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Example sentences for "frightfully"

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frightened; frightening; frightens; frightful; frightfullest; frightfulness; frighting; frights; frigid; frigida
  1. It frizzled and flared up, burning the wretched man frightfully about the face and head.

  2. It was frightfully out of the way, being five miles from the nearest railway station, and that on a branch line.

  3. Inquisition was frightfully increased, the necessity of private confession to a priest--auricular confession--being at that time formally established.

  4. Shall we wonder that, in some of the invasions of the plague, the deaths were so frightfully numerous that the living could hardly bury the dead?

  5. One frightfully hot day, near the end of the plowing of the first field, which lay near the house, Hugh found it necessary to rest the horses frequently.

  6. It's frightfully hot in the middle of the afternoon.

  7. But we do want the camera most frightfully badly, and if you would like to contribute to the fund again it would save us many weary months of waiting.

  8. You are so frightfully and terrifyingly English.

  9. Your shoes are always so frightfully right.

  10. Frightfully uncomfortable, but they did attract a great deal of attention.

  11. It's frightfully smart to be seen with him.

  12. Of course they're frightfully severe at that school.

  13. And it was really decent, frightfully decent of him, to let him see the letters, really kind and fair.

  14. His people are frightfully rich, you know," went on Clifford.

  15. It had been a frightfully expensive winter.

  16. He was frightfully pale, his forehead wrinkled, and his lips contracted.

  17. Among the rugs lay a dark-skinned savage, half naked and frightfully emaciated, while on the end of the raft rested a canoe much worn and battered.

  18. The ugly face was frightfully distorted and the fever-stricken eyes shone with a baleful light.

  19. There was a leaven in men's thoughts, Barry had said, that was bound to turn things frightfully about.

  20. It's awfully kind of you; I'm frightfully bucked.

  21. You must be frightfully clever," she said with accustomed seriousness.

  22. While South Americans and West Indians are frightfully careless in their every movement, a carelessness which betrays itself even in their drawling speech,(267) the life of a New Englander has been compared to the rush of a locomotive.

  23. In France, where they consider English people frightfully gauche, all this etiquette is reversed, and is very much more like ours in America.

  24. He is frightfully ill, I never felt anything like the heat of his skin.

  25. The face was pale and drawn, the eyes were sunken, the large-boned body was frightfully thin and looked uncertain when it moved.

  26. They sang, or rather screamed, a hymn, and so frightfully loud and piercingly that the very windows shook.

  27. It was quite an ocean, with the irregular shores of earth, but desert and frightfully wild in appearance.

  28. For several days steeper inclines, some even frightfully near to the perpendicular, brought us deeper and deeper into the mass of the interior of the earth.

  29. These were the last cartridges, and when they were expended and nobody had any powder or balls left, each man took up two of the bottles reserved by Enjolras, and defended the stairs with these frightfully fragile weapons.

  30. The surgeon, who was frightfully anxious, maintained silence, and M.

  31. It would be most frightfully interesting.

  32. It seemed very stately and mansion-like after the Moat House, and everyone was most frightfully pleased to see us.

  33. Death comes so slowly--and so frightfully painfully.

  34. It would have been frightfully annoying if a dozen or so Jerry pilots had been there.

  35. I can see something frightfully important is on your mind.

  36. He was frightfully offended and turned pale.

  37. If Arrowsmith had liked me and been ready to upset the conventional ideas of his exemplary family, I'd have eloped with him, however frightfully it would have put Edmund in the cart.

  38. Don't you get frightfully fed up with this thick wiry hair of mine?

  39. My head is really not equal to the task--my nerves are so frightfully unstrung.

  40. I am so frightfully distressed about it that I really don't know what to do.

  41. Do you know that what you have done is absurdly and frightfully sentimental?

  42. You can just fancy how I almost felt sick all over with excitement, and how frightfully important I felt at being the only one going to that ship, with a chance of chasing pirates.

  43. He got frightfully red and out of breath, and scratched a lot of veneer off the piano.

  44. Presently the signalman hauled down the pendants, and we knew that the Vigilant had seen us, and I wondered whether Captain Lester would be frightfully angry or not.

  45. You see, the letters had to be cut out in wood first, and as all the carpenter people were so frightfully busy, it was almost impossible to get anything extra done at all.

  46. That made us all "bristle" up again and get most frightfully angry.

  47. I felt so stiff and sore, and had to rub my eyes to get properly awake; but then I was frightfully glad, for I thought that Mr. Trevelyan might know something about doctoring.

  48. When we got there our courage began to ooze away, because I knew it was a frightfully cheeky thing to do; but Jim bucked me up, and the telegraph people helped us, and put the best address they could think of.

  49. What makes you look so frightfully upset?

  50. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "frightfully" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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