was what was in your mind; but you were wrong, Rosie dear, for I don't think at all bitterly of men.

  66. The first officer seemed bitterly disappointed at my decision.

  67. He had thought bitterly that morning that there was no market for his strength, but here was one where his muscle might earn more in an hour than his brains in a year.

  68. There were many men, both among the islands and on the Main, who had a blood feud with Sharkey, but not one who had suffered more bitterly than Copley Banks, of Kingston.

  69. The Tribune bitterly and boldly attacks Dahlgren, and trembling caves in before Seward.

  70. The Punica fides, so fiercely denounced and so bitterly satirized by the historians and poets of old Rome, was truthful if compared to the Fides Anglica of our own day.

  71. Blair, a member of the Cabinet, in a public speech delivered in Maryland, most bitterly attacks the emancipationists and emancipation.

  72. Seward is bitterly attacked by the World, and by other Copperheads.

  73. Tired and hungry as I was I threw myself on the ground and started to cry bitterly till I fell asleep.

  74. Palko, pray for me, for something will happen to me," bitterly crying, the lady fell on her knees.

  75. It was matter of common knowledge that the people of Canton and of the province were bitterly hostile to this outside control and submitted to it only because of military coercion.

  76. But up to the time when I left China, in July of this year, it was true that the liberals of northern and central China who were bitterly opposed to the Peking Government, did not look to the Southern Government with much hope.

  77. Was he dazed by the immensities into which he had looked, or did he form a sullen resolve to remain and meet that society against which he had so bitterly inveighed?

  78. Felicity noticed his sombre mood and attributed it partly to his physical condition, little dreaming how bitterly he resented, not her kindness, but the manner of it.

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