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  1. Inflation, although down from recent triple-digit levels, is still a major weakness and is showing signs of accelerating upwards again.

  2. The results have been mixed: inflation is down from double-digit levels but growth has been sluggish and unemployment, always a highly sensitive issue, has been at a record high 7.

  3. After a burst of inflation as the program eliminated government price subsidies, monthly price increases eased to the single-digit level for the first time since mid-1988.

  4. The second digit has the same number of phalanges, and bears a claw, but is much more slender than the third.

  5. This vicious direction the other bones of the digit follow (see Fig.

  6. For the purposes of this treatise, however, the word foot will be used in its more popular sense, and will refer solely to those portions of the digit contained within the hoof.

  7. Thus the great toe is the longest digit but one; and its metatarsal is far less moveably articulated with the tarsus, than the metacarpal of the thumb with the carpus.

  8. Hallux absent, outer digit has five, the middle digit four, and the inner digit three phalanges.

  9. The thumb, although shorter than that digit among the Guenons and Macaques, is present in all the species, and forms a good prehensile finger with a flat nail.

  10. The thumb is short in comparison with the same digit in Man, and, as in the human hand, the middle finger is the longest; the outer four fingers being united by a web reaching up to the first joint.

  11. No claw, talon or digit on the pad; just a tesselated rubbery bottom, the tesselations apparently acting as treads do on a tire.

  12. There were no nails as such, but each digit on those deceptively soft-looking hands terminated in a tapering cone of some hard black material, as shiny as the eyes in those coconut-frosted faces.

  13. GDP growth, spurred by double-digit gains in industrial production over the past year, has become less dependent on agriculture.

  14. Inflation, in recent years in the high double-digit range, fell to 9.

  15. We may remind the reader that the hand of the Urodela has four digits, and the foot five, the fifth digit being absent in the hand[218].

  16. In the further growth the third and fourth digits, and in the foot the fifth digit also, gradually sprout out in succession from the ulnar side of the continuous carpal plate.

  17. The first digit would then only carry one phalange, and would not terminate in a claw, but lie in the line of the tendon which supports the anterior wing membrane of a bird.

  18. In Dimorphodon the fifth digit was bent upward, and supported a membrane for flight.

  19. The interpretation which makes the pteroid bone the first digit has the merit of accounting for the fifth digit of the hand.

  20. There is also the loss of the outermost wing digit from the hind foot as a supporter of the wing membrane.

  21. It is a feature which could only be partly paralleled in the Bat, by making changes of structure which would remove every support to the wing but the outermost digit of that animal's hand.

  22. Some writers have interpreted it as an essential part of the Pterodactyle skeleton, and Von Meyer thought that it might possibly indicate a fifth digit in the hand.

  23. So that the metacarpus in the Pterodactyle differs from birds in being in the same line as the bones of the fore-arm, whereas in birds it is in the same line with the digit bones of the hand.

  24. There are only two or three phalanges in each digit in its four wing fingers.

  25. But the three metacarpal bones in the Pterodactyle remain distinct from each other, perhaps because the main work of that region of the skeleton has devolved upon the digit called the wing finger, which is not recognised in the bird.

  26. After adding and subtracting accurately two-digit figures for a time, the man quickly grew confused and said that trying to solve such a problem made him dizzy.

  27. He found difficulty in adding or subtracting 2-digit figures.

  28. The hoof of digit number three now supported most of the weight, but the slender hoofs of digits two and four were still serviceable.

  29. The middle toe (digit number three), originally the longest of the five, steadily enlarged, while the remaining digits dwindled and disappeared.

  30. Now, like a cloud of pitchy black, he stands between my soul, and the digit of the moon that I adore.

  31. Maheshwara, I was wrong, and I utterly forgot thy quality of universal presence, for sure I am that where thy Digit is, thou art thyself not far away.

  32. Digit of the Moon, hanging low in the evening sky just over Lundy Island and the sea.

  33. This is a rare injury, in which the tendons of a finger or toe are torn from their attachments along with a portion of the digit concerned.

  34. Treatment consists in amputating the digit concerned, and in removing the associated lymph glands.

  35. A digit intimately united along its whole length with another digit, and having either an additional metacarpal or metatarsal bone of its own, or articulating with the head of one which is common to it and another digit.

  36. It so happened that her negro husband possessed a sixth digit on each hand, but there was no peculiarity of any kind in the white man, yet when the mulatto child was born it actually presented the deformity of a supernumerary finger.

  37. Borellus gives an account of a thorn entering the digit and passing out of the body by the anus.

  38. Sen reports a case in a supernumerary digit in a child, whose father, a Hindoo, lost a toe by ainhum.

  39. You need not use more of the nine digits than you choose, but no digit may be repeated throughout.

  40. Whichever digit shown here in the upper line we omit, the sum of the digits in the total will be found beneath it.

  41. The sum of the digits in the total is always governed by the digit omitted.

  42. No digit has thus been used a second time in the amount or addition.

  43. All the bones of the carpus interlock strongly, and the axis of the third digit passes through the magnum and between the scaphoid and lunar.

  44. The first digit present is sometimes regarded as the pollex, but from analogy with Anura it is probable that the pollex is the missing digit.

  45. In the Ostrich the third digit has two phalanges, in all other living birds it has only one phalanx.

  46. Thus the fourth digit is enormously developed, the second and third are small, and the fifth smaller still, while the hallux is absent.

  47. In Megatherium the fifth digit is clawless while the second, third, and fourth bear enormous claws.

  48. In the Pterosauria the anterior limbs form wings, the phalanges of the fifth digit being very greatly elongated to support the wing membrane.

  49. In the pes the second digit is terminated by a long pointed claw, and so is also the third in Tarsius.

  50. Just as in the manus if one digit is absent it is the pollex, so in the pes it is the hallux.

  51. In Choeropus however the only two functional digits are the second and third, which have very long closely apposed metacarpals; the fourth digit is vestigial, but has the normal number of phalanges, while the first and fifth are absent.

  52. Megatherium has a greatly modified pes, the hallux is absent, and the second digit vestigial, while the third is very large, having an enormous ungual phalanx.

  53. In the Anteaters the third digit is greatly developed and bears a long hooked claw.

  54. The second digit of the pes has a flattened nail except in the Hapalidae, in which all the digits of the pes except the hallux are clawed.

  55. Sometimes the nail of one digit differs from that of all the others; thus the second digit of the pes in the Hyracoidea and Lemuroidea is terminated by a long claw, the other digits having flat nails.

  56. In the pes the three middle digits are well developed, but there is no trace of a hallux, and the fifth digit is represented only by a vestigial metatarsal.

  57. The first digit of the manus is commonly called the =pollex=, and the first digit of the pes the =hallux=.

  58. The horse comes last with one large toe and hoof, but on either side of the main bones of this digit are vestiges of what must have been toes in its ancestors.

  59. Its forefeet had four toes each, and its hinder limbs ended with three toes armed with small hoofs, but one of its relatives of the same time has a vestige of another digit on the hind foot.

  60. Within the digital, one small deviation (one digit in the phrase) changes the result of processing so drastically that retracing the error and fixing it becomes itself a new experience, and many times a new source of knowledge.

  61. In the Ecaudata also, the tibia and fibula coalesce into one bone, and two or three small bones on the inner side of the tarsus form what has been regarded as a rudimentary digit or "prehallux.

  62. No doubt some kisses are far sweeter, but the sun must set, ere the lovely digit of the moon rises, and I must do what I can meanwhile, to help thee to keep alive.

  63. There he beheld his beloved, with raiment pellucid like the moonlight, having given her wealth away to Pandits, [568] attenuated like a digit of the moon at the time of its change.

  64. And he returned, all clothed in darkness, through the air, bringing with him the princess who illuminated with her beauty the region, as Rahu carries off a digit of the moon.

  65. Kala = digit of the moon and also accomplishment.

  66. There he saw her at the foot of a red Asoka-tree, thin and pale, but yet charming, like the last digit of the gleaming moon.

  67. Then thou wast born as the daughter of the mount of snow, as the moon's digit springs from the sea.

  68. Then Naravahanadatta beheld that fair one there, afflicted with separation, thin and pale, like a digit of the new moon.

  69. Then her father gave her the name of Alankaravati, and the girl gradually grew like a digit of the moon.

  70. And he gave to his dear young daughter, who gave pleasure to his eyes, as if she had been a digit of the moon, the name of Kalingasena.

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