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Example sentences for "horrible"

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horrd; horrea; horrent; horret; horreur; horribles; horribly; horrid; horrida; horridly
  1. Don't fancy, Mr Cowlishaw, that if I laugh I'm not in the most horrible pain.

  2. But a slow, horrible change in my own consciousness made me forget her grief in my own increasing misery.

  3. He was determined, though he should have to interrogate burglars and assassins, to discover the meaning of that horrible sighing.

  4. He was a Joachite, moreover, who did not hesitate to characterize the abdication of Celestin as a horrible innovation, and the accession of Boniface as a usurpation.

  5. His troubles arose from a different cause, and even these he would probably have escaped but for the quarrelsome humor of the man, and his unsparing ridicule of the horrible jargon of the schools and even of the earlier Humanists.

  6. They declare the charges to be horrible and impossible lies fabricated by apostates and fugitives expelled for crime from the Order, confirmed by torturing those who uphold the truth, and encouraging liars with recompenses and great promises.

  7. A general conversation broke out, but Mrs. Devar, rapidly regaining her spirits after enduring long hours of the horrible obsession that Medenham had run off with her heiress, noted that telltale blush.

  8. The slender, venomous-looking blades whirled and stabbed with a fearsome vehemence, and the sharp rasp of each riposte and parry rang out with a horrible suggestiveness in the moist air.

  9. The thought was too horrible to be dwelt upon.

  10. Virginia," she managed at last to say, "shall never even know of your horrible suggestion.

  11. When I heard my child's broken ravings, the awful thought flashed through my mind--has he some horrible idea of making Virginia pay for another woman's sins?

  12. I believe I am suffering from that horrible feeling we used to call 'after-the-party' feeling.

  13. Caliban himself had the taste to desire Miranda, which is horrible and revolting.

  14. This horrible establishment had its clientele; in 1832, the Prefet de Police, M.

  15. You are not withered away yet, Milo, nor has your blood run out; yet you have borne many a package of these horrible books.

  16. Can you be insensible to the horrible enormities, and nameless vices, which make a part, even of what is called religion?

  17. Hearing the horrible truth from his own lips, it seemed as if I had never heard it before.

  18. It was the horrible look of age that impressed Angelica.

  19. Of course she had flung the door wide open when she entered, and left it so, and happening to glance toward it now, it seemed to her that there was a horrible peculiar kind of pitchy black darkness streaming in.

  20. Galbraith is going to try some horrible experiments in vivisection this afternoon?

  21. If I ever let myself dwell on the horrible depravity that goes on unchecked, the depravity which you say we women license by ignoring it when we should face and unmask it, I should go out of my mind.

  22. One is, never, never, eat a dangling worm; no matter how tempting it looks there are sure to be horrible hooks inside.

  23. Horrible tortures were devised for punishing those who did not find favour with the crown.

  24. No matter how tempting it looks, there are sure to be horrible hooks inside.

  25. Hu-lin, forgetting her own poverty, "so glad that you don't have to be a horrible old miser any longer.

  26. For if I had taken any notice of your pompous warnings to let Roger and Antony be as they were, I would have gone through life with a fixed idea of how horrible men are to each other.

  27. And when she suddenly turned up with the horrible young man who had been drifting round her all day--well, he just sat down on the ground under the window, cursed life and cursed women, and smoked his cigar.

  28. The poor man realises he has made a horrible mess of his life, and he realises that it hasn't been worth it.

  29. I think you are being horrible about him, perfectly beastly.

  30. Quick, now, before she takes up that horrible pen!

  31. I got started on the subject of Jack, and imagined all sorts of horrible and impossible things.

  32. The undertaker's skill had arranged everything with smug and horrible tranquillity.

  33. She was dividedly conscious of a desire to laugh and of the notion that she must remain outwardly serious, because though this horrible Pemberton man was talking abject nonsense, she would presently be having him as a dinner-guest.

  34. You have saved me from a horrible death, and I shall think of you as a brave and noble fellow all the days of my life.

  35. But then the horrible feeling would come back of never being safe, even for a day, of being dragged off and put in the dock, and maybe shut up for years and years.

  36. When is this list of horrible things to stop?

  37. The men outside laughed, uttered an expression of contemptuous pity, and he heard their footsteps grow faint in the distance, and knew that he was left to die as horrible a death as can befall humanity.

  38. Specially I have sinned against this man, who has left me to die here in this horrible place.

  39. Abraham had risen, with outspread hands, as though he would fain push away some unwelcome and horrible thing.

  40. I believe he likes to watch the poor fellows fighting for their lives, to study their faces, their expressions when they're being sentenced, perhaps, to one of those horrible convict ships!

  41. One of these illuminating dashes, as if in a spirit of irony, moved toward the ship, almost enveloped it and showed suddenly a number of mad, leaping human figures issuing with horrible cries from one of the hatches.

  42. But the Indians at last effected an entrance within the barricade, and killed the survivors with the most | horrible cruelties.

  43. The cruel and ceaseless attacks of the Iroquois had nearly disheartened the Christian world, men, women and children being mercilessly butchered, burnt alive, or carried into a still more horrible captivity.

  44. And now ensued a dim period of troubled dreams and horrible nightmares.

  45. The tortures inflicted by the savages upon their captives were too horrible to be narrated.

  46. In this horrible warfare but little mercy was shown to the women and the children.

  47. The wounded were reserved for the horrible doom of torture.

  48. Those who, while still living, fell into the hands of the Indians, were put to death by tortures too horrible to be described.

  49. The English were so anxious for peace that they agreed to the following terms, which many considered very humiliating, but which were nevertheless vastly preferable to the longer continuance of this horrible warfare.

  50. The following scene, which occurred in a remote section of the country at a later period, will illustrate the horrible nature of this Indian warfare.

  51. Well, the door was shut, and an interval of five minutes elapsed; and all of a sudden two horrible screams in quick succession rang through the house.

  52. There was a horrible profanity in the matter of oaths in those days, and I found that without changing the form of sentences, and sacrificing idioms, at times, I could not manage the matter satisfactorily otherwise.

  53. And his face looks so shiny and damp-like,' said Miss Mag, with a horrible sort of scrutiny.

  54. It was only a few weeks before that the horrible robbery at Clondalkin had taken place, and the lady fancied that the hand was that of one of the miscreants who was now about to scale the windows of the Tiled House.

  55. A short, clear, horrible statement unfolded the case for the crown.

  56. The doctor crossed the stile next, and made his best gallop in rear of the plump officer, excited by the distant shouting, and full of horrible curiosity and good-nature.

  57. The enigma grew more horrible every day and night, and they felt, or fancied, a sort of influence stealing over them which benumbed their faculty of resistance, and altogether unstrung their nerves.

  58. And now Mrs. Prosser began to be troubled with strange and horrible dreams, some of which as set out in detail, in Aunt Rebecca's long letter, are really very appalling nightmares.

  59. But this is so horrible a crime, that it doth not need to be aggravated by words.

  60. Dighton and Forrest entered with savage earnestness into this horrible transaction, and conducted themselves after the cruel fashion of a clown and pantaloon in a pantomime when an infant falls into their formidable clutches.

  61. Garnet the Jesuit was served up by way of garniture to the horrible banquet that the vengeance of the Protestants required.

  62. Their vows were evidently as empty as themselves, and though they had pledged themselves to abstinence, they began eating their own words with horrible voracity.

  63. Some historians have attributed this outrage to the designs of Dunstan, and among the many irons that monk was known to have had in the fire, may have been the very irons with which this horrible barbarity was perpetrated.

  64. If they were attached to either it certainly was one of the most unfortunate attachments we ever heard of, and the strength of the attachment must have been great which could have survived such horrible treatment.

  65. This horrible hooting had no effect, and a Scotch veteran, by happily exclaiming "Hoot awa!

  66. His sudden cheerfulness was horrible to her, and made her shudder when she thought of the magnitude of what he was forgetting.

  67. But this thing was too near her, it was a too horrible realisation of what she had dimly foreseen as possible, when she had spoken such strong words two nights earlier.

  68. His other loves were like horrible creations of black magic, bodies with no soul, when he looked back on them.

  69. And then that horrible sight that will haunt me all my life long.

  70. There may be something horrible in that too, Asta.

  71. There is something horrible in being alone.

  72. I feel as if that horrible old woman had brought a sort of graveyard smell with her.

  73. And beyond that, he was glad that the courthouse, with all the associations which had in one moment become horrible to him, could not be seen from where he sat.

  74. Oh, how near we were to witnessing a horrible murder!

  75. They turn him on his face, and leave him in the last agony of a horrible death, while, with his uniform on their arms, they go back to the council tent.

  76. Even fiendish torture was surpassed, and human language is too tame to express the horrible outrages committed on them.

  77. They arrive over the seas of Martinico, in the midst of the horrible fight between the fleets of Rodney and De Grasse.

  78. He can hurl hundreds of thousands of men against each other in most horrible and woe-inflicting wars, while falling upon his knees and praying to God to bless his murderous armies.

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