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Example sentences for "backer"

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  1. It is not generally known that Edison, in addition to being a newsboy and a contributor to the technical press, has also been a backer and an "angel" for various publications.

  2. Not all of us can bring to mind immediately the names Quetif and De Backer that are needed to find the references.

  3. That makes finding a backer a bit tougher than I thought.

  4. John Reynolds, backer of the Bunch, had promised to come down, later.

  5. De Backer in his Bibliotheque des Ecrivains de la Compagnie de Jesus gives the list of republications, either in whole or in part.

  6. Dryfoos is Fulkerson's financial backer in 'Every Other Week'.

  7. That's what the Public are up against in this game," sneered the backer of Lucretia.

  8. That's a hoodoo number, if you like; it's enough to give a backer cold feet.

  9. The backer was a reliable man and asked for a fair run for his money.

  10. I'll take two to one The Dutchman gets it," said a backer of that horse.

  11. Dave was relieved at the way his backer took the incident.

  12. All the same, their backer had a right to suppose they would have thought of his business interests first.

  13. The costumes and scenery had been confiscated; and the manager and his backer had sailed for America, leaving the members of the company to get back the best way they could.

  14. When we speak of her, the manager smiles and says nothing; and as none of us has seen the backer, Mr. Worth thinks that she herself is the prima donna and backer in one.

  15. I smiled as I thought there was probably a sorry day in store for some backer when the jockey "took hold" unexpectedly.

  16. At last a backer of the horse agreed to pay 2 pounds 10s.

  17. I been living in dese backer barns fifteen years.

  18. Yes mam, she had a backer factory whar backer wus stemmed, rolled an' packed in cases fer sellin'.

  19. De las' two or three years I had worked in de fiel' but at Mis' Long's I worked in de backer factory.

  20. Following de Backer I have divided the text into chapters, in accordance with the MSS.

  21. He could lay his hands upon a couple of thousand pounds, and before the week was out he knew that the Blenheim colt would be at any price in the market that a backer needed.

  22. There would be nothing suspicious in a backer pulling the Sportsman out of his pocket and consulting it at any moment.

  23. If he had been asked, he would probably have said that he was a professional backer of horses, a description which covers a wide field and embraces many methods of getting a living--more or less honestly.

  24. This is Casper Silence, the backer of the Rovers," explained Bearover.

  25. The backer of the Rovers was telling, with a great deal of disdain, how he had nearly induced Barney Mulloy to make a wager, but had been baffled by Merriwell's interference.

  26. I'll have to take that bet," said the backer of the Rovers.

  27. The speaker was Casper Silence, backer of the Rovers baseball team.

  28. Ef I hed one leetle moufful o' backer hit mout tak de ambishun outen de tale, und den I mout tell hit mo strater.

  29. For bibliography see de Backer and Sommervogel, Bibl.

  30. For full bibliography see De Backer and C.

  31. But Sir Launcelot would not suffer that, but bare him backer and backer till he came nigh his tower gate.

  32. Then probably he began to borrow from Phelps, who's Manton's backer now, until the banker shut down on him also.

  33. This is his house, you know, and he is the financial backer of Manton Pictures, yet there seems to be an undercurrent of friction between Manton and himself.

  34. I learned afterwards that while both were supposed to be fair and unprejudiced men, Hacking had practically named the starter, and Simmons' backer the referee.

  35. So confident was Simmons' principal backer that he proposed another match, though this was not yet pulled off, agreeing to concede three yards when we ran again.

  36. The play-bill said clearly that he had challenged the world, and Tom suggested that Johnson was probably too good for them to take him on, or perhaps he had not a diligent backer who could wield a vigorous pen.

  37. He said they had reason to believe I was the financial backer for the mine, and that they now wished to deal with me, inasmuch as you might be carried away by youthful enthusiasm to squandering my hard-earned cash.

  38. He saw before him another prospective backer to take the place of the one who had just deserted him.

  39. Even the vagrant who had taken his tankard of porter to the bench where he could drink and eat what fragments of food he had collected, came forward, interested to know what kind of backer got most out of the bookmaker.

  40. Now they are going to marry Antoinette to a very respectable wealthy young Vicomte that will be another backer for Elsie.

  41. I have found a man who believes my story, and he is a backer not to be despised.

  42. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "backer" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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