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Example sentences for "backed"

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  1. After a while they backed farther away, hand in hand.

  2. Her maid knocked, backed out hastily and fled, distracted.

  3. I--I hate to leave it there all alone," said the maid, when they had backed completely out of sight of the car.

  4. The little boy backed off, but Joanna put her plump hand on his shoulder, murmuring soothing things.

  5. A little girl was sitting on the rug, drinking from a big double-handled mug, but she scrambled to her feet as we came in, and backed against the wall, looking at us with wide eyes.

  6. His eyebrows, thick and fierce with gray in them, went up as he saw Miellyn; but he backed away to let us enter, and shut the door behind us.

  7. Without being hump-backed or deformed, she had one side larger than the other, and walked awry.

  8. The first two were afraid of an intruder, favoured by the Regent, in their administration; so that Law was a long time tossed about, but was always backed by the Duc d'Orleans.

  9. Pence jerked his shoulder away and backed farther into the gloom of the cave.

  10. He couldn't even have backed off gracefully, keeping Digger covered, and got away alive.

  11. Then came Chupurosa, tall, dignified as the distant mountain peaks, and they backed off instantly.

  12. Abruptly Chupurosa came to a full stop, backed from the fire, and squatted on the ground inside the circle.

  13. And backed himself down the avenue with his cap in his hand, as if he were going to back himself straight into the evening star, without the ceremony of dying first.

  14. The guinea pig backed against the side of the cage--said 'I know it, I know it!

  15. This house is on a great hill-side, backed up by woods of young trees.

  16. I went into the day-coach, because I wanted to be alone--sat rigidly in the thin-backed seat.

  17. The French soldiers were vastly amused by the humour of these proceedings, and the liberated people fully appreciated the menaces with which Bonaparte's proclamation closed, backed up as these were by irresistible force.

  18. On October 20th the French Emperor, with a brilliant staff, backed by the solid wall of his Guard and flanked by eight columns of his troops, received the homage of the vanquished.

  19. From across the river came an almost continuous whistling of locomotives, backed by the rumble of stone.

  20. It was heaved up in lengths, loaded into trucks, and backed up the bank beyond flood-level by the groaning locomotives.

  21. A woman was seated near the little window, in a stiff-backed chair, dividing her attention between a half-finished stocking and a number of some weekly newspaper of the cheapest class, full of wonderful cuts and more wonderful stories.

  22. He flipped over and turned his attention to Loring who was more dangerous, since he was now backed up against a bulkhead waiting for Tom to present a steady target.

  23. He motioned to Loring who stood backed up against the bulkhead, his hands high over his head.

  24. Connel backed away from the two cadets and tiptoed off the bridge.

  25. A little while ago their ship backed out into the lake and sank.

  26. So Lockley backed the car into the street as silently as was possible.

  27. An invasion of that island by adventurers from the United States had been attempted, and had been suppressed by an energetic proclamation, backed by a determination to carry it into effect upon the guilty.

  28. Had the South, or even my own State backed me, I would have forced the issue on the North in 1835, when the spirit of abolitionism first developed itself to any considerable extent.

  29. How different this holiday scene from the firm and virile language of Mr. Jefferson: "No treaty to be signed without a provision against impressment;" and this language backed by the fact of the instant rejection of a treaty so signed!

  30. Mr. Sergeant had sprung the bill, and rushed it through, backed by the old bank majority, with a velocity which distanced shame in the disregard of all parliamentary propriety and all fair legislation.

  31. Economic prospects for 1991 have brightened, particularly if the Syrian-backed government is able to maintain law and order and reestablish business confidence.

  32. I certainly think that a Cabinet ought to have been called, but the Cabinet would have backed the refusal, though they afterwards regretted it.

  33. In this they were backed by the Fourth Party, who spoke of it as "the combined filibustering.

  34. I have always been a reciprocitarian to this extent, and was always backed in using such arguments by Chamberlain, who held the same view in a still stronger form.

  35. Opinion in France undoubtedly backed him in his opposition to "Clericalism," but I myself continue to think that it was unwise to harry the Church, although the position of the Government was in accordance with the law.

  36. These instructions were backed with a deposit of money, and a request that no expense might be spared; so that Sir George Staunton had little reason to apprehend negligence on the part of the persons intrusted with the commission.

  37. They continued to move forward as if all the Huns in Northern France, backed by every sort of gun that could hurl shrapnel aloft, would not be sufficient to stay their progress.

  38. This scrub is for firing, and it is kept up there in the Egyptian's only storehouse; it is backed up by cakes of dried buffalo dung used for the same purpose.

  39. It is backed up by the dark foliage of many mango trees.

  40. It is more difficult to get there than we expected, for though it looks so calm there is a big swell, and we are rising and falling considerably on the smooth-backed hillocks of water.

  41. The walls run all round for six miles, and are backed up by a twenty-five feet ditch, so that it is a tough city for any army to take.

  42. Chris raised startled worried eyes to the dark penetrating ones watching him so quietly from the high-backed chair.

  43. He waited till he saw a heavy stake upon the table, and then backed the other side.

  44. Our notes at thirty days backed by the contracts which you will take over if we fall down.

  45. Two days later the Cunarder backed out from her dock and our voyage began.

  46. The Red-backed Shrike lays five or six eggs of a pink-white or cream colour, with brown spots predominating at the larger end.

  47. By the use of military power, backed up by an Act of Parliament, his generals forced the people to leave their houses and emigrate to the province of Connaught on the west coast.

  48. Backed by such forces it was easy for the Earl and other powerful lords to overawe kings, parliaments, and courts.

  49. The efficiency of industry requires the strictest discipline in the army of labor, but the claim of the workman to just and considerate treatment is backed by the whole power of the nation.

  50. In the United States there was not, after the beginning of the last quarter of the century, any opportunity whatever for individual enterprise in any important field of industry, unless backed by a great capital.

  51. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "backed" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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