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Example sentences for "adjournment"

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adjoining; adjoins; adjourn; adjourned; adjourning; adjournments; adjourns; adjoyning; adjudge; adjudged
  1. After the adjournment of Congress Mr. Douglas returned to Illinois and began to defend his action in the repeal of the Missouri Compromise.

  2. The day following the adjournment of the Baltimore Convention, at which President Lincoln was renominated, various political organizations called to pay their respects to the President.

  3. The prisoner, re-entering after the adjournment for lunch, found himself idly wondering whether, when next he should pass through the dock gate, it would be as a free man or as one whose days were numbered.

  4. I shall call Eustace Ingelow," said the Crown Counsel on the return of the Court after a short adjournment for lunch.

  5. On October 3, after an adjournment of the lords, Brougham opened the defence in the most celebrated of his speeches.

  6. But, after a short adjournment for the Christmas holidays, a debate of twenty-two nights took place in committee, and the opposition made skilful use of the many vulnerable points in the new scheme.

  7. The king's illness was made the occasion on February 27 of a motion by Sir Robert Lawley for the adjournment of the house of commons.

  8. Unexpectedly, no choice was effected during the first day, and an adjournment became necessary.

  9. Samuel Adams, already in the secret, immediately moved an adjournment of the house, in order that the members might have time to deliberate on a nomination so unexpected and so surprising.

  10. The reappearance of Mr. Elphinstone, with the gist of two breakfasts, causes an automatic adjournment of the subject.

  11. In fact, it was getting late, and a sense of impending adjournment was vitiating the discussion: a little pitted speck in the garnered fruits of its intelligence was growing, and a period of sleepy incapacity was in sight.

  12. This being declined by the British Commissioners, an adjournment was taken until the boundary should be adjusted by the two Governments.

  13. Owing to delays inevitable in negotiations of this nature, none of the treaties initiated under that section could be concluded in time for ratification by the Senate prior to its adjournment on the 4th of March last.

  14. He presided so fairly and won so much upon the members, that before the adjournment took place, the Legislature elected Mr. Hale to represent the State, in part, for six years in the United States Senate!

  15. That evening, after the adjournment of Congress, he was compelled to leave Washington for Trenton, to address the Republican State convention of New Jersey.

  16. On the adjournment of Congress, General Wilson entered into the Presidential campaign, and gave all his energies to secure the triumph of the Republican cause.

  17. Soon after the adjournment of the Legislature, Mr. Douglas was appointed by the President of the United States, Register of the Land Office at Springfield, Illinois.

  18. My reply to this letter, written immediately after the adjournment of the convention, was the following: My judgment was from the beginning of our arrival here that you could not be nominated, but I did not tell anybody so.

  19. After the adjournment of the legislature, the governor reappointed McClernand, who sued out a writ of quo warranto to oust Field.

  20. This split was followed by an adjournment to Baltimore, where a second split took place, Douglas being nominated by one faction and Breckinridge, of Kentucky, by the other.

  21. VI AFTER the adjournment Vernon sought out Maria Greene and walked with her down Capitol Avenue toward the hotel.

  22. White Plains, adjournment of the provincial congress of New York to (note), ii.

  23. Rumors of the conclusion of a treaty reached the Congress before its adjournment in March, 1795; but the treaty itself did not arrive until two days afterward.

  24. In a paper from which we have just quoted, published immediately after the adjournment of the convention, Hamilton said: "If the government be adopted, it is probable General Washington will be the president of the United States.

  25. He carried with him to Mount Vernon a curious present which he received from his friend Lafayette, just before the adjournment of Congress.

  26. Since the adjournment of Congress the ratifications of the treaty with Great Britain for abolishing the mixed courts for the suppression of the slave trade have been exchanged.

  27. I am happy to announce the passage of an act by the General Cortes of Portugal, proclaimed since the adjournment of Congress, for the abolition of servitude in the Portuguese colonies.

  28. I transmit herewith a copy of the treaty alluded to, which has been concluded since the adjournment of Congress with Her Britannic Majesty, and a copy of the protocols of the conferences of the commissioners by whom it was negotiated.

  29. He must be present for public examination on the day named by the Court and the adjournment thereof.

  30. At about two o'clock, he himself succeeded in moving the adjournment of the debate.

  31. Litchfield, puzzled, as were the others, by Gorham's flat denial in the face of the overwhelming evidence, put the motion for adjournment which the president requested.

  32. It follows from this rule that a question of adjournment cannot be entertained in a lodge.

  33. Adjournment is a term not recognized in Masonry.

  34. Any attempt, therefore, on the part of the lodge to entertain a motion for adjournment would be an infringement of this prerogative of the Master.

  35. Selden delivered an address to the imprisoned Speaker on his duties and his obedience owed to the House which sat under the Great Seal, and had power of adjournment as the king had that of prorogation.

  36. JUDGE MANN: Do I understand, Mr. Hunter, that you wish to have read to the jury the letters that were admitted in evidence before adjournment yesterday?

  37. Your Honor, a word before adjournment if I may?

  38. Your Honor, in view of my client's exhaustion, may we have adjournment at this time?

  39. Since your last adjournment Lieutenant-General Scott has retired from the head of the Army.

  40. The operations of the Treasury during the period which has elapsed since your adjournment have been conducted with signal success.

  41. SIR: Please inform the Senate that I shall be obliged if they will postpone the adjournment at least one day beyond the time which I understand to be now fixed for it.

  42. The President of the Congress will then be introduced and will deliver an introductory address, after which adjournment will follow.

  43. As my questions were not answered, I moved an adjournment of the Caucus /sine die/.

  44. It is my duty on this occasion to call your attention to the destruction of the public building occupied by the Treasury Department, which happened since the last adjournment of Congress.

  45. At the adjournment Mr. Taylor and President Francis called me in and wished me to wire you to come on first train.

  46. Our last Washington dates are of the 8th instant, and at that time there was a vast mass of business pending before both Houses, and the period of adjournment was uncertain.

  47. It is said that, on the day of the argument, Roane had invited a party to dine with him, and after the adjournment of the court went to his study at home, where he appeared moody and abstracted.

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