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Example sentences for "hardhearted"

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hardeneth; hardening; hardens; harder; hardest; hardie; hardier; hardiest; hardihood; hardily
  1. Foolish, hardhearted girl," said the stranger, "are you afraid of what they may do to you?

  2. Even the hardhearted turnkey, who had spent his life in scenes calculated to stifle both conscience and feeling, could not witness this scene without a touch of human sympathy.

  3. The same prospect of misery hung over the head of another tenant of this hardhearted lord of the soil.

  4. Hardhearted is the man who will not through love promote the welfare of others where he can.

  5. And yet the hardhearted Jews, through all these signs, would not incline with faith to the merciful Jesus, who will help all men who believe in him.

  6. There is reason to believe that among these was William Wycherley, the most licentious and hardhearted writer of a singularly licentious and hardhearted school.

  7. They are the words of a hardhearted and lowminded man, unable to conceive any laceration of the affections for which a place or a pension would not be a full compensation.

  8. But neither of these hardhearted men must be absolved at the expense of the other.

  9. But the sight was so dreadful that, as soon as the boots appeared, even the most servile and hardhearted courtiers hastened out of the chamber.

  10. Their plaintive bleatings pierced the heart of poor Flora, but they had no manner of effect on the hardhearted farmer.

  11. The conduct of Anaxarete reminds us of that of Marcella, the hardhearted shepherdess, which so aroused the indignation of the amiable, but unfortunate, Don Quixotte.

  12. By chance, her house was near the road where the mournful procession was passing, and the sound of lamentation came to the ears of the hardhearted Anaxarete, whom now an avenging Deity pursued.

  13. With those about him, from his daughter to his serfs, the prince was sharp and invariably exacting, so that without being a hardhearted man he inspired such fear and respect as few hardhearted men would have aroused.

  14. Wherein is shown of what great use it is when a mother is hardhearted toward her only son.

  15. If she only knew what it cost me to be a spy, so that I can write to her now and then how it fares with her hardhearted husband--the poor, innocent child!

  16. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "hardhearted" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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