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Example sentences for "heeds"

Lexicographically close words:
heedfulness; heeding; heedless; heedlessly; heedlessness; heeft; heel; heeld; heele; heeled
  1. Thus destiny has marked the wayward course Of my two sons: the mighty torrent sweeps Down from the precipice; with rage he wears His proper bed, nor heeds the channel traced By art and prudent care.

  2. Man's drowsy sense Heeds not the trilling band, but slumbrous waits The tardy god of day.

  3. Screaming the maiden flies, Nor heeds the loss of fluttering veil, upborne On sportive breeze, and sailing far away.

  4. Yet the torrent speeds, And never heeds The statues' smiles or sneers; They come and go, But the water's flow Has lasted a thousand years.

  5. Alas for him who never hears Or heeds the world divine And in this fragment fails to see A stepping-stone to Deity!

  6. The present heeds not what has been; This herded world together press'd, Can miss no straggler from the rest-- Not so!

  7. This Western giant coarse, 540 Scorning refinements which he lacks himself, Loves not nor heeds the ancestral hierarchies, Each rank dependent on the next above In ordinary gradation fixed as fate.

  8. The mountain pine looks calmly on The fires that scourge the plains below, Nor heeds the eagle in the sun The small birds piping in the snow!

  9. Cold he contemns, and, shuffling on his clothes, Boldly stalks forth, nor heeds his redd'ning nose.

  10. Who heeds the sunken cheek, or wasted frame, While Hope shouts "Onward!

  11. This hardly sounds promising, but Mrs. Redmond heeds her not.

  12. His last words convey an unconscious warning, but Clarissa neither heeds or understands it.

  13. No one heeds them now, or thinks of them, or feels aught about them, save a sudden chill that such things might have been.

  14. But her thoughts are far away, and she hardly heeds the warmth of his gaze or the evident meaning in his tone.

  15. She heeds not the sullen roar of the ever-increasing streamlets, that winter will swell into small but angry rivers; hearing only the songs of the sleepy birds as they croon their night-songs in the boughs above her.

  16. And yet she heeds them not: Tanto d'ogni altrui dono poco si cura Questa vaga angioletta umile e pura.

  17. If Cuailgne's champion here I see In all his pride and pomp of fame, He little heeds the prophecy, So swift his course, so straight his aim.

  18. He scarcely heeds her words, so great is the fury that consumes him.

  19. But so bent is he on his own dismal thoughts that he heeds her not, but follows aimlessly the path before him that leads to the balcony from, which the smaller drawing-room may be reached.

  20. But she heeds them not: they might as well be stinging-nettles, for all the notice she bestows upon them.

  21. He crosses his breast, he mutters a prayer, 25 To Heaven he lifts his eye, He heeds not the Abbot's gazing stare, Nor the dark Monks who murmured by.

  22. A watchful servant heeds his master's glance And, faithful, stays his throne with neck and shoulder.

  23. Paris affects to laugh at his charioteering; but he heeds not such laughter.

  24. The shepherd of the people has been carried home from Little Trianon, heavy of heart, and been put to bed in his own Chateau of Versailles: the flock knows it, and heeds it not.

  25. A fool despises his father's correction, but he who heeds reproof shows prudence.

  26. He is in the way of life who heeds correction, but he who forsakes reproof leads others astray.

  27. Poverty and shame come to him who refuses discipline, but he who heeds correction shall be honored.

  28. Sullen and stern AVARO sat alone In anxious wealth amid the joyless hall, Nor heeds the chilly hearth with moss o'ergrown, Nor sees the green slime mark the mouldering wall.

  29. The camel in the desert heeds Where distant waters lay, And onward speeds, to flowery meads, And fountains far away.

  30. And absorbed in the new life he leads, He recks not, he heeds Nor his wrong nor my vengeance; both strike On his senses alike, And are lost in the solemn and strange Surprise of the change.

  31. Low and more low The dying glow Burns in the embers; She nothing heeds And nothing needs--- Only remembers.

  32. Here heed we Boreas' icy breath as much As the wolf heeds the number of the flock, Or furious rivers their restraining banks.

  33. Corydon, You are a boor, nor heeds a whit your gifts Alexis; no, nor would Iollas yield, Should gifts decide the day.

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