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Example sentences for "forepaw"

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  1. He was picking his teeth with some mysterious talisman of a bone, selected from the forepaw of a deer, and gazing at the heavens as at a fond familiar brother.

  2. Oddly as though he wanted to shake hands, the pup raised a forepaw to Harky's left palm.

  3. Bracing one handlike forepaw against the side, and bringing the other up behind it, he sought and found a grip with his rear paws and descended head first.

  4. Theoretically the hot baths were free, but in practice a franc pressed into Sandy's forepaw was found to have a strong calorific effect on the water.

  5. He crawled into the dark barn and, having no smaller change, contributed a two-franc bill to the forepaw and told Sandy about his awful stiffness.

  6. She awoke her father, the chief, who called his warriors and they examined the tracks in the snow and saw that they were the tracks of a beaver; a beaver of great size, who had lost one forepaw in a trap.

  7. On the top of the largest lodge of all sat Puigagis, King of all the Beavers, and the warriors saw that his right forepaw had been taken off by a trap.

  8. The second day of his return journey, while wading through a shallow in the stream, he put his remaining good forepaw in one of Joe Dubois's traps.

  9. When the otter reared and plunged, the beaver saw that his forepaw was firmly held in the cruel thing that had caught him the year before.

  10. He rose to his feet, quivering, and sought to lick the Boy's face, thrusting one upraised white forepaw at him in appeal for a handshake.

  11. He laid one white little forepaw on Dan's muddy boot, and whined softly, far down in his throat.

  12. In response, Buff's tail began to wag, and one forepaw went up to the man's knee.

  13. But the worst was that it had been groveling on all fours when it fell, and now it was rising on its hind feet, one forepaw striking madly at the two arrows dancing head-deep in its upper shoulder.

  14. One forepaw caught in the latch and pressed it down, and the weight of the door swung against him.

  15. He squirmed and struggled, dabbing at the air with the injured as well as the uninjured forepaw and increasing his pain.

  16. He barked invitation to his brother, scampered away half a dozen jumps, scampered back, and dabbed playfully at Michael with one forepaw in added emphasis of invitation ere he scampered away again.

  17. A running noose was made in a stout chain and put into the trap between two of the logs, and when the bear stepped his forepaw into the noose it was drawn taut and held by four men outside.

  18. He was a pretty scared animal when I crept up behind him and placed a heavy forepaw on his shoulder.

  19. Then he held up his forepaw as the Mole stepped gingerly down.

  20. Sinking first one forepaw and then the other deep into the loose earth, she would draw them out covered with swarming, biting ants, which she carefully licked off, evidently relishing their stinging, sour taste.

  21. Suddenly there was a snap that sent the water flying, a horrible grinding pain, and the slender fingers of his right forepaw were caught between the wicked jaws of a hidden steel trap.

  22. At the end of every bound he had twisted each forepaw inward, so as to thrust them out with the greatest possible leverage.

  23. Finally the lion lifted a forepaw and turned the body of the girl half over, then he stood again eyeing her as though still undetermined whether life was extinct or not.

  24. Then he put out a big forepaw and tapped him lightly on the forehead.

  25. Lad curled down beside her, resting one snowy little forepaw protectingly on her slippered foot.

  26. But to undertake the jump with the prospect of landing her full weight and impetus on a forepaw that was horribly sensitive to the lightest touch--this was an exploit beyond the sufferer's will-power.

  27. Solemnly he laid one white forepaw in the gnarled palm the kneeling shepherd outstretched to him.

  28. In a clearing he found Lady, her left forepaw caught in the steel jaws of a fox-trap.

  29. And one of them was wounded, swinging a charred forepaw before it, and giving voice to a wild frenzy of roars.

  30. The clawed forepaw tore a strip from the shoulder of Wass' tunic, left sprouting red furrows behind.

  31. This showed her standing behind the boulder with her one forepaw resting against it and peeping from behind it.

  32. Then, watching his chance, he boldly leaped at the mare, endeavouring to throw a forepaw round her neck and, at the same instant, to seize and tear the throat with his savage teeth.

  33. With a forepaw in my vest pocket he hung on and I did not risk shaking too violently.

  34. When they at last pushed it into the canal one beaver with only one forepaw put this forepaw against the end of the log and conducted it down the canal.

  35. Holding the only remaining and crushed forepaw before her she looked it over intently.

  36. The mother bear killed one dog with a single stroke of her forepaw and the cubs wrecked the other.

  37. Before she could spring back again beyond his reach, however, with a harsh groan he swung about, and with the readiness of an accomplished boxer brought down his other forepaw across her neck, smashing the spine.

  38. Then a chalk-faced delivery boy peered backward in fright,--to see Lad getting painfully to his feet and holding perplexedly aloft his tiny right forepaw in token of the dislocated shoulder.

  39. Seeming to realize he was somehow to blame, he jumped lightly down from the car and went over to offer to the sufferer such comfort as patting forepaw and friendly licking tongue could afford.

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