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Example sentences for "backers"

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  1. Our backers have purchased an extinct spaceship factory not far from Commonwealth Seven.

  2. It embraced interviews with the backers of the new league, who confirmed it without hesitation.

  3. But, leave that out of the question for a minute--don't you suppose the backers of this new league are just as eager to make money out of us as anybody else?

  4. He chose to pass along our street, though now he wishes he hadn't; for they arrived just when Ted and his backers jumped out of the bushes.

  5. Ted Slavin and his backers had not been idle while the new patrol was being organized in the home of Nuthin'.

  6. And what's bad for the backers is good for the layers; I must see Faust.

  7. Again there was more hurrying of feet as the Chestnut's backers who had waited in the stand for the Judge's decision, hurried down to the gold mart.

  8. I should be on the block down at Sheepshead, but, to tell you the truth, the hot pace the backers set me at Brooklyn knocked me out a bit.

  9. Without it Douglas could get nothing and in a hopeless sort of way his backers granted Ludlow's request.

  10. The same men appeared in the Committee of Safety, at the birth of the state government, as witnesses of the helplessness of the Confederation, and as backers or backbiters of the Federal Constitution.

  11. His activity gave him strength, and his loyalty to the Martling Men, now known as Tammany, supplied him with backers enough to keep him continuously in office for thirty years.

  12. The Tribune estimated Evarts' backers at not less than one thousand.

  13. Caughnawaga braced itself for a supreme effort, under the reproaches of its backers and the taunts of the very squaws.

  14. Hobday, loud enough for the group of his backers to hear.

  15. After Mr. Hobday, in an only partially recovered state, had been removed, and the hubbub of comment among his backers in the orchestra seats had subsided, there came a lull.

  16. Smith had important male backers of his literary works now, if not of explorations.

  17. Neither in Plymouth nor in London did he succeed in getting backers to send him to New England although the Pilgrims studied his maps and books.

  18. It is the bookmaker who regulates the odds, and this he does, sometimes by anticipating, sometimes by noting, the desire of backers to support certain animals.

  19. Nearer we came, less ardour amongst the backers of Tal.

  20. There were, however, no quotations "for a place," backers and bookies alike being agreed that she would be first or nowhere in the race.

  21. In that contest, as the reader probably knows, Allen was an easy winner, knocking McCool completely out of time before his backers knew what ailed him.

  22. He rolled about on the stage like a kangaroo suffering from the colic, while his backers shouted and swore, and the crowd yelled itself hoarse.

  23. The backers of each were confident that their respective men would win, and were ready to back this confidence to their last dollar.

  24. After the first postponement of the match, Ben was anxious to go to Detroit, but Allen and his backers would not agree to this.

  25. To the direct leverage of Cristofori's first action, Backers combined the check of the second, and then added an important invention of his own, a regulating screw and button for the escapement.

  26. The results have been so important that the grand pianofortes of the Augsburg Stein and the London Backers may be regarded, practically, as reinventions of the instrument.

  27. In 1777 he patented an alternate pianoforte and harpsichord, the drawing of which patent shows the Backers action.

  28. He has apologized; but he still maintains that he can beat our mutual friend without the gloves; and his backers apparently think so too, for it is understood that they are to fight in the autumn for a thousand a side.

  29. A more unsatisfactory issue could hardly have been conceived, and the rival backers forthwith endeavoured to arrange another encounter.

  30. However, Eads had his contract and his backers and his ideas and his faith in them; and he set to work on the little pass.

  31. Of course, all the backers of the canal scheme opposed him bitterly.

  32. But of course in these fights we were obliged to strike a large number of influential politicians, some of them in Congress, some of them the supporters and backers of men who were in Congress.

  33. Another is to prosecute the keepers and backers of brothels, men and women, as relentlessly and punish them as severely as pickpockets and common thieves.

  34. His backers in court included a Congressman and a State Senator, and so deep-rooted was the police belief in "pull" that his own superiors had turned against Bourke and were preparing to sacrifice him.

  35. Now the backers of the lesser couple scrambled vocally to take advantage of the betting opportunities forever lost--the odds were even, then depressed on the other side.

  36. Ford trembled for the good faith of his backers on the board.

  37. By winking at lawlessness of all kinds, their own particular brands of lawlessness, by which they and their backers make money, go unquestioned.

  38. A few of them, as Billy Madden and Frank Stevenson, later branched out as backers of pugilists, policy shops and gambling houses.

  39. The "humanity" of our seconds and backers prevented us from going any further.

  40. Unlike his backers in the awkward semicircle, he wore a professional long coat; and the hands that marked his smoothly flowing sentences were slim and shapely.

  41. I was just wondering what you would say if you knew what he is into now; if you could guess, for instance, that his backers have put up a cool hundred thousand to be used as he sees fit?

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