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Example sentences for "advisable"

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adverts; advice; advices; advis; advisability; advisableness; advisably; advise; adviseable; advised
  1. Whether it is advisable to Anglicize the spelling of certain French words, like timbre, in order to promote their assimilation.

  2. It is seldom advisable to cause copious salivation.

  3. It is often advisable to combine together a number of different Diuretics, in the same prescription, so that by their joint but various agencies the causes which hinder their action may be overcome.

  4. When there is reason to suspect this cause of the emaciation, it is advisable to saponify the oil by shaking it with a sufficient quantity of solution of Potash or of Carbonate of Soda.

  5. I have thought it advisable to restrict the term Antiperiodic to the Catalytics which are used in Ague.

  6. It is perhaps at all times advisable to arrange so that the medicine shall, if possible, be taken after meals, for it is less likely to irritate a full stomach.

  7. When the symptom is thus inveterate, and refuses to yield to a brisk Cathartic, it is advisable to resort to Astringents, in order to put a speedy stop to the too copious secretion.

  8. That it may do this the more effectually, it is generally considered advisable to combine it with other diuretics.

  9. So far from a Federal union between all our transatlantic possessions being advisable, I should think, from their contiguity with the Americans, that it would be advisable to keep them separate.

  10. I do not consider that it would be advisable to make this reduction immediately.

  11. Under these ruinous circumstances it was not thought advisable to dispatch at once the goods which had been accumulated at Portsmouth[45].

  12. There he and the Dutch who followed him discovered that the Portuguese had long occupied the trading points along the coast, and had erected forts and factories wherever it seemed advisable for the purpose of defense and trade.

  13. Lebrun, who at first made the Flora Pavilion his headquarters, soon found it more advisable to take his lodgings elsewhere, and he left the Tuileries, to make his residence in the Faubourg St. Honore.

  14. He had not chosen her because he loved her, but only because he had thought it expedient and advisable to become married, and because the unknown Mademoiselle de la Pagerie had been offered to him as "a good settlement.

  15. Granting the above, would freedom of worship be advisable for Filipinos?

  16. Those universities which shall be limited in time, shall present themselves before our royal Council of the Indias to petition for an extension of time, where the advisable measures will be taken.

  17. Still later, esteeming it advisable for the royal treasury, the offices of master of arts and theology were suspended, and only that of master of grammar is preserved.

  18. Since, then, the religion in Filipinas, and consequently their morals, is so unanimous, would it be advisable to introduce freedom of worship into this country?

  19. If you persist in this--nonsense, my husband and I shall have to consider whether it is advisable for you and Sonia to have any opportunities of meeting, don't you know?

  20. Then they halted for dinner, and Webster asked if Sonia thought it advisable to go any farther, or whether they should stay where they were till the following morning.

  21. The old Mezrimbi, upon reflection, thought it advisable that the person of Acota should be in his power, that he might be able to produce him when required upon the ensuing day.

  22. The pacha had repeated his perambulations for many nights, without success; and Mustapha, who observed that he was becoming very impatient, thought it advisable to cater for his amusement.

  23. The renegade did not think it advisable to express his opinion in contradiction to that of his highness, and the assertions of the Prophet.

  24. They offered consolation; but finding their endeavours fruitless, quitted the room, thinking it advisable to leave me to myself.

  25. I remained there for more than a year, when I thought it advisable to move, and come to Marseilles I where I obtained the situation of housekeeper to this old gentleman, who has treated me more like a daughter than a domestic.

  26. Should it be advisable to employ steam of less elasticity, a condenser may be added, and that too without materially increasing the expense.

  27. To prevent a recurrence of those accidents, which first drew the attention of the legislature to this important part of the engine, it appears advisable to inclose the safety-valve in an iron case, of which a section is annexed.

  28. Should this arrangement be found to extend the line to an inconvenient length, it may be advisable to form a certain number of changes on three different lengths, as in No.

  29. Illustration] The mode of setting this boiler is also of considerable importance, as it is advisable to give a long and waving course to the chimney.

  30. Yet all objection of this kind might be removed at once, by using beads in a case where small decrements were wanted, and marbles, if it were thought advisable to use larger.

  31. I thought it advisable to give him another bribe, and he resumed the fawning insinuation of his manner.

  32. Because when a man's handkerchief is found under such circumstances, it is advisable for the man to prove that he was not there too.

  33. The president requested that, attentive to the aforesaid, they decide and determine the course advisable to pursue in this matter.

  34. Meantime the question is being considered and consulted as to what is to be done and observed in all the above matters, and what it is advisable to do in the future, and whether this royal Audiencia should make any further provision.

  35. But after the dress-rehearsal on Sunday certain changes recommended themselves as advisable to the judgment of the author, who persuaded the management to postpone the opening night until Wednesday.

  36. It was then thought advisable to scare these noiseless visitors away, and a rocket was sent up, at which signal the English party rushed forward with a shout; and this had the desired effect.

  37. It is more advisable to observe her manner when occupied upon established reputations, such as Scott, and Byron, and Southey.

  38. These notions the travellers did not deem it advisable to dispel.

  39. From the easterly direction of the wind, it was considered most advisable to steer for the Firth of Forth, and there wait a change of weather.

  40. But if this should appear doubtful, after passing the Island and Light of May, it might be advisable at once to steer for Tyningham Sands, on the western side of Dunbar, and there run the vessel ashore.

  41. It is advisable not to extend such pieces beyond a single act, as the want of dramatic movement, and the uniformity of the occasion through all the different changes, are very apt to excite impatience.

  42. But, to avoid the perplexity and confusion which would attend such a plan, it will be advisable to treat the several literatures separately, pointing out, at the same time, whatever effects foreign influence may have produced.

  43. Baillie thought my absence might be advisable as an experiment, assuming the fact of mental derangement; for Dr.

  44. Baillie thought that my absence might be advisable as an experiment, assuming the fact of mental derangement; for Dr.

  45. How far it may be advisable to bring all the various classes of the community together at that early age when habits which affect after-life are so readily acquired, is another question.

  46. President may think it advisable to call during the year.

  47. The Sabbath now intervened, and it was deemed advisable to open meetings in the chapel during the ensuing week.

  48. In doing this, it was thought advisable to still increase the length by adding twelve feet more for an orchestra, thereby providing for the removal of the organ from the gallery to the rear of the pulpit.

  49. With this manifestation of interest, it was deemed advisable to enter upon a protracted meeting without delay.

  50. The larger portion of them could be reached by railroad, but a sufficient number lay off the line of public conveyance to render it advisable to keep a horse and buggy, and hence they were obtained.

  51. To place the data, however, in suitable relations, and render it acceptable to the general reader, it has been deemed advisable to let the record follow the line of my labors during the thirty years of my Itinerant life.

  52. During the following summer, it was deemed advisable to form them into a class by themselves, and as they resided in the vicinity of the Asbury Church, put them in connection with that charge.

  53. On reaching the city he found the population using the Scandinavian language too small to organize the work, and we deemed it advisable to explore the interior.

  54. With the multiplication of these assistant laborers, it became advisable to reduce the co-operative effort to a systematic plan.

  55. In this instance we deemed it advisable to depart from our usual custom, since twenty-five years seems to be a point from which both the past and future may be seen ordinarily with considerable distinctness of outline.

  56. Not with the expectation that our destination would lie in that direction, but it was thought advisable to know what had been left behind, in case we should not be pleased with Dubuque.

  57. At the end of nine months he was invited to a pastorate in the city of Baltimore, and he deemed it advisable to accept the invitation.

  58. And that there might be no mistake on this point, it was deemed advisable to have an able committee present to the body as a platform a report that should make the absolute prohibition of slavery its chief plank.

  59. I thought it my duty, my dear friend, to submit these particulars to you, so that you, for the benefit of the great cause we are engaged in, may take whatever steps you consider advisable before the departure of the delegate.

  60. All that was proved was that Woermann, who hated red tape, and who never had recourse to legal assistance when drawing up his agreements, did not use as much caution in this matter as would have been advisable in his own interest.

  61. They compel me to go to Berlin pretty frequently, as I consider it both fair to the Foreign Office and advisable in our own interests that the former should always be fully informed of all the steps I am taking.

  62. Colonel Bauer he thought it advisable to have a talk with me.

  63. You don't think it advisable to tell her how things are?

  64. And--in that case--it would be advisable to leave her in ignorance; would it not?

  65. Olga was in the building with Nick, but they had thought it advisable to keep visitors away from him on the morning of the operation.

  66. However, in the interests of science it is advisable that you continue your tenancy.

  67. Swithin, no less than Tabitha, had been surprised by the disappearance of the sun behind the hill; and the question now arose whether it would be advisable to call upon Viviette that night.

  68. It would perhaps be advisable for you to give up this astronomy till the confirmation is over, in order to devote your attention exclusively to that more serious matter.

  69. Swithin was about to say a word to them, till recollecting his disguise he deemed it advisable to hold his tongue, lest his attire should tell a too dangerous tale as to where he had come from.

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    advantageous; advisable; appropriate; becoming; befitting; congruous; convenient; decent; desirable; expedient; favorable; feasible; felicitous; fit; fitting; good; happy; likely; meet; opportune; politic; possible; profitable; proper; prudent; recommendable; right; seasonable; seemly; suitable; tactical; timely; useful; wise; worthwhile