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Example sentences for "horribly"

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horrent; horret; horreur; horrible; horribles; horrid; horrida; horridly; horridus; horrific
  1. When light returned, the destruction was horribly visible; the church roof was dangerously covered with ashes and earth, and the chronicler opines that its not having fallen in might be attributed to a miracle!

  2. He got up and tried to cut his way through the infuriated rioters, but was soon surrounded and killed, and his body horribly mutilated.

  3. Suppose a moment that I did write, you might be horribly disappointed with my letters!

  4. In the midst of a crowd one could be so horribly alone!

  5. I'm horribly happy, Katrine, but you must be happy too!

  6. But I did notice--I could not help noticing--that of the ten men standing before us two had turned horribly pale.

  7. Each knock reverberated horribly in her brain.

  8. I am horribly frightened--I am like a child.

  9. He divined the mingled fear and shame--the shame and fear of being so horribly afraid--which possessed her.

  10. I was irritated, and I'm horribly sorry, but I do think it should be shown.

  11. He's paintable, but horribly sticky," he said.

  12. In the afternoons I worked at stories for the magazines, and placed a few, but they pay an unknown writer horribly badly.

  13. They had suffered horribly from State regulations.

  14. Attempting, nevertheless, to cut his way through, he was killed, and his body horribly mutilated.

  15. Hitherto the toys I had bought had always been for him, and as we durst not admit this to the saleswoman we were both horribly self-conscious when in the shop.

  16. A regiment of Lancers came charging down the Broad Walk, armed with holly-leaves, with which they jog the enemy horribly in passing.

  17. He is afraid still--horribly afraid, if the truth must be told, now that his momentary anger is gone.

  18. Then he lifted his hat, smiled horribly a ghastly smile, turned his back upon me, and walked away.

  19. How horribly thick and fast Edith's heart beat; she hated herself for it.

  20. It will seem a horribly cruel and inhuman thing to turn her from the home where she has reigned mistress so long," he said to himself.

  21. Spring was at hand after a horribly bitter winter--a spring that was all wet and slop, miserable easterly winds, and bleak, drizzling rain.

  22. I dread horribly the thought of a second postponement--I hate the idea of leaving you here alone.

  23. Again she spoke, stiff, formal, commonplace words, that sounded horribly out of place, even to herself.

  24. What a horribly vulgar way you have of speaking.

  25. She wears over her face the horribly grinning, deathly mask of a specter or vampire.

  26. You'll be horribly shocked, but I'll tell you what Louie Preston did.

  27. At last her voice murmured, "Are you quite too horribly uncomfortable for words?

  28. He made no bones of greeting her before all the clerks with a horribly embarrassing enthusiasm: "Lord!

  29. Over the corner of these they had thrown "throws" or drapes of malicious magenta horribly figured in ruthless incompatibilities.

  30. The bodies, though they had been horribly mutilated, had not been eaten, the tiger having contented himself with drinking the blood of his victims, and playing his ghastly game with them till the dawn broke.

  31. The filthy bloated flies buzzed around him now in larger numbers, feasting horribly on his rottenness, and he himself was sunk in stupid, wide-eyed despair.

  32. I should feel horribly embarrassed with them.

  33. I don't quite think I know what you mean,' Paul answered, horribly crestfallen.

  34. There was the figure of the white prisoner still securely bound as they had last seen him, and in the centre of the hut another figure equally as motionless, its throat and breasts horribly torn and mangled.

  35. The little thing lay very still now, its lids, half-raised, showed the pupils horribly upturned.

  36. Although we were only face to face for a moment, I felt horribly confused.

  37. Early this morning the tossing began, and grew gradually worse, until at times I felt horribly nervous.

  38. I was horribly out of spirits all the time I was composing this symphony last winter, and this is a true echo of my feelings at the time.

  39. Her parrot scream when she found me dead was horribly real and effective.

  40. I can hardly bear to go near that part of London now, it is so horribly changed.

  41. And he used to twitch his moustache so horribly as he said it!

  42. Afterwards I was horribly frightened and could not help going away, for if the police had found us, what would have happened to us then?

  43. And the foregoing paragraph, though not at all would-be-Lamb-like in expression, looks to me horribly like a blatant bid for your love.

  44. It was in fact a melancholy sight to see this old man, who had but a few days previously been so strong and robust, now broken by suffering and lying there horribly mutilated.

  45. On the next morning, at sunrise, two hundred heads, scalped and horribly disfigured, were thrown by the Moluchos over the walls of Santiago.

  46. Her tongue was paralyzed; she couldn't say what she felt, and everything else seemed to her horribly purposeless and ineffectual.

  47. Only her brain seemed on fire, so pitilessly, so horribly alive had it become.

  48. It is horribly unlucky, for one of the others might not have been missed.

  49. I felt horribly guilty when talking to Mysa," Chebron said.

  50. Not only at the Dissolution, but far later, this monastery was horribly ill-treated.

  51. The most elaborate of the pictures is the Feast of Herod, which shows that king dressed in mediaeval garments suggestive of Mrs. Markham's History, while John the Baptist is being horribly beheaded in the corner.

  52. The goddess of course possessed superhuman powers for guiding this extraordinary equipage, but to mere mortals it must have been a slow coach, and a horribly uncomfortable conveyance even when horses were substituted for doves.

  53. We also passed by the bodies of five white men, probably trappers, horribly mangled, and evidently murdered by some Texan robbers.

  54. They were dead when Gabriel came up to them; the bear horribly mangled, and the boar with every bone of his body broken.

  55. Except a few beautiful groves, found here and there, like the oases in the sands of the Sahara, the whole country is horribly broken and barren.

  56. I followed, but had not gone fifty steps, when a powerful rushing through the canes made me aware that the animal pursued had turned back on its trail, and, twenty yards before me, I perceived the black bitch dead and horribly mangled.

  57. On continuing our search, we found the body of a young man, most horribly mangled, the breast being entirely open, and the heart and intestines hanging outside.

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