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Example sentences for "harrowing"

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harrier; harriers; harries; harrow; harrowed; harrows; harrying; harse; harsh; harsher
  1. Mr. Wharton had given this little chap authority to order them to aid with the harrowing of the field.

  2. What's the use of harrowing their feelings all up now that the thing is past and done with?

  3. Plough deep, and work the land very thoroughly, two ploughings, with a harrowing between, are better than one.

  4. At six o'clock just as he was leaving the great building with all its harrowing sights, sounds, and smells, a peremptory telephone call from one of the younger surgeons of the city summoned him back into the stuffy office again.

  5. Marie Louise was terrified by the harrowing emotions the song always roused in her, but more by the dreadful sensation of walking that crowded Avenue with a man humming German at her side.

  6. Notwithstanding her harrowing experiences of the past days, despair had given back to Hellayne the strength of youth.

  7. Would she but state her true purpose, relieve this harrowing suspense.

  8. After her harrowing story was told with so much earnestness and intelligence, she was asked as to the treatment she had received at the hand of Mrs. Christian (her mistress).

  9. His account of things was too harrowing for detail here, except in the briefest manner, and that only with reference to a few particulars.

  10. After hearing a harrowing recital, whether he would or not, it became the burden of his next Sunday's sermon.

  11. He had a conical brow like a beautifully polished knee, and very sad eyes which seemed to proclaim to the world that the study of mathematics was, on the whole, a most harrowing occupation.

  12. In the case of women of deep passions, like these beautiful Delarayne girls, it is a harrowing drama.

  13. Many Frenchmen, eye-witnesses of what they relate, give harrowing details of the wanton destruction and rapine that marked the advance of the invading army.

  14. Every individual citizen of the United States is not walking about with a harrowing dread of doing something that admits a lesser self-esteem than his neighbor may possess.

  15. The ploughland was in splendid condition; in a couple of days it would be fit for harrowing and sowing.

  16. The elemental peace which brooded like a living presence over the earth this sunny, summer morning became to me a disturbing, harrowing force by very contrast with the awful tumult which boiled within my breast.

  17. Not from its brutal and somewhat harrowing complexion, but from the fear that many will be tempted to smile tolerantly, and in the kindness of their hearts forgive this one most palpable fiction in a book of fact.

  18. It was the result of this soul-harrowing experience.

  19. Come out, O Christian, and be separate from every system which is stained with the blood and defiled with the soul-harrowing groans of the saints of God.

  20. The women, old men and children, were busy on the farms ploughing, harrowing and putting in the seed.

  21. The principal auditor of the harrowing tales that were flying about the table over the fish chowder was Mr. Aubrey Templeton, the young lawyer from St. John's who had arrived on the steamer that afternoon.

  22. Then he suddenly recalled Burns's actions and manner of speaking during the harrowing moments of the fire.

  23. Perhaps because all other expression or emotion failed him, Mr. Orcutt broke forth into a loud and harrowing laugh.

  24. Though the scene was likely to be harrowing to his feelings, he had no wish to lose it, and, indeed, chose such a position as would give him the best opportunity for observing the prisoner and surveying the witnesses.

  25. These complain bitterly, and harrowing stories are told of women, about to become mothers, being compelled to pay the tax on the chance of the infant being a male.

  26. How many hours this dreary winter I have paced my solitary room, driven nearly to madness, and I could not expel from my mind the memories of harrowing import that one after another intruded themselves!

  27. Hence we are made to suffer from Not Guilty, The Huguenot, and similar harrowing spectacles.

  28. All that took place in America with the swiftness of a series of stage-scenes; so that men now living have watched the inception and growth of all the most harrowing forms of poverty and the vices arising from poverty.

  29. Charles, still a prey to the most harrowing feelings.

  30. In the midst of these harrowing meditations a policeman opened the trap in the door of the cell, and called her by name--‘Julia Murray!

  31. Anyway, the whole episode had helped to dispel the gloom engendered by the oppressive and harrowing atmosphere of the lake scene, and I felt more cheerful.

  32. I am not of a vindictive nature and to me the horrors of an investigation and all the harrowing details of such a procedure would be only less distressing than the tragedy itself.

  33. Harrowing in fertilizers on light ground is better than plowing them in.

  34. In answer to your letter, asking about irrigation, I would state that in the first place we grade the land, after first plowing and harrowing it.

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