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  1. An English politician and man of letters, a brilliant contributor to the Edinburgh Review, and after making a great success at the Bar, entered Parliament in 1810.

  2. He was a laborious contributor to the Encyclopedie and to the Dictionnaire de l'Academie, the archives of which he saved at the Revolution.

  3. To each of these wars Ireland was the second largest contributor both as to men and money; and by both she was the severest sufferer, in her manufactures, her provision trade, and her general prosperity.

  4. But I hope," said Savarin, "that the Signorina may become a contributor too important for an editor to offend by insulting her favourites, Tasso included.

  5. It is not too much to assume that even the contributor to a New York journal, who lately described him as "Dr.

  6. To the Literary Journal he was a constant contributor both of prose and verse, and he took a warm interest in its success.

  7. On the death of Mr. John Howard Clark, which took place at this time, Mr. John Harvey Finlayson was left to edit The Register, and I became a regular outside contributor to The Register and The Observer.

  8. I had Fred immediately apprenticed to an iron-founder in the neighborhood; and thenceforward, by his weekly allowance for board, he became a contributor to the common support.

  9. Warrington and Pendennis) "may find that there is a humble contributor to the Pall Mall Gazette, whose name, may be, the amateur shall one day reckon even higher than their own.

  10. The young man talking to her daughter is a young barrister, already becoming celebrated as a contributor to some of our principal reviews.

  11. Sir Francis Drake was the largest contributor next to Bacon.

  12. For the third contributor to the recent bibliography of Americana, we must still turn to an adopted citizen, Joseph Sabin, an Englishman by birth.

  13. America was represented among its founders in the younger John Winthrop, and Cotton Mather was a contributor to its transactions, and there has occasionally been a paper in its publications of interest to American arch├Žologists.

  14. He was a contributor of stories and verse to well-known magazines, but his volume of poems was brought out posthumously in 1916.

  15. She was for several years a constant contributor of poetry to the magazines, though she has written less of late.

  16. The "talented" contributor is adjured to condense.

  17. Such, however, was the fate of a young contributor in the hands of an unbusinesslike editor.

  18. At a time, for example, when he was deep in the writing of one of his own greatest novels, he voluntarily undertook the work of a dying friend as a contributor to the Press, in order to ensure the payment of his salary to the end of his life.

  19. Mrs. Riddell was the editor and proprietor of the St. James's Magazine, and I became a regular contributor to its pages.

  20. In addition to the duties which had been discharged by Mr. Russell, it was arranged that I was to act as London correspondent of the Mercury and to continue to be an occasional contributor of leaders.

  21. Not one writer in a thousand has stopped at a first book, and not one newspaper contributor in a million has stopped at a first letter to the editor.

  22. Indeed, our most distinguished American writer was never a contributor to any other of our Monthlys than this.

  23. A valued friend writing from Maryland, observes: 'The collection of facts by your contributor is very industrious, their array quite skilful, and the argument very strong.

  24. He was a frequent contributor to the press, where his writings were very popular.

  25. He came to London when he was nineteen, and began to draw for the illustrated papers, being for some years a regular contributor to the Illustrated London News.

  26. He was an adept in science, an ingenious mechanic, and a contributor to literature.

  27. She was to the publisher what a staff contributor is to a newspaper.

  28. Chatterton had become a contributor to a periodical of the day called The Town and Country Magazine, and to it from time to time he sent these poems.

  29. Alfric, Archbishop of Canterbury, is the name of another important contributor to Saxon literature.

  30. From this time until his death he was an editor of Roman Catholic publications and a contributor of poems to The Century, Cosmopolitan, and other high-class magazines.

  31. She became a contributor to magazines, her critical paper on Mr. James Lane Allen and his novels, which appeared in The Bookman for June, 1895, being her first work to attract serious attention.

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