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Example sentences for "heel"

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heedless; heedlessly; heedlessness; heeds; heeft; heeld; heele; heeled; heeler; heelers
  1. And with this merited reproof he turned on his heel and went back to his admirers without, leaving Mr. Tooting aghast, but still resourceful.

  2. He had found the vulnerable heel of Achilles.

  3. Without a word Goddard turned on his heel and walked to the further end of the platform.

  4. She walked to the door, and while she stood idly kicking her heel against the door-sill she saw Ralston, who was passing, stoop and pick up a scrap of paper which had been caught between two small stones.

  5. When she moved, its head followed her, but she dexterously pinned it to the rock with her forked stick and placed the heel of her moccasin upon its writhing body.

  6. I saw Ronald--in talk with Miss McBean but a few yards away--spin round on his heel and turn slowly back on me with a face of sheer bewilderment.

  7. He whipped round on his heel and turned on me a countenance which I dare say he imagined to be awful; but another fit of sneezing cut him off ere he could come the length of speech.

  8. From the heel of the masonry, the rascally, breakneck precipice descended sheer among waste lands, scattered suburbs of the city, and houses in the building.

  9. Logan never felt fear; he could not turn upon his heel to save his life.

  10. Cornplanter turns on his heel from the Huron maiden who forgets her blood.

  11. Footnote 5: By heel ropes is meant those fastenings which are used to secures horses in the East.

  12. Footnote 21: Seizing the skirt of a man in authority, or the heel ropes of his horses in the stable, are as great protection to a culprit in Persia as the precincts of a church are in Roman Catholic countries.

  13. Casting off his head and heel ropes, I could not help comparing him to myself.

  14. Not only is the Tar-heel cow the author of a pale but athletic style of butter, but in her leisure hours she aids in tilling the perpendicular farm on the hillside, or draws the products to market.

  15. Then with a heel over and a gathering whisper of water she shot out into the bay, and faded, still followed by the Capsina's gaze, into the dim starlit dusk.

  16. The woman turned on her heel and strode from the room, slamming the door after her, and locking it from the outside.

  17. Grace bowed to the doctor, and turning on her heel walked from the room.

  18. He nodded, gave the Overton girl a frowning appraising glance, and turning on his heel strode out, followed by the woman, who locked the door behind her.

  19. The stranger turned on his heel and retreated a few paces, evidently perplexed at the new view in which the sergeant suddenly rose to his apprehension.

  20. In marrying Nigel she had longed to set her heel upon the London which had despised her; she had hoped some day to set the heel of Lady Harwich upon more than one woman whom she had known before she was cast out.

  21. Yea, verily, while we have a heel to crunch with and a leg to grind it home.

  22. He moved as if to walk off, then suddenly turned upon his heel again.

  23. And he stood swaying there heel and toe, with such a jolly laugh that I laughed too, and asked the news from Canada.

  24. But the Indian, turning his hot eyes on me, swung on his heel and re-entered the guest-room, drawing the flint from his rifle as he walked.

  25. His blue eyes began to shine; the long pipe-stem snapped short between forefinger and thumb; the smoking bowl dropped, and he set his moccasined heel upon it, grinding clay and fire into the stone floor.

  26. As I shrank back my heel struck my rifle.

  27. The Cayuga listened in silence, then resuming his blanket turned on his heel and passed slowly and noiselessly from the room, leaving Sir William standing beside the arm-chair, and me erect in the embrasure of the casement.

  28. And not with foot and abdomen alone he danced, but his two balancing palms danced to the beat of the heat of the music's heart; and with heel and toe he danced.

  29. It is well told in his own laconic style:--"Felt ship heel over, and felt she would not right.

  30. Immediately I got inside the turret I felt the ship heel steadily over, deeper and deeper, and a heavy sea struck her on the weather-side.

  31. The way he balanced up and played heel and toe back agin, was Weathersfield all over.

  32. Under certain conditions this is true enough, but on favourable ground the mark of the heel is plainly visible.

  33. Why youth's armored from head to heel in its invincible ignorance.

  34. The locker near the heel of the stock had escaped the attention of the Indians.

  35. Its shape was impressed upon my memory as plainly as in the earth before my eyes; and it required no quartermaster to recognise the low, ill-rounded heel and flat pegged soles.

  36. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "heel" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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