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Example sentences for "contrition"

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  1. Therefore there are sentences extant in the Fathers, not only concerning contrition and works, but also concerning faith.

  2. Thus contrition and faith go side by side.

  3. You see also here that the two parts are joined, contrition when sins are reproved and faith, when it is said: Believe the Gospel.

  4. Here, therefore, are two parts: contrition and faith.

  5. They doubt whether it is in attrition or in contrition that remission of sins occurs.

  6. By these tears the contrition is recognized.

  7. By one of these, contrition is signified, by the other, faith is signified.

  8. For the actual fact shows that those passages which require contrition or good works, and make no mention of justifying faith, are dangerous [as experience proves].

  9. It has been said before that saints suffer punishments, which are works of God; they suffer contrition or terrors, they also suffer other common afflictions.

  10. Here, therefore, there are these two chief parts, contrition and faith.

  11. For this suffices us, that contrition and faith are named as the chief parts.

  12. This faith shows the distinction between the contrition of Judas and Peter, of Saul and of David.

  13. Here, in the first member, contrition is contained, and in the second the mode is clearly described how in contrition we are revived, namely, by the Word of God which offers grace.

  14. Such confession of sin which is made to God is contrition itself.

  15. Good men can easily judge that it is of the greatest importance that the true doctrine concerning the abovementioned parts, namely, contrition and faith, be preserved.

  16. For when Contrition views the past, Because the passing day's o'ercast Yet does no more its place retain When smiling hours return again, 'Tis but an hypocritic art To mock the world and cheat the heart.

  17. Better, perhaps, his fond regard Had not thy sad condition spar'd, If what of future life may last, Wakes no contrition for the past.

  18. That stream of corruption runs continually—let the stream of your contrition and confession run as incessantly, and there is another stream of Christ’s blood, that runs constantly too, to cleanse you.

  19. And even here contrition followed fast upon the heels of anger, and heavy scrawlings did their best to obliterate the bitter little phrase.

  20. There were but few who gained the indulgence in all that multitude,' replied the Saint; 'for among them all were few who came with the contrition required.

  21. Contrition never yet undid a crime; and civil courts can take no cognizance of repentance.

  22. He went to his room, knelt down at his bedside, under the crucifix hanging from the wall, and making an act of contrition for his faults of the day, asked God to give him the grace to do right always.

  23. Pa, ma, make the Act of Contrition with me.

  24. He began by receiving from him a general acknowledgment of his sins and contrition for them, intending, if time permitted, to hear his confession in detail.

  25. I protest I am filled with remorse and contrition while I reflect how often, in thought, I may have wronged and misjudged the innocent.

  26. Of all the digressions we have indulged in, this is perhaps the most unwarrantable; and, though it has relieved me unspeakably, I hereby tender a certain amount of contrition for the same.

  27. And she shook her head severely at the culprit, who showed no sign of contrition for her misdeeds.

  28. Clara's face betokening an extremer contrition than he thought was demanded, the colonel rallied the Alpine climber for striving to be the tallest of them--Signor Excelsior!

  29. In contrition she expatiated on the beauty of the garden.

  30. An ampler contrition would have been more seemly in the first offender, but there is a measure of justice in his complaint.

  31. Forgive me," he cried, sinking to his knee before the Princess, shame and contrition in his face.

  32. After which the Count entered a plea for Her Royal Highness, who had expressed contrition and wished to be absolved.

  33. A sudden contrition smote Jim; he turned anxiously to his bunk, throwing the clothes left and right.

  34. He had formulated no definite reason for doing this, and experienced some contrition in performing the act, and a sense of relief when it was done.

  35. The knowledge of his proximity to Lucy Woodrow awakened mixed feelings, and contrition was prominent.

  36. Before this spectacle, very real, very bitter contrition and self-accusation overwhelmed him.

  37. Once he offered to pay the hands at the accustomed hour of noon on Saturday; whereupon Honor blushed, and, becoming aware that he had hurt her, Myles expressed contrition with the utmost humility and heaped blame upon his blunder.

  38. Again, it is said that contrition is not necessary in those who purchase souls [out of purgatory] or buy confessionalia.

  39. Complete contrition included love to God as its motive, and the truly contrite man was not always easy to find; but some of the scholastic Doctors had discovered a substitute for contrition in what they called "attrition.

  40. No one is sure that his own contrition is sincere; much less that he has attained full remission.

  41. True contrition seeks and loves penalties, but liberal pardons only relax penalties and cause them to be hated, or at least, furnish an occasion [for hating them].

  42. They preach no Christian doctrine who teach that contrition is not necessary in those who intend to buy souls out of purgatory or to buy confessionalia.

  43. The demand for contrition was somewhat more difficult to meet.

  44. O Jesus, do Thou wound my heart with a great contrition for my sins, and a lively love for Thee.

  45. Weep thou also; for there is nothing more pleasing to Our Lord, and nothing more profitable for thyself, than tears shed from contrition for thy sins.

  46. Had this religious solicitude been wanting, the injured would also have failed to receive the last absolution, the remedy for the greatest sinners, since contrition is so uncertain, and in such dangers so difficult.

  47. With head bowed, in deep contrition he told her of his madness that first night upon the Saucy Sally, when he had wildly railed at fate, at all things, and promised to wreak upon her he knew not what dire vengeance.

  48. The gesture and the air of contrition were rather racial than personal characteristics.

  49. Go on, therefore, O Christian, and learn the lesson of daily repentance, sorrow, and contrition of heart.

  50. But if thou hast in thy heart that contrition which is here described, and true faith in Christ, thy sins shall freely be forgiven thee.

  51. If thy sorrow, therefore, proceed merely from a sense of thy own loss, and not of thy sins and offences against God, thy contrition is not true, thy sorrow is not acceptable before God.

  52. She ought to be heartily ashamed and afflicted if she has not preferred God before all creatures, proposed his glory in all things, and loved him above all things; this is the true contrition which is acceptable to God.

  53. And hence it is no wonder that we are both without this wholesome contrition and sorrow, and ignorant of all celestial joys and comforts.

  54. He looked up to Katherine at last as she stood there leaning against a pillar of the balustrade, and he read no humiliation or shame or contrition in her great eyes, but only a deep sorrow and tenderness and love.

  55. To discuss love on a March morning with this most attractive and forbidden young woman was not wisdom, so he changed the subject by expressing his contrition at having come to the schoolroom.

  56. When the attack subsided, he returned to his business, was affectionate to his wife and family, most humbly begged her pardon for having ill-treated her, and expressed the greatest contrition for his conduct.

  57. He manifested during this interval the utmost contrition for his offence, declaring he knew not what he had done until he found the blood streaming from his wound.

  58. A patient has been known to weep, and affect the deepest contrition for attempting suicide, when it has been proved that all the time he was meditating on the means of accomplishing his design.

  59. Not until it was gone did the girl realise to the full what she had done, realise the mortal stab she had inflicted; then of a sudden came realisation in a gust and contrition unspeakable.

  60. Whether or no he felt contrition for the past, this man, he could not have told, he never paused to consider.

  61. She was always filled with the deepest contrition afterward; was always a thousand times kinder and gentler to him than she had been before, so that the misery he had suffered was more than atoned for.

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