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Example sentences for "heedless"

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heedeth; heedful; heedfully; heedfulness; heeding; heedlessly; heedlessness; heeds; heeft; heel
  1. Isobel, by sheer reaction from her previous hysteria, was sullen now, and heedless of all considerations save her own misery.

  2. Each man fought blindly for himself, heedless now of all restrictions.

  3. Puck kept the tiller, and put the boat's head for their city of refuge, whilst Bertie lay along the bottom of the boat, heedless of damp or discomfort, only longing to be at home in his little bed.

  4. With wise foresight, Schmucke turned to go home by the way of the Boulevard du Temple, Pons passively submitting like a fallen fighter, heedless of blows; but chance ordered that he should know that all his world was against him.

  5. It required all the strength of his friendship to keep him from doing heedless damage in the sitting-room and study which did duty as a museum for Pons.

  6. I suppose cultivated Europe is as heedless of the newer peoples as the peoples of the Orient are of those of the Occident.

  7. He crossed the room, absolutely heedless of more than one attempt to stop him.

  8. Better than your father, perhaps," continued Abby, pondering over this new subject in her mind, heedless of the tears and blushes with which she was regarded.

  9. Again the soldiers levelled their guns for another volley, heedless of her danger--heedless of every thing.

  10. And remarshalling his squadrons, he galloped towards the barricaded forest paths, heedless of the warnings of the more circumspect Veer.

  11. Heedless of disturbing influences, Virginia went on, "Hennie thought that this car was too small.

  12. Plunged in thought and heedless of the band, the increased clamor aroused Obadiah.

  13. Ho, those heedless of Time and his sore despight!

  14. Thou art none other but heedless with respect to this impostor, this liar.

  15. How long therefore wilt thou be heedless of this liar?

  16. He had noticed, he said, that to-day some droves of mules were being driven into town, and the heedless soldiers raced along perfectly regardless of what was in the roads before them.

  17. But heedless of all this, his mood seized Ahab, as he happened to glance upon the reel, not many hours after the magnet scene, and he remembered how his quadrant was no more, and recalled his frantic oath about the level log and line.

  18. Heedless of those in his path, he forced his way into the house, then down the hall toward an open door, through which he saw a room full of people.

  19. It was evident, from the words of the others, that the Jonesville Guards were indeed quite as heedless of international complications as was their commander.

  20. Heedless of her dismay, he continued, "Yes'm, about sundown.

  21. His tone was raised, heedless of possible eavesdroppers.

  22. You mustn't--" Their voices were raised now, heedless of the two people In the adjoining room.

  23. Our rifles firmly grasping, And heedless of the din, We stood in silence waiting For orders to begin.

  24. Heedless of the author, Beatrice stood the lamp on a shelf and began to rummage among these sheets.

  25. Heedless of a sprained arm, he dragged himself along, kicking and struggling most strangely.

  26. Her dress was embroidered with moths burning their wings in flames--a warning to all heedless admirers.

  27. The discontent of the employed is due in a large degree to the grasping and heedless exactions of employers and the alleged discrimination in favor of capital as an object of governmental attention.

  28. Then heedless of more questions, he made his way through them, and walking up to Dona Constancia took her hand and raised it to his lips.

  29. As he looked upon them his face flushed and he exclaimed, heedless that any heard him: "Ah!

  30. Upon the first tablet was inscribed, in the ancient Greek character,-- O son of Adam, how heedless art thou of the case of him who hath been before thee!

  31. Then, heedless of her remonstrance, he continued: "How am I ever to repay you for the injury I have done?

  32. In a moment the young men had each other by the throat, and stood glaring into each other's eyes, heedless that Ada and the Rector clung to first one and then the other, in a vain attempt to separate them.

  33. For a moment he felt ready to make confession that he had been the cause of the accident, but that he felt would be folly; and once more, heedless of the cold reception his offers met with, he proposed that a doctor should be fetched.

  34. He winked his eyes to get the water out of them, and swam for the rocks, heedless of his duty as a fisherman.

  35. He stood by the track, dazed, staggering, crushed, watching his fortune recede and disappear, heedless of the great drops of rain that began to fall upon his bare head.

  36. He was as heedless of me as I, outwardly, of him.

  37. It is with Nature, immoral Nature and her heedless instincts that you have to deal.

  38. As with life itself, nothing but the magic powers of youth and ignorance could have cajoled us to face it with heedless confidence and eager zest.

  39. Who could foretell the cruel doom - heedless of such favours and such splendid promises - that awaited the pretty child?

  40. With gigantic force he got Sayers' head down, and heedless of his captive's pounding, backed step by step to the ring.

  41. They're too heedless to appreciate the value of these old things.

  42. None of the four girls could have been so heedless as that!

  43. Thus she her words, not heedless of my wish, Began; and thus, as one who breaks not off Discourse, continued in her saintly strain.

  44. Heedless of all this, the ships continued their course, their guns remaining silent, while the Spanish fire grew continuous.

  45. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "heedless" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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