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Example sentences for "hideous"

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hidde; hidden; hide; hidebound; hided; hideously; hideousness; hideout; hider; hiders
  1. It was a simply hideous position to have to leave her that way.

  2. This was the hideous thought, pressing in upon her recognition, intrusive as Banquo's ghost and as terrible.

  3. Now just tell me Miss Rogers, or Mrs. Babbitts, what have you found out about the robbery; where were you getting to before this hideous mess to-day?

  4. A hideous fear assailed him:--she might be dead.

  5. Yet all of them have trooped away long since, scared by the hideous havoc of barbarians.

  6. You men by your vice and selfishness have created for women a hideous profession, whose ranks you recruit from the unprotected, the innocent, the ignorant.

  7. Cleanor was long in doubt whether or not he should be present at the hideous ceremony of the coming day.

  8. As a Roman, too, he knew the hideous traditions of Carthaginian cruelty.

  9. A canopy of similarly luxurious texture interposed itself between the rocky roof and the dark, hideous body of the resting spider.

  10. It advanced deliberately, with a clanking and clashing as of a hideous machine.

  11. At the moment he, too, was screwed down to the rack with this hideous unnerving pain, and feeling utterly dispirited and beaten and hopeless.

  12. The disconsolate princess stood a moment petrified, and then exclaimed, "Thou hideous creature!

  13. Alps frown on alps, or rushing hideous down, As if old Chaos was again returned, Wide rend the deep and shake the solid pole.

  14. The night is spent on the porch of a dak bungalow just outside the walls of Pullwal, a typical Hindoo city, with all its curious display of hideous idols, idolatrous paintings, and beautiful carved temples with gilded spires.

  15. The entrance is usually marked by a shrine containing a hideous idol, painted red and finished off with cheap-looking patches of gold or silver tinsel.

  16. Music and tom-toming would seem rather to suggest the former, but upon entering one sees fakirs and Hindoo devotees, streaked with clay, fanciful paintings and hideous idols, and all the cheap pomp and pageantry of idolatrous worship.

  17. Her politeness is very charming, and her smile would no doubt be more or less winsome were it not for the hideous blackening of the teeth.

  18. He became gradually worse as the evening wore away; the wild expression of his eyes developed in an alarming manner; he would try to get at any person who showed himself, and he made night hideous with the fearful barking howl of a mad dog.

  19. Near noon we reach the ruins of Suleimanabad, entirely deserted save by hideous gray lizards a foot long, numbers of which scuttle off into their hiding places at our approach.

  20. The old fellow with the certificate picks out a small box and raises the lid; a huge cobra thrusts out its hideous head and puffs its hooded neck to the size of a man's hand.

  21. Just previous to reaching the river, I meet on the road eight men, carrying a sedan containing a hideous black idol about twice as large as a man.

  22. Some few there are that are admirable as works of art, but most of them are hideous daubs and representations more than passing rude.

  23. I should have retreated, I should have shot the hideous thing, I should have done anything else but what I did, to stand terrified without power to move a muscle.

  24. It took the assistance of half a dozen hired blacks to force for us an entrance into the temple, and rushes of worshipers were so great that thrice we were swept back ere we obtained a glimpse of the hideous deity.

  25. We sought the darkest side of life in China and found in it all the barrenness, yet hideous cunning, ferocity and cruelty of the middle ages.

  26. And the upward roar of a partridge covey bursting in thunder through the river willows was like the flight of the hideous Flying Heads.

  27. For none among us doubted that, another half hour at most, and we had heard the cracking signal of Boyd's rifles across the hideous and fiery space.

  28. I was silent, pondering the fearful meaning which had been rendered plainer and more hideous by the painted symbols.

  29. The Yellow Moth was unbelievably hideous in the poisonous hue of a toad-stool; his crest and all his skin glistened yellow, shining like the sulphurous belly of a snake.

  30. But there flashed up suddenly in his eyes a reddish light that frightened me, and his face became so hideous and terrible that I could have cried out.

  31. The devil has always, it would seem, been particularly partial to old women; the most ugly and hideous of whom he has invariably selected to do his bidding.

  32. This large and hideous species of the Monkey family is sometimes called the “Wild Man of the Woods.

  33. The nose is flat and the muzzle very prominent and it is not surprising that some of the inhabitants of these countries have many strange and superstitious beliefs concerning this hideous “Wild Man of the Woods.

  34. These fascinating Sea-scorpions are remarkable for the hideous appearance of their heads, quite as much as for the beautiful markings of their body.

  35. But presently this feeling of incongruity gave way to one of hideous dread.

  36. And forget," she repeated, "what might defeat the ends of that justice which demands a life for the one so wantonly sacrificed in the vat whose hideous depths now open almost under your feet.

  37. Instead of that he laughed; a hideous laugh that seemed to shake the rafters above us and echoed in and out of the caverned recesses beneath.

  38. But time, which dulls all things, soon began to affect my memory of that hideous nightmare, and with it my anxiety lest in my unfaithfulness to my trust, I had committed a wrong upon some unknown innocent.

  39. Cruelty in all its hideous forms is, indeed, commonly set forth as Spain's only instrument of rule in her sixteenth century empire.

  40. When I have said this, I have but uttered a foreword to the hideous story, spoken the prologue only of the "frightful" tragedy.

  41. Each of us knows what is in that goods-van and we shudder at its hideous hidden freight, fearing lest it may be disclosed before our eyes.

  42. The Teuton tongue--a hideous concatenation of noise at its best--must be almost inarticulate to-day in its guttural chokings and splutterings.

  43. The McKinstry ranch had long been an eyesore to the master: even that morning he had been mutely wondering from what convolution of that hideous chrysalis the bright butterfly Cressy had emerged.

  44. Mr. Ford gazed hopelessly at the hideous ranch in the distance, at the sky, and the trail before him; then his glance fell upon the hand still upon his shoulder, and he struggled with a final effort.

  45. She picked up the hideous wig, moving towards the door.

  46. He had obtained a glass of brandy and was contorting his hideous face as he sipped the beverage.

  47. Perhaps the peculiar duties which I have required you to perform, the hideous disguises, which you have sometimes been called upon to adopt, have disgusted you.

  48. Then, readjusting the hideous grey wig, she went up the steps and passed through the doorway into the den of the opium smokers.

  49. Even now, when the sentence had robbed him of almost his last hope, and he was face to face with a hideous death, this wretched man had no word of remorse or grief for the ruin, misery and suffering he had brought upon the Queen.

  50. And why are you making such a hideous noise?

  51. The hideous tragedy of the Greifensteins was very far from her simple young life.

  52. She even had a vague belief that Heaven would not really bring about that hideous catastrophe that haunted her dreams, and that forced her to dream of it when she was waking.

  53. In the presence of the whole household the door had been forced, and all had seen together the hideous sight.

  54. It would be many a long year before he could think calmly of the hideous secret, and perhaps his whole life from that day would be more thoughtful and serious than it had been.

  55. Philip suddenly seized the leading members of the order, accused it of hideous crimes, and confiscated all its vast wealth and hundreds of strong castles throughout France.

  56. A conflict so hideous could not long be waged without a rapid deterioration of all who were engaged in it.

  57. The King himself sat and beheld, it might seem without remorse, this hideous spectacle; the words of Du Molay might have reached his ears.

  58. Douglas and the Steward were also engaged, and the "hideous shower" of arrows was ever raining from the bows of England.

  59. The unhappy peasantry, driven by starvation into frenzied revolt, avenged their agony upon the nobility by hideous plunderings and burnings of the rich châteaux.

  60. What hideous sightes appalle my greeued soule, As when Orestes after mother slaine.

  61. The Heauen appal'd to see such hideous sights, For feare puts out her euer burning lights.

  62. It must have been the simplest thing in the world for a professional to discover what was wrong; yet this animal, Joseph, could do nothing but poke his nose into the machinery and then shrug his hideous shoulders.

  63. How good to be in it, to be "in the picture" because one had youth, and was not hideous to look upon.

  64. The blasphemies and ribald jokes with which this good-for-nothing young man adorned his speech made it sound tenfold more hideous than I can do.

  65. The four posts which supported the roof were "totems," representing in hideous caricature the tribe to which the inhabitants of the hut belonged.

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