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Example sentences for "callous"

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callit; callitris; callosities; callosity; callosum; calloused; callouses; callously; callousness; callow
  1. If Edith was actually Ethelred's daughter, Thurkil's marriage may have been a source of irritation or even supposed danger to Canute and possibly also to the lady's stepmother, the callous Queen Emma.

  2. His fingers closed upon Eliza's letter in his pocket, and he gazed at the callous and ribald faces at his side, he heard the truculent laughter, with wonderment that they existed in the same world with her delicate beauty.

  3. He wondered if the callous steward would sometime come to take him down.

  4. Innocent children romped, oblivious to their fate, while callous elders walked the deck or reclined in little old steamer chairs.

  5. There is nobody so callous and so insolent as your sentimental quacks and their patients.

  6. It would be no difficult matter to show that the quiet, fireside gentry are the most callous and cruel, and, therefore, the most wicked part of the nation.

  7. Apart from the utterly useless nature of the observations, so far as regards human pathology, there is a callous indifference shown in the description of the suffering of the poor brutes which is positively revolting.

  8. Speak to him of these, as you know how to speak; and, on my life, his ear will not be deaf, his heart cannot be callous to your words.

  9. Yes--and not another until after ten, and not a halfpenny in my pocket to buy a ticket, and no one but a callous wretch of a porter to consult.

  10. Then it was that Darsie discovered the real tenderness of heart which lies beneath the somewhat callous exterior of the college girl.

  11. Clemence tried hard to suppress a smirk of self- consciousness at the use of the French term, while the two younger sisters jeered and booed with the callous brutality of their kind.

  12. There was something abhorrently callous in the laugh that followed.

  13. That callous viciousness, that leer in the degenerate face.

  14. Can that heart," he exclaimed, "be so frozen by the frosts of winter, that it is callous to the voice of love?

  15. His callous indifference had returned; an idea then occurred to him-- horrid--diabolical.

  16. Even the assassin, callous and hardy as he was, now trembled, he could stand no more, and fled hastily from his cursed work.

  17. She had believed her heart to be callous to all affection of this nature, it had seemed as dead as the mummied hyacinth; and now it was a living, suffering thing, and all alight with love.

  18. It seemed to him that they all had the same callous faces as the distant Mr Cookson who had killed his dog; but he knew better than to let Spider follow him on these visits.

  19. No; he is callous to such misery as this.

  20. He expressed a callous indifference to your present peril, and added something more in menace than in warning respecting that affair with Chandos which caused you to leave his roof.

  21. He grew quite callous about it as time went by, but during this second winter of their marriage it made him very ugly with her at times.

  22. It seemed to regard her superciliously, with a look of hard, callous reticence.

  23. Yes, he had grown callous since coming to North Valley; he had lost that delicacy of feeling, that intuitive understanding of the sentiments of ladies, which he would surely have exhibited a short time earlier in his life.

  24. When fifty or a hundred men were killed in a single accident, and when such accidents kept happening, one on the heels of another, even the most callous public could not help asking questions.

  25. And he hastened straight down, running over the wet, soddened fields, pushing through the hedges, down into the depression of callous wintry obscurity.

  26. The young men watched with critical, callous look.

  27. Therefore I read with a callous heart the effusions of the Belgian damsel.

  28. About six years ago I was tempted to find some relief by a change of conditions that were reducing me to callous cynicism.

  29. You had regained sufficient faith in my integrity to believe that in matters involving conscientious scruples, I should prove callous even to Miss Lindsay's appeals?

  30. So angered was I by this callous indifference that I recovered self-control and was guilty of no more than smothered groans.

  31. It is not the mercantile and callous calculation of chances for 'future felicity' (what homily supplied you with so choice a term?

  32. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "callous" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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    apathetic; asleep; backed; benumbed; brassy; brazen; brutalize; callous; cold; cruel; crusty; crystallized; dead; dull; firm; flinty; fossilized; frigid; granulated; hard; harden; hardened; hardhearted; heartless; impassive; impervious; incrusted; indifferent; indurated; inhuman; insensate; insensible; insensitive; insentient; insolent; inure; inured; merciless; numb; obdurate; obtuse; ossified; petrified; petrify; reinforced; remorseless; rocky; ruthless; seared; shameless; solidified; steel; steeled; steely; stiffened; stony; strengthened; temper; tough; toughen; toughened; unemotional; unfeeling; unfelt; unkind; unmerciful; unnatural; unrepentant; unresponsive; unsoftened; unsympathetic; untouched; vitrified