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Example sentences for "excruciatingly"

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excreting; excretion; excretions; excretory; excruciating; exculpate; exculpated; exculpation; exculpatory; excurrent
  1. It was excruciatingly painful and mortifying to him that even his mother should touch on such a subject.

  2. It was beyond doubt that he had suffered excruciatingly over the boy's illness and his part in it.

  3. Often it is but a difference of to whom the circumstance happens, whether it is excruciatingly funny or unutterably sad.

  4. Then the vomiting became feculent, the belly excruciatingly painful and tender, the tumour tense, and the pulse weak.

  5. The introduction of it is excruciatingly painful, and will certainly aggravate the original affection.

  6. It was so excruciatingly funny that Frohman would often call up the Empire and say: "Send Ethel over to rehearse.

  7. They thought the play excruciatingly wicked, but they were just as eager to see it on the Fourth of July as they had been six months earlier.

  8. She was a mousy, inconsequential thing with an excruciatingly bad sartorial taste.

  9. There was a third person at the table: a mousy, inconsequential thing with an excruciatingly bad sartorial taste.

  10. That mile is without any doubt the most excruciatingly painful pavé in the world.

  11. His dignity was excruciatingly funny to Carroll as the very young man seated himself, crossed one elongated and unbelievably skinny leg over the other and arranged the creases so that they were in the very middle.

  12. I have the first, perhaps, in Europe; but I would sell it a surprising bargain, for I am excruciatingly tired of it.

  13. He is sublime, heartrending, excruciatingly funny, outrageously ridiculous, sometimes possibly an inch or two overdrawn.

  14. As unmarried girls took part in these performances, the French pieces had to be considerably "bowdlerized," but they still remained as excruciatingly funny as only French pieces can be.

  15. This, as told with Levasseur's inimitable drollery, was excruciatingly funny.

  16. It's hawg cholera this time all right," announced the excruciatingly ugly man.

  17. The great toe of his large left foot which was protruding from beneath one of her best quilts twitched excruciatingly against the second toe of the same foot.

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