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hardens; harder; hardest; hardhearted; hardie; hardiest; hardihood; hardily; hardiment; hardiness
  1. Bring into the garden some fresh flowering shrubs, wherever they may be wanted, and at the end of the month prune some of the hardier kind.

  2. Look over the seeds of those flowers which were gathered in summer, to see that they are dry and sweet; and prepare a border or two for the hardier kind, by digging and cleaning.

  3. For instance, not only do they take root easily in the mild, friendly climate of California, but much hardier strains are found to have climbed the Carpathians and the steppes of Russia almost to the very doors of Moscow.

  4. It is somewhat hardier than Fodermaier, nuts ripen earlier, and bears better with us.

  5. Scions of these hardier strains have very recently been made to grow and yield their nuts in America as far north as Toronto and are being set out in numbers in the northern part of the United States.

  6. It is easy to understand, as we cross these great limitless levels, in what manner the Moors were so long able to maintain their supremacy against the hardier races of the North.

  7. Besides, slaves are plentiful; and as the negro is hardier than the Indian, his labour is more profitable; therefore, a willing Indian does not always find a master.

  8. In the altos, the banana is displaced by hardier fruits sheltered under the lofty cedar, and here we find a thrifty and less humble people who pay some attention to manufactures.

  9. It is one of the hardier kinds, and is easily managed.

  10. Laflay's roses were chiefly of the hardier and stronger type, with La Reine, which was produced about the year 1840, at their head.

  11. In Baronne Prevost and La Reine, the hardier and more vigorous elements prevail; and they probably owe their ever-blooming qualities to an infusion of the Damask Perpetual, rather than of the more tender China roses.

  12. Louise Odier is a rose of very vigorous growth, and one of the hardier members of the family: its flowers are of a bright rose-color, of a beautiful cupped form; and it has a tendency to bloom in clusters.

  13. It is hardier than the China Rose, though usually unable to bear a New-England winter unprotected.

  14. What is more important, however, the success of these seedling Persian walnuts points to the practicability of planting the hardier varieties of this nut in the intermountain states.

  15. The Japanese walnuts here are often injured by winter at 15° below, but there may be hardier types and varieties than those I have tried.

  16. Since it is hardier than the medium red variety, the danger is less that spring frosts will destroy the plants after they begin to grow.

  17. It has been found much hardier than the common variety when grown in that neighborhood, and the endurance of plants grown from seed of this strain far northward has been very pronounced.

  18. And the Japanese heartnut, a stranger to this country, isn't anywhere near any other nut, and it grows true to form, and a lot of the trees are much hardier up on Lake Ontario.

  19. Most of these seedlings have borne a few nuts to date, but we cannot give anything definite as to whether the catkins are hardier than those of the parents.

  20. Until hardier varieties of the filbert are found, the chief attention may be well spent on the propagation and culture of the native seedling sorts of merit.

  21. These recent Crath introductions are supposed to be much hardier than the former ones, and probably able to establish themselves in northern United States and southern Canada.

  22. We have in this time come to like hardier colourings, which are for us more satisfying, and more poetic.

  23. The Fionn Loch may be reached by the hardier climber by crossing Loch Maree from Talladale, and dropping down on it through the pass behind Letterewe.

  24. The common tourist, like the sheep, meekly follows the beaten tracks, missing the better bits, which only the hardier and more adventurous pedestrian finds, like the more independent goat.

  25. Some magnificent hybrids have been raised between these two groups, and a hardier and more easily grown race of garden irises has been produced under the name of Regelio-Cyclus.

  26. The palmettos, most distinctively Southern of them all, had been badly used by their hardier neighbors; they looked stunted, and almost without exception had been forced out of their normal perpendicular attitude.

  27. It is much hardier than the Yellow and White Banksians.

  28. Our products are Stronger, Hardier and Cheaper than anywhere else.

  29. It is not that the modern Tea rose is hardier than its ancestors; for some of the old ones, such as Souvenir d'un Ami, grow as cheerfully in the garden as a Hybrid Perpetual.

  30. It is quite likely that there may be more hardier strains that will withstand these low temperatures.

  31. I tell them that we can't expect to grow the California type, but we have a hardier type coming from the Carpathian mountains or Germany or Russia or Holland, that can be grown successfully in this part of the country.

  32. Yet I rarely failed to find, even in midwinter, some warm and springly swamp where the grass and the skunk-cabbage still put forth with perennial verdure, and some hardier bird occasionally awaited the return of spring.

  33. Yet he adds, "They are not hardier than other people.

  34. A people who had often suffered themselves to fall the prey of their hardier neighbour, lie open for conquest to a more intelligent and polished race.

  35. Former writers had fearfully courted fame; they were the children of the pleasures of the pen; these were a hardier race, who at once seized on popularity; and a new trade was opened by the arts of authorship.

  36. Never was hardier or braver man, or one more cheerful and blithe.

  37. Rogers, together with Lord Howe and some of his hardier soldiers and the Rangers, pushed boldly on.

  38. Begonias are hardier than is generally supposed; they need no protection, and require no heat, except in the stage of seedlings, when first forming their tubers.

  39. This class is remarkably handsome, of hardier constitution and freer growth than the edged and spotted varieties.

  40. Winter Greens== of all kinds to be sown in plenty and in considerable variety; for in the event of a severe winter some kinds will prove hardier than others.

  41. The newer varieties are remarkable alike for fruitfulness and high quality, and are somewhat hardier than the favourites of years gone by.

  42. Then it is seen that the hardier Borecoles are proof against the lowest temperature experienced in these islands; and, while frost leaves the plants unharmed, it improves the tops and side sprouts that are required for table purposes.

  43. The Domestica and Japanese plums are considerably hardier than peaches, but not so hardy as the apple.

  44. Hardier than Lilium auratum and almost as fine.

  45. The introduction of the Russian varieties, a few years ago, added to the list several desirable kinds that have proved hardier and a little later in blooming than the old kinds.

  46. But there is a race of hardier or border chrysanthemums that is again coming into favor, and it is sure to give much satisfaction to those who desire flowers in latest fall.

  47. To be planted sparingly, preferably near water; the sort known as the Wisconsin weeping willow appears to be much hardier than the common type; many forms.

  48. Broccoli should be more grown, for it is hardier than the cauliflower.

  49. She drew near, and for a moment sickened, for the man's hand that lay there was meant for hardier eyes than hers.

  50. The Lean Man was accounted hardier than most; yet he started at Nanny's mention of the Dog, following so abruptly on Robert's talk of a moment ago.

  51. She is now everywhere sending out her hardier and more enthusiastic sons into new fields of exploration, to return laden with ampler materials to build, and richer treasures to adorn, a temple worthy of her name.

  52. The Warm Temperate zones exhibit the same disposition to retain some of the hardier and more abundant sub-tropical forms that characterize the other zones, in respect to their adjoining isotherms.

  53. De Candolle has expended a vast deal of ingenuity to show that the various members of this old and ancestrally-knotty family have all descended from two or three of the hardier varieties.

  54. Again, take the still hardier and more numerous branches of the Quercus or oak family.

  55. We distinctly recollect when the lias clays of the Vale of Gloucester could scarcely be made to grow a good crop of even the hardier sorts of red wheat, the common cone being the sort generally grown.

  56. Its native country explains the reason why it is so much hardier than any variety of wheat, the southern origin of which is now ascertained.

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