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aider; aiders; aides; aidge; aiding; aient; aifter; aige; aigrette; aigrettes
  1. He also appears to take an active part in the manufacture of idols, engages in painting, aids in the culture or gathering of cacao, engages in predatory excursions, and acts in various other relations.

  2. Thomas on, cited 280 Maya Codices, aids to the study of, by C.

  3. But he never could be made to see that these things have any value as aids in the formation of character.

  4. From about the age of twelve, I entered into another and more advanced stage in my course of instruction; in which the main object was no longer the aids and appliances of thought, but the thoughts themselves.

  5. If his country is fighting by a levy en masse for her very existence, he aids her by depreciating her paper, so that he may accumulate fabulous amounts with little outlay.

  6. Mysteries, aids of gloom, secrecy, mystery taken advantage of in the, 383-m.

  7. He looks not at our splendid state, or our many pretensions, nor at the aids and appliances of our learning; but at our learning itself.

  8. The sternly magnificent creation of the poet stands before us independent of all these aids of fancy: she is Lady Macbeth; as such she lives, she reigns, and is immortal in the world to imagination.

  9. It is the woman who cherished her infancy, who aids and abets her in her clandestine marriage.

  10. For several years Champlain was constantly obliged to visit France for the purpose of urging on the tardily provided aids for the colony.

  11. Some educationists have advocated the making and exhibiting of school collections of stamps as aids to study.

  12. Had it recognised the presence of a great force there might have been more happiness for the author of Aids to Reflection.

  13. His Aids to Reflection is only now returning to public notice after long neglect.

  14. This aids also in the diffusion of the spores through the atmosphere.

  15. The slender, elastic stems which support the peridia in many species are undoubted aids to the dissemination of the spores.

  16. As moisture has an evident effect in producing an expulsion of sporidia by swelling the gelatinous nucleus, it may be assumed that this is one of the causes of expulsion, and therefore of aids to dissemination.

  17. Aids to Reflection in the formation of a manly character on the several grounds of prudence, morality, and religion: illustrated by select passages from our elder divines, especially from Archbishop Leighton.

  18. How far shall one go in seeking out such extremely technical reference aids as these?

  19. Meusebach, and Viktor Manheimer are indispensable aids in the almost uncharted sea of German seventeenth-century literature.

  20. It is plain that the wide-spread absence of a characteristic which greatly aids the possessor in the conflicts between race and race probably indicates that the primary race did not possess that quality.

  21. Britain will not gratify Holland in any of these respects, unless she grants the aids claimed, and thereby plunges herself into the war against the House of Bourbon and America, which she can never do.

  22. That as to further aids he could promise nothing positively, that he would do his best, and shrugging his shoulders, intimated that he was not Minister of Finance.

  23. Above a month since the date of my letter to Dr Franklin about our bills had elapsed without an answer, nor had any prospect of obtaining aids here opened.

  24. It would have been improper for me to have undertaken it, because I could not justify exposing by my absence our negotiations for aids and a treaty to unseasonable delays.

  25. The extrinsic aids of education and of artificial culture.

  26. That which aids digestion, as a food or medicine.

  27. Quoted by Coleridge, preface to Aids to Reflection.

  28. A medicine or an article of food that aids digestion, or strengthens digestive power.

  29. One of a press gang, who aids in forcing men into the naval service; also, one forced into the service.

  30. That which has power to disperse inflammatory or other tumors; a discutient; anything which aids the absorption of effused products.

  31. All the [Pg222] liberties and aids and perquisites that belonged to rank ceased where the lowest rank ended, at the peasant.

  32. She knew well that such men as Stocmar have a sort of instinctive appreciation of a locality, and she determined he should have the fewest possible aids to his interpretation of herself.

  33. To be sure, you are not without little aids to pass time, in the shape of cards, dice, and such-like.

  34. The oil not only prevents evaporation but aids greatly to keep the uncovered parts from corrosion.

  35. Illustration: This Machine Aids a Person in Drawing the True Outline of a Picture] The size of the machine depends on the one building it, but a fair-sized drawing board is sufficient for the beginner.

  36. The current produced by the induced electrical pressure aids the current in the winding of coil A in producing a magnetic field.

  37. The flywheel also aids the operator, as it will steady the motion and help him over a rough place or a bump in the road.

  38. Moreover, in laboratory teaching the teacher must rely, as we have said, on his own resources, and but few aids can be given.

  39. Footnote 13: With reference to all these notes on Original Sin, see 'Aids to Reflection', p.

  40. The hair is rendered rough; is prepared to catch the dirt; and not unfrequently the skin itself, by nature striving to counteract the effect of its deprivation, pours forth a secretion that aids in causing it to appear foul.

  41. I allude to the employment of instruments in parturition, without any rule being pointed out as to the time when such aids are necessary.

  42. If possible, a stream of running water should be conducted through the yards; it aids its daily washing, as well as enabling the dogs to get as much pure water as they choose.

  43. Other aids to health and happiness are sunshine and fresh air, drinking plenty of good water, useful work, good temper, and good times.

  44. I must see all the aids and all the obstacles.

  45. The aids brought in a young man, knocked down the previous week by a heavy wagon which had crushed his foot.

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