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Example sentences for "confession"

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confessed; confessedly; confesses; confesseth; confessing; confessional; confessionals; confessione; confessionem; confessiones
  1. I thought this might tempt him to admit that she was to be scuttled, which confession need not necessarily have involved the information that I and the others were to be left on board.

  2. She had no desire to make a confession to Alice, and Aunt Patricia was not to be considered.

  3. When her confession was finally made, would they even then understand and forgive her?

  4. But I shall regret it if I am able to make my confession before her return.

  5. At the present time there was nothing she desired so little as being forced into making her confession to Miss Patricia Lord, a severe spinster with no consideration for human folly.

  6. But even in the face of his confession she was not considering the soldier's nationality.

  7. Yet after all perhaps it might be a relief to have her confession over!

  8. Archie slipped the confession into his pocket before the policeman returned, and then left the cottage with Random and the doctor, since nothing else could now be done.

  9. Sir Frank, puzzled, for her confession was somewhat incoherent.

  10. Here he met Hope with the confession in his hand.

  11. In spite of his pretended grief for the loss of the emeralds, I should not be surprised to learn from that," he nodded towards the confession on the table, "that he was in possession of the missing gem.

  12. I have yet much to say, although the confession will tell you all.

  13. As yet the confession of Mrs. Jasher had not been placed in the hands of the police and everyone was ignorant that Cockatoo was the criminal who had escaped in the fog.

  14. The confession ends abruptly--at the time Cockatoo tapped at the window, I expect.

  15. The confession is lying on my desk--all the sheets of paper are loose.

  16. No doubt it was the confession which the man she refers to tried to secure when he came back the second time.

  17. Archie, thus encouraged, did so, and it was a very mild confession that she heard, involving a great deal of unnecessary sacrifice in helping a pauper uncle.

  18. Not that anyone did say anything; for Random and Hope kept the contents of the confession to themselves.

  19. He read the confession and made notes; then he sent for Sir Frank Random, and examined him in the same strict way as he had examined the artist.

  20. Then she again grew afraid and wrote out this confession to exonerate herself.

  21. They must have known that the confession would bring the officers of the law to this house.

  22. According to that jurisprudence, no person is to be punished on mere circumstantial evidence, or on the words of witnesses, unless the prisoner himself makes confession of his guilt.

  23. The act of confession is technically called the "completion of self-acknowledgment.

  24. I went to confession to him, for I was always fond of learned men, although confessors indifferently learned did my soul much harm; for I did not always find confessors whose learning was as good as I could wish it was.

  25. So it was, as I learnt afterwards; for that person had made his confession with great contrition, and returned to God so sincerely, that I trust in His Majesty he will always advance further and further.

  26. It came to pass that he made a full confession at the first opportunity; for our Lord God was pleased, on account of the prayers of those most holy persons to whom I had recommended him, to have pity on this soul.

  27. The holy man who heard my confession told me that certain penances would not hurt me, and that God perhaps sent me so much sickness because I did no penance; His Majesty would therefore impose it Himself.

  28. He had heard his confession for some years, and spoke with praise of the purity of his conscience.

  29. I began, then, by going to confession to that priest of whom I spoke before.

  30. I took care to go to confession as soon as I could; and, as I think, did all that was possible on my part to return to a state of grace.

  31. This grace, among others, did His Majesty bestow on me, that ever since my first Communion never in confession have I failed to confess anything I thought to be a sin, though it might be only a venial sin.

  32. As she rose from her confession she said to Father Pasquerel: "In five days the city shall be delivered; but I shall be wounded on Saturday, here.

  33. She called pleadingly upon her own St. Michael for help and to aid her "in devotion, lamentation, and true confession of faith.

  34. If it be that God do His pleasure on me, I ask of you that I may have my confession and my Saviour also, and that I may be put in holy ground.

  35. If she showed signs of sincere penitence, she was to be allowed to receive the sacrament of confession so long denied to her.

  36. Her condition was so critical that the doctors did not oppose her wish to make her confession and receive the sacraments.

  37. In Bunsen's philosophy, these, even more than all outward confession and ceremonial, are the true expression of the workings of the Divine Spirit in Human History.

  38. Yes, my Lord; I have seen their confession of faith, which is a book of cookery.

  39. If I tell you I am before everything a man of my time, I suppose this seems only a cynical confession of all the weaknesses and crimes you have already attributed to me?

  40. Presently I will confess to him how my mind was tossed and troubled on that flight from Capri; I now feel able to do so, and to make of the confession one more delight.

  41. That seems to you a paltry confession of weakness.

  42. Certainly she had no intention of disguising the fact, but this explicit confession had seemed to make her Cecily's inferior; she was like a school-girl claiming recognition of progress.

  43. Yet confession of error was impossible in her present mood.

  44. The inquest on the body of Pedro Valdez and the confession of his confidant had revealed the facts of the fraudulent title and forged testamentary documents.

  45. The group smiled at this evident youthful confession of some boyish admiration.

  46. It was impossible for him to do it hereafter without a confession of prolonged deceit.

  47. The young ensign made a piteous confession of the first debt he had been able to contract, for twenty pounds, with a promise that if his brother would help him out of this one scrape, he would never run into another.

  48. She told him to say his prayers, guiding the confession and thanksgiving that she feared he did not fully follow.

  49. And he has told the exact truth,' said Mr. Kendal, 'his gallant confession has earned the little cannon I promised him.

  50. The giving way to her worse nature had awakened his, and though he still allowed that she should prepare the way for his confession to his father, all real sense of his outrageous conduct towards his aunt was gone.

  51. And you will begin by making a free confession to your father, and giving up the book.

  52. Gilbert still stood with his hand clasped in Albinia's, and she held it while her weak voice made the full confession for him, and assured his father of his shame and sorrow.

  53. In confusion and dismay, accompanied by few attendants, and in a somewhat stealthy manner, John of Burgundy fled from Paris, after making his strange and daring confession of the murder of his near kinsman, and the brother of his king.

  54. Porter's, the funeral, and her confession to the bereaved mother.

  55. But popularly the confession represented the whole fact.

  56. After confession he always took his discipline from his confessor, whom he furnished with a scourge of five little braided iron chains, attached to an ivory handle.

  57. Clergy, see that heading Confession doctrine of, i.

  58. A strange confession this--or, indeed, is it strange?

  59. His confession was no matter of mock humility, nor did he deem laughter vulgar or in bad taste.

  60. It was well understood why this confession was wrung from the poor priest.

  61. Charles had ordered, as a sign of his favour, the restoration of the Lords of Session of Edinburgh, but on condition of their signing the confession of faith.

  62. The persons sent to receive the queen's confession were Suffolk, Cranmer, Southampton, Audley, and Thirlby.

  63. All this was soon wonderfully corroborated by the confession of Thomas Throgmorton, in whose trunks were found two catalogues, one of the chief ports, and the other of the principal Romanists in the kingdom.

  64. The Duke of Suffolk's confession was again corroborative of these details, namely, that the object of the insurrection was to depose Mary and place Elizabeth on the throne.

  65. This tribunal appears to have intimidated both the maid and her abettors into a confession of the imposture, and they were condemned to stand during the sermon on Sunday at St. Paul's Cross, and there acknowledge the fraud.

  66. They hoped, therefore, to escape hearing his confession till Lady Adelina should be removed--and to remove her became indispensibly necessary, as Emmeline was convinced she was watched in her visits to the cottage.

  67. We are getting your confession bit by bit, Mr. Macpherson.

  68. After this confession of Thomas he feels that no more can be said.

  69. He would have been slow to extort from any a confession of His divinity until they had reached the belief of it by the working of their own minds.

  70. If Peter's generous ardour carried him to a confession unwarranted by the facts, if John saw in Jesus the reflection of his own contemplative and loving nature, what are we to say of the faith of Thomas?

  71. First, it is helpful to our own faith to hear so decisive and so full a confession coming from the lips of such a man.

  72. It was not the mere seeing of Christ risen which prompted the full confession of Thomas.

  73. We have, in the first place, to consider how precious the confession of our faith is in the sight of God.

  74. If they are not instructed thereby, they will at all events remain confounded; and hence confession is an odor of a sweet smell before God, even tho it be deadly to the reprobate.

  75. We can not save our life at the expense of our confession with out acknowledging that we hold it in higher estimation than the honor of God and the salvation of our souls.

  76. But I rejoin, First, That this does not abolish the rule which He has given us to make confession of our faith when so required.

  77. In saying this I do not lay all under the necessity of making a full and entire confession of everything which they believe, even should they be required to do so.

  78. What should prevent us from making the confession which He requires?

  79. But I decline to receive your confession on such terms, James Thickens," cried Bayle sternly.

  80. The confession of the King was said after he rose, and before he went to the Queen's toilette.

  81. The cabinet in which she confessed to him was contiguous to the room occupied by the King, and when the latter thought the confession too long, he opened the door and called her.

  82. When the Queen went to confession this also was the time she selected.

  83. Individuals, villages, towns, whole cities, joined in this new confession of the name of Jesus Christ.

  84. He then recommenced the long confession he had made at Montserrat.

  85. While they were binding him to throw him into the flames, he began the confession of his faith.

  86. Five communicants alone had presented themselves in the confessional: the rest simply took part in the public confession of sins.

  87. Finding no consolation in confession or in the various ordinances of the Church,[258] he began, like Luther, to doubt their efficacy.

  88. But this confession only increased his anguish, for it reminded him of all his errors.

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