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desine; desio; desipere; desir; desirability; desirableness; desire; desireable; desired; desirer
  1. Placing the bowl containing the dough mixture in a larger vessel of hot water is a simple and satisfactory way of obtaining a uniform temperature, being especially desirable for a sponge in the quick-process sponge method.

  2. A deep crust, which is the preferred kind, is produced by long, slow baking; bread that is baked only a short time has a thin crust, which is not so desirable and would not score so high.

  3. Butter is also desirable for this purpose, as it produces a crust that is more tender and less likely to be tough.

  4. When made according to the following recipe, whole-wheat bread will be found to be a very desirable substitute for bread made of the finer flours.

  5. Glass utensils are especially desirable for custards and other dishes that the cook likes to watch while cooking or that are to be served in the baking dish.

  6. They should be made small enough to be dainty, and as an even, brown crust all over the rolls is desirable they should be placed far enough apart in the pans to prevent them from touching one another, as shown in Fig.

  7. If the wrong method is employed, there will be a waste of food material or the food will be rendered less desirable in flavor or tenderness.

  8. If it is prepared well, it is very palatable, and when eaten with milk or cream it is a food that is particularly desirable for children, especially for the evening meal, because of its food value and the fact that it is easily digested.

  9. As such bread has lost much of its moisture, it is desirable for toast, for it browns more quickly and makes crisper toast than fresh bread.

  10. Good enamel cooking utensils are desirable for some purposes and are only moderately expensive.

  11. Molds also help to make cheese, but neither these nor putrefactive organisms are desirable for foods other than those mentioned.

  12. You are very much mistaken, and while you cling to your absurd opinions I don't think it is desirable to continue the conversation.

  13. Equal suffrage tends to make political affairs better, purer and more desirable for all who take part in them.

  14. The pay of legislators in the Territories is very small, and the most desirable men can not afford to serve.

  15. It seems desirable to preserve the names of those who have championed and voted for a measure so bitterly opposed.

  16. It is to be hoped that the next twenty years may work further conversion in the mind of this learned president, and lead him to see that equality in citizenship is as desirable as equality in education.

  17. It is only by the friction of intellect with intellect that these desirable qualities can be gained.

  18. No harm may come from wearing the pessary for a day or two, but it is highly desirable as a matter of cleanliness and otherwise to remove the pessary in the morning when performing the sexual toilet.

  19. Soon it will be regarded as quite as natural and necessary and desirable to cleanse the genital passages as to rinse out the mouth or wipe the nostrils.

  20. If it has been fitted shortly after a miscarriage or confinement, refitting is desirable at the end of a few months.

  21. He had known that the more desirable position was vacant and had heard his fellow clerks speculating as to the possibility of a promotion from among their number.

  22. In the Underworld there was no law between man and man; the law and machinery of the state had become for them something that held men down, fended them off from much desirable property and pleasure, and that was all.

  23. Each time they talked the thing seemed more possible and more desirable to them.

  24. But most of us would be just a shade happier if that desirable residence were numbered 11, and not any the less pleased with the dinner if one of the guests contracted a chill that kept him away.

  25. He has every virtue except the virtue of being desirable company.

  26. In applying pigment to the dark parts, to make them darker or sharper, it will be desirable to match the colour of the photographic print as nearly as possible.

  27. No particular taste in selecting a position may be needed, or possessed, and yet it may be desirable to portray an object, or scene, and it is to such men that the camera becomes so important as an indirect means to illustration.

  28. Therefore it is desirable to see how we can utilise a photogram so as to produce the simpler, and often more acceptable, line block from it, and do this by a more mechanical method than re-drawing, or copying from it.

  29. It will, however, sometimes be found desirable to economise labour by using a photogram to paint on, thus saving time in re-drawing and ensuring accuracy of elaborate details.

  30. Out of the house she was determined not to go in anger; it was too desirable a refuge for that.

  31. The death of her daughter was in truth a severe blow to the dowager; not from love, for she really possessed no natural affection at all, but from fear that she should lose her footing in the house which was so desirable a refuge.

  32. This Crown-Prince has been in far less desirable localities.

  33. Ready command of money, he feels, will be extremely desirable in a Wife; desirable and almost indispensable, in present straitened circumstances.

  34. Princess Elizabeth Christina, the insipid Brunswick specimen, backed by Seckendorf and Vienna, proves on consideration the desirable to Friedrich Wilhelm in this matter.

  35. Such a reclining and sleeping couch may also be used in bedrooms, although an iron or brass bedstead gives an appearance of neatness and personal privacy that is desirable in such chambers.

  36. It rarely has that rounded development of character which is as desirable in a home as in a person.

  37. Rugs are more desirable than carpets in a city apartment, since they can be more readily cleaned, and, in case of moving to another flat or a house in the suburbs, will be more adaptable to the new situation.

  38. It is difficult to recognise officers as equipped at present, and it seems desirable they should wear a distinguishing mark of some kind, either on the collar at the back of the neck or on the back of the coat.

  39. In this quarter, now that the foe was pushed out of rifle range, it was possible to open grazing for cattle, a very desirable movement, for the poor lean beasts were waning rapidly.

  40. In taking up positions, compact battery formations should be avoided, the guns should be opened out, or it may be desirable to advance by sections or batteries.

  41. It became a matter extremely desirable to preserve the muscle, and it seemed practicable to extirpate the buccinum.

  42. This, as before noticed, was by no means a very desirable mode of landing the materials, and was indeed, one that could rarely be resorted to, except in the finest weather.

  43. But this was the colour used for distinguishing the Light of Flamborough-head, on the Yorkshire coast, and, though about 169 miles to the southward, it would still have been desirable to have avoided the same colour.

  44. It was accordingly resolved, That the Lord Advocate Hope, one of the Commissioners of the Northern Light-houses, and Member of Parliament for the City of Edinburgh, should be requested to use his influence in forwarding this desirable object.

  45. Manual training is now generally recognized as a desirable addition to every scheme of public instruction and a powerful adjunct to every technical school.

  46. It is hardly necessary to point out who the protecting Power would be in the case of the repatriated Armenians, for none but Russia is either desirable or possible.

  47. But like seeks like, and perhaps it was not wholly the fault of our astonishing diplomacy in Constantinople that Turkey, wooed like some desirable maiden, cast in her lot with the Power that by instinct and tradition most resembled her.

  48. By the age of four she had gradually understood that this vaguely pictured host of children numbered only three, and that they were her brother and two sisters--very much grown up and desirable to play with.

  49. It would be a very desirable task for a young literary man, or for that matter for an old one; for the world can scarcely have in reserve a less hackneyed theme than Japan.

  50. It would be desirable that the bowsprit should be so fitted as to be easily reefed or removed, but in times of emergency, this spar should not for a moment be considered as interposing an obstacle to the contemplated collision.

  51. How will you proceed in order to bring about so desirable a result as the good government of Italy?

  52. Often it is desirable to furnish certain portions of the home grounds with screens large enough to shut off the public view.

  53. A leaf or two will be found a most desirable addition to a buttonhole or corsage bouquet.

  54. It may take several seasons to bring about so desirable a result, but something along this line should be part of every season's work.

  55. This divergence makes it the more desirable to trace the mathematical development apart from the accompanying philosophy.

  56. As regards the illustrations, it seems desirable also to say a few words.

  57. Yes," he answered somewhat gloomily, "but they are not exactly desirable in this case.

  58. What principle could she have had in letting a desirable husband go?

  59. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "desirable" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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