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conteyning; contiene; contient; contigit; contiguity; continence; continency; continens; continent; continental
  1. In these, sovereign rights over a large contiguous territory, originally delegated to an administrative officer, had been transformed into a practically independent power.

  2. And even where nature has not been so lavish of her inland seas, yet is water, of some shape, always to be seen contiguous to our towers.

  3. Another contiguous to it was called Cape Hood; and a mountain between them, we named Mount Clarence.

  4. WITH a pleasant breeze, on the evening of the 8th of May, passed Emea or York Island, contiguous to, and in sight of Otaheite.

  5. A is a strip of leather screwed more or less near to the edges of two contiguous sides of the vessel, so as to cover the joint or hinge, and make it water tight whether the pressure come from within or without.

  6. The inhabitants of the tracts contiguous to the British army took up arms against it almost universally.

  7. St. Germanus gave all his landed estates to the Church, consisting of several agreeable and spacious manors, lying all contiguous to one another.

  8. She therefore contented herself at first with wearing the habit of the third Order, living in a house which she built contiguous to her great nunnery, in which she assembled ninety devout nuns.

  9. The distemper continued so long upon him that the priest of this desert of Sceté caused him to be carried to his apartment contiguous to the church, and laid him on a little bed made of the skins of beasts, with a pillow under his head.

  10. That a place should be assigned to them to inhabit beyond the Tiber, but not contiguous to it.

  11. Here, therefore, we might have expected to find lakes of the first magnitude rivalling the contiguous Lago Maggiore in importance.

  12. The Swiss Lower Miocene may best be studied on the northern borders of the Lake of Geneva, between Lausanne and Vevay, where the contiguous villages of Monod and Rivaz are situated.

  13. There may have been an ascending movement in one region, and a descending one in a contiguous parallel zone of country.

  14. These fissures are usually filled with fine earth and sand, or with angular fragments of stone, evidently derived from the fracture of the contiguous rocks.

  15. For eruptions are repeated at uncertain intervals throughout the whole or a large part of a geological period, some of the surrounding and contiguous districts remaining quite undisturbed.

  16. The forcing also of veins into contiguous stratified or schistose rocks is a natural consequence of the hydrostatic pressure to which columns of molten matter many miles in height must give rise.

  17. In the same island also the older rocks which are contiguous to these marine tertiary strata must have undergone, within the same period, a similar amount of upheaval.

  18. This fibre is chiefly produced along the fertile bottom lands or contiguous uplands of the rivers.

  19. In the low marshy lands lying contiguous to or upon the coast, malarious fevers prevail in spring and summer.

  20. Somewhere about half-way between Dizak and Bahu Kalat is the important town of Sarbaz, and from a description of contiguous ruins which has been given by Mr. E.

  21. Such a description would apply excellently well to any two contiguous villages in the Chol country anywhere between the Kushk and the Kashan.

  22. It is far more likely that the Kaspioi of Herodotus are to be recognized as the people of the ancient Kaspira or Kasmira, and the Daritae as the Daraddesa (Dards) of the contiguous mountains.

  23. The valley of the Seine is not only geographically contiguous to the valley of the Somme, but its ancient alluvium contains the same mammoth and other fossil species.

  24. They are all littoral species now proper to the contiguous coast of France.

  25. Mr. Prestwich first observed it fossil at Menchecourt, and it has since been found in two or three contiguous sand-pits, always in the fluvio-marine bed.

  26. Execrating the peasant who had thus annoyed him, he turned his courser's head, and we proceeded at a slow pace to the now contiguous spot which I had described to Colonna as best suited to his purpose.

  27. I soon arrived at the appointed postern, and waited, all eye and ear, in a contiguous angle of the wall.

  28. Asia is contiguous to Europe, approaching close to it at the Tanaïs or Don.

  29. There remains to be described the country within the Halys, belonging to the province of Pontus, and situated about the Olgassys,[1196] and contiguous to the Sinopic district.

  30. Contiguous to these, among other tribes of the Pisidians, are the Selgeis, the most considerable tribe of the nation.

  31. At the foot of Olympus is Bithynia, and, contiguous to the mountain, between Ida and the sea, is Troy.

  32. Pythodoris is in possession of all this country; (for it is contiguous to that of the barbarians, which she holds as a conquered country;) she also holds the Zelitis and the Megalopolitis.

  33. The other is situated in a bay on a spot of a peninsular form contiguous to Attica.

  34. Helicon is contiguous to Phocis on its northern, and partly on its western side, as far as the last harbour of Phocis, which is called from its characteristic situation, Mychus, or the Recess.

  35. In the middle of Peloponnesus is Arcadia, lying contiguous to all the other nations.

  36. Contiguous on the east to the plain of Caÿster, which lies between the Mesogis and Tmolus, is the plain Cilbianum.

  37. This country was contiguous to Media, to the Albani, and to the Iberes, and extended as far as Colchis, and Cappadocia upon the Euxine.

  38. But as far as we are able to conjecture, we may place Mysia between Bithynia and the mouth of the Æsepus, contiguous to the sea, and nearly along the whole of Olympus.

  39. The principle of non-interference was thoroughly established, and the contiguous powers did not even take the trouble to watch each other's frontier.

  40. One summer evening my husband and I were occupying two communicating bedrooms in a London hotel, contiguous with one of the great railway stations.

  41. Seen from a distance, these Dunes also remind us at times of the appearances of the neve (or granulated snow) in the amphitheatres and on the ridges which lie contiguous to the loftiest Alpine summits.

  42. To the north of the most advanced point of that coast, and separated from the continent by a narrow arm of the sea, lie three almost contiguous islands, which form Nova Zembla (lat.

  43. We may now think of the illusion-bands as being so and so many different 'characteristic effects' given simultaneously in so and so many contiguous positions on the retina.

  44. If two contacts are given on contiguous fingers, they are quite as likely to be perceived as one when the fingers are fingers of opposite hands, as when they are contiguous fingers of the same hand.

  45. Each Outer Region nation has expressed vehement impatience to get on with its toll tax on the UIPS for each transport or other vessel that enters space contiguous to their planetary and satellite orbits.

  46. You can continue to accept invasive UIPS traffic through your territorial and contiguous zones.

  47. The UIPS continued, without prior consultation with INOR and Planet Pluto, to construct and operate Slingshot logistics sites and facilities on Pluto's surface, in contiguous space, and within and along the Planet Pluto orbit.

  48. Many issues were extremely complex: What are an inhabited planet's or satellite's jurisdictional limits within territorial and contiguous space?

  49. What we did in our legally contiguous space can be repeated elsewhere.

  50. Each INOR government, using self-defense as justification, established controlled corridors extending hundreds of thousands of kilometers into its contiguous space, often far beyond their legitimate jurisdictions.

  51. Such rights extend off-planet to national boundaries established in conformance with treaties in effect for delineating planetary and satellite jurisdictions in near and contiguous space.

  52. Mr. Hanna was hard at it in some contiguous field, but he came round and told me that he held twenty acres of land, that the rent was £24 10s.

  53. Thirty years ago two men took contiguous farms of exactly the same extent, at the same rent.

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