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Example sentences for "adjoining"

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adjective; adjectively; adjectives; adjoin; adjoined; adjoins; adjourn; adjourned; adjourning; adjournment
  1. From the adjoining room there came a slight noise, a faint breath of sound; or it might have been only an echo of silence.

  2. I knew some one was in the adjoining room because of a slight noise in there, and I knew she knew it.

  3. He opened the door and passed into the adjoining room.

  4. The puzzle was to place your pencil on the A at the top of the amulet and count in how many different ways you could trace out the word "Abracadabra" downwards, always passing from a letter to an adjoining one.

  5. The rule, in the case of my puzzle (where the moves resemble rook moves in chess, with the added condition that the rook may only move to an adjoining square), is simply this.

  6. Place your pencil on the A at the top and count in how many different ways you can trace out the word downwards, always passing from a letter to an adjoining one.

  7. Touch one of the primroses with your pencil and jump over one of the adjoining flowers to another, on which you mark the first letter of your word.

  8. This should always end in a draw, but to ensure it the first player must play to two adjoining corners (such as 1 and 3) on his first and second moves.

  9. The miserable queen saved herself by escaping into an adjoining apartment.

  10. In this, and in the adjoining chambers, are some very beautiful and valuable paintings.

  11. This inconvenience, however, is soon to be remedied; by observing the same manner of lighting, as in the adjoining apartment.

  12. The Duke expressed his desire to take refuge in an adjoining barn, rather than in the shanty, as the barn, he said, was farther from water.

  13. He soon came to the determination of keeping up a separate establishment, and another spacious mansion was erected adjoining Colonel Airey's, where he might, he thought, live as he pleased.

  14. The provisions of this Act were very similar to those of the Nova Scotia measure, and Mr. Rand's success in introducing the system into the adjoining Province had been such that it was deemed desirable to secure his services in New Brunswick.

  15. The "Markham gang," as they were called, are still well remembered by the older inhabitants of Toronto and the adjoining country.

  16. Hiding it under his coat, he circled the building and approached the side adjoining the cemetery.

  17. From an elderly lady who occupied the adjoining suite he gleaned information that the Kohls' telephone had rung steadily for fifteen minutes during the early evening hours.

  18. During her absence, Mr. Parker had towed Leaping Lena to a vacant lot adjoining the property.

  19. It is not necessarily opposed to the existence of desert conditions, if the mountains were sufficiently high, for the Wahsatch regions adjoining the Basin Region of N.

  20. The various isolated outcrops of Cambrian strata amongst the counties of the Welsh borders and adjoining Midland counties indicate a great thinning of the Cambrian rocks in this direction.

  21. For the glacial geology of special regions the following papers may be consulted: The Lake District and adjoining neighbourhood.

  22. In the shallow waters adjoining the land of the Northern Continent the Old Red Sandstones were laid down, and the exact conditions under which they were accumulated is a matter of some interest.

  23. As I came forth on the common Harold broke out of an adjoining copse and ran to meet me, the morning rain-clouds all blown away from his face.

  24. But this was the parson's son from an adjoining village, a red-headed boy and as common a little beast as ever stepped.

  25. It is the one at Kenmore, the home built by Fielding Lewis for his bride, Betty Washington, the sister of George Washington, on ground adjoining her mother's home.

  26. I know a large orchard in Narragansett from which grass has wholly vanished; it has been crowded out by the ugly little plant, which has even invaded the adjoining woods.

  27. As soon as I was informed of it, I went to them in an adjoining cove, demanded the clothes again, and, after some time spent in friendly application, recovered them.

  28. After sitting here some time, we were, at our own request, conducted into one of the adjoining plantations, where the chief had another house, into which we were introduced.

  29. But before the house was half built, a large outhouse adjoining to it had been raised to hold the stores which Mr Campbell had brought with him, with a rough granary made above the store-room.

  30. The distance by water was not more than three miles, although by land it was nearly five, and in half-an-hour they entered the cove adjoining to which the allotment lay.

  31. The young man, therefore, went to the adjoining room, where the girls probably still remained.

  32. With these words she unceremoniously seized her adopted sister's arm and drew her into the adjoining room.

  33. Then she rose hurriedly, threw on a dressing-gown and rushed into the adjoining room occupied by Danira.

  34. As the vat filled, it was emptied with a great ladle into a larger barrel that stood inside the archway of the adjoining house.

  35. It was in the adjoining Calle de Fernando, not many yards from where we stood.

  36. It was in great part a barren region, with the exception of the plain adjoining its capital city, Argos, and in early times was divided into a number of small but independent kingdoms, that afterward became republics.

  37. Adjoining this on the east was the Ode'um, a smaller covered theatre, built by Pericles, and so constructed as to imitate the form of Xerxes's tent.

  38. I also visited the adjoining villages, and in a few weeks I had a very good practice.

  39. So long a time had elapsed and I was so changed in my personal appearance that I had little fear of being recognized by any one in Pennsylvania or the adjoining part of New Jersey, who would molest me.

  40. The Warden said that some one must have told him about the adjoining vacant cell, with its always open door, else how would the young man have known it?

  41. The young man himself had made a hole under his bed into an adjoining vacant cell, the door of which stood open.

  42. Porter was able to extricate his eight ironclads and two wooden gunboats by building a dam with transports, as shown in the adjoining cut.

  43. A native servant is heard filling two tin baths in the adjoining roomlet.

  44. A mile away is the real Villette, a common-place Lorraine town of purely agricultural interests, turning its back, so to speak, on the adjoining health resort which has made its name famous.

  45. It was now on the inside of the fence, and in a safe place, for the stable adjoining the yard was disused.

  46. Adjoining this garden was a dark alley, which led to the street.

  47. At Nome the gold was first found in the beach sands and even in the sands of the sea adjoining the beach, old Neptune being forced to yield part of the treasures he had taken to himself.

  48. Suddenly the singing and accompaniment came to a sudden halt and the whole of the company trouped in from adjoining rooms.

  49. Picking up the necessary cutlery from an adjoining table, the customers had seated themselves at any special small marble-topped table of their fancy.

  50. Each girl can claim a separate cubicle, which is divided from the adjoining compartment by a wall and door.

  51. At this moment the door into the adjoining room opened, and there appeared in the doorway a girl as fair as a ray of the sun--so fair, indeed, that Chichikov stared at her in amazement.

  52. The adjoining proprietors proceeded to enclose the new land, and began by erecting permanent dykes to prevent the return of the waters.

  53. They afterwards added a large cellar under an adjoining factory to their premises; and from time to time provided new means of turning out work with increased efficiency and despatch.

  54. He says, "I have heard that there are or lately were in Sussex neere 140 hammers and furnaces for iron, and in it and Surrey adjoining three or four glasse-houses.

  55. A company was formed for the purpose of carrying out the project, and the shares were taken by the adjoining owners, Abraham Darby being the principal subscriber.

  56. At Wargrave-on-Thames he had a private theatre adjoining his house, and liked to make up companies with a mixture of amateurs and professionals.

  57. The representation was as much in their hands as the trees in the adjoining fields.

  58. The bedchamber and the two rooms adjoining it, the closet and the apartment which was to be called my lord’s parlour, were already lighted and awaiting their occupier; and the collation laid for my lord’s supper.

  59. This infantile outrage was followed by summary justice, and I was locked up by my indignant father in an adjoining room to undergo solitary imprisonment in the dark.

  60. The prince’s meals were commonly served in the chamber which had been Beatrix’s bedroom, adjoining that in which he slept.

  61. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "adjoining" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    adjacent; adjoining; bordering; connecting; conterminous; contiguous; coterminous; endways; immediate; joined; juxtaposed; local; near; neighbor; neighboring; next; surrounding; touching