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Example sentences for "harrowed"

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  1. The ground should be plowed or spaded to a good depth, about the same as for potatoes, and harrowed or raked until it is thoroughly pulverized, not only on the surface, but down deep.

  2. In either case they can be covered with a cultivator, as before described, ridged up, and harrowed or raked afterwards, thus saving the first and most expensive weeding.

  3. Suddenly Kan Wong noticed that there were no more soldiers save only those who lay writhing or in still, twisted heaps upon the harrowed ground.

  4. The squire's gray mare, standing huddled up in the midst of other horses and of buggies under the shed near the store, told that court had probably already convened.

  5. So Jason scattered them broadcast and harrowed them into the soil with a brush-harrow, and took his stand on the edge of the field, anxious to see what would happen next.

  6. The bulls have been tamed and yoked; the field has been plowed; the dragon's teeth have been sown broadcast and harrowed into the soil; the crop of armed warriors has sprung up and they have slain one another to the last man.

  7. Lack of sufficient land to keep it busy was the tractor's only disappointment, but it reached out a strong right arm and harrowed the furrows down fine, just to show that it "wasn't mad at nobody.

  8. It may be of some benefit on certain soils for this purpose, but the land should always be harrowed after rolling to form a dust mulch to prevent the evaporation of moisture.

  9. In the distance they could see Brimstead's house and the harrowed fields around it.

  10. When he finished the field, plowed and harrowed and fertilized by war, had been sowed for all time.

  11. Clear weather and sunshine would not long continue, and the first field on the claim must be turned up and well harrowed before the opening of winter.

  12. Colonel Cummings was harrowed by Jamieson's months of anguish and illness, and angered by the indifference and dawdling of the captors in the face of his demand and threat.

  13. It may be sown also when the ground is in condition to cultivate and then may be harrowed or drilled in.

  14. Better stands are usually obtained by seeding on fields that have been disked and harrowed than on those that have been plowed.

  15. It is strongly recommended that this soil be scattered on a cloudy day or in the early morning or in the evening and immediately harrowed or disked into the ground, as the sun's rays are very injurious to the inoculating germs.

  16. They had escaped, not scourged or harrowed according to their deserts, but smiling like sleepy children, through the door of unconsciousness and oblivion.

  17. Over the harrowed visage of the host swept an almost felicitous wave of relief and then, as abruptly, his cheeks changed color again, fading to an ashen pallor tinged with greenish sickliness.

  18. I scattered it thicker than ever, and then harrowed it under a little with a rake, working till one o'clock, for Sunday dinner was at one-thirty.

  19. Beyond that was the vegetable garden, newly harrowed and fertilized, where Mike and Joe were busily working, the one planting peas, the other setting out a row of beets.

  20. A piece of waste, swampy land was enclosed, drained, ploughed, harrowed and thickly covered in the year 1822 with burnt marl and cinders.

  21. Gratitude showed in the Corsican's brown, harrowed face as he wrestled with his limited English vocabulary in the attempt to thank Britton for the generous offer, of which he reluctantly took advantage.

  22. The Corsican's harrowed senses appeared incapable of comprehending the statement.

  23. After strewing the seed, the field should be harrowed down by two turns of the harrow, and then again by two turns more after the third day.

  24. It is absolutely indispensable to get all this done on our light soils, especially before the end of October, and have the land carefully harrowed down, so as to prevent the moisture escaping.

  25. Half a bushel of seed to the acre is the usual quantity, sown broadcast and harrowed in.

  26. The public prosecutor then opened the case, and harrowed up my soul with the fearful account of the diabolical deed.

  27. His mind seemed to suffer more than his body; and words of fearful import escaped from him at intervals, which harrowed up the souls of those who attended him.

  28. The chief advantage of sowing before the ground can be harrowed arises from the benefit which the young plants derive from the plentiful supply of moisture in the soil at that season.

  29. The implements should be driven first one way and then the other, and, of course, the seed is harrowed after it has been sown.

  30. But before doing so, the land should be carefully disked in the fall, and the clover seed harrowed or otherwise covered in the spring.

  31. So Jason scattered them broadcast, and harrowed them into the soil with a brush-harrow, and took his stand on the edge of the field, anxious to see what would happen next.

  32. Meanwhile he spike-harrowed the potato patch, running cross-wise of the rows to break the crust and keep down the quick-springing weed seeds.

  33. He spread this lime from his one-horse wagon, while Henry drag-harrowed behind him, and by Saturday noon the job was done.

  34. The fishermen in the markets harrowed the feelings of their timid customers with tales of surprises, captures, and abductions.

  35. It may set us to thinking; and, Prince, a mind prepared for an idea is like ground broken and harrowed for seed.

  36. The closed door fascinated Ailsa, distressed, harrowed her, till she stood there twisting her hands between desire and pallid indecision.

  37. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "harrowed" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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