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advertiser; advertisers; advertises; advertising; advertized; advice; advices; advis; advisability; advisable
  1. He adverts to the disputes between John Baliol and Edward I, the latter of whom is commended in the Purgatory, Canto VII.

  2. He adverts to the parable of the taxes and the wheat.

  3. She adverts to their past amiable and affectionate conduct; and severe as parting would prove to her maternal heart, she wished them still to be happy in the Sand of their nativity.

  4. Davy adverts to another indication of volcanic agency in the sudden and profound depth of the noble harbour at Trincomalie, which even close by the beach is said to have been hitherto unfathomed.

  5. But our author never adverts to any lapsed condition of man.

  6. He adverts to it in this passage, where he contrasts primitive virtue with subsequent license.

  7. Stallbaum), adverts to the passage of the Republic here discussed, and endeavours to show that it is not inconsistent with the Parmenides.

  8. After thus describing the causes of corruption, both in body and mind, Plato adverts to the preservative and corrective agencies applicable to them.

  9. Sir George Lewis, in his Historical Survey of the Astronomy of the Ancients, adverts to the passage of Plato here cited, and gives a very instructive picture of the state of the Hellenic world as to Calendar and computation of time (see p.

  10. Dryden adverts to the theme:-- "If the vile actors of the heinous deed Near the dead body happily be brought, Oft hath been proved the breathless corpse will bleed.

  11. The author of a tract, published in 1572, writes strongly respecting the clergy neglecting their duty, and adverts to acting in churches.

  12. Mr. Evans adverts to the old tax by which persons, not being in the receipt of alms, had to pay two shillings on the birth of a child.

  13. He adverts to the captain of a ship, who, on his return from a long voyage, met his wife in the street, and kissed her, and for the offence had to pay ten shillings.

  14. He adverts to marriages at an earlier age, and even paternity at fourteen.

  15. She degrades our heroine into a mere kitchen wench, and adverts to what she calls her Å“conomical education.

  16. The first clown rather adverts to the place where the grave should be made than to its form.

  17. He then adverts to the sudden cloud of misfortune that overwhelms him, and, like a shadow, obscures his prosperity.

  18. Pulgar, in an epistle addressed, in the autumn of 1473, to the bishop of Coria, adverts to several circumstances which set in a strong light the anarchical state of the kingdom and the total deficiency of police.

  19. The culminating theft is a mortal sin, if the thief adverts to the fact that he has now stolen a notable sum; otherwise it is a venial sin.

  20. Internal restitution, or the purpose of restoring, must be made at once, that is, as soon as one adverts to the necessity of this resolve.

  21. Sextus Empiricus adverts to the doctrines of Protagoras (mainly to point out how they are distinguished from those of the Sceptical school, to which he himself belongs) in Pyrrhon.

  22. Sokrates adverts to the undisturbed equanimity which he had shown during the long blockade of Athens after the battle of AEgospotami, while others were bewailing the famine and other miseries.

  23. He adverts to sensible facts which are different with different Percipients.

  24. He adverts to sensible facts which are different with different Percipients 153 Such is not the case with all the facts of sense.

  25. But as a preparation for this enquiry, he adverts to that which has just been agreed between them respecting both Pleasure and Intelligence--That each of them is Unum, and each of them at the same time Multa et Diversa.

  26. He adverts to the way in which the Sabbath was observed, no work being done by the natives in the gardens that day, and hunting being suspended.

  27. In his letter to Agnes, he adverts with some regret to a chance he lost of saying a word for his family when Lord Palmerston sent Mr. Hayward, Q.

  28. Then he adverts to the wonderful freedom from sickness that his party had enjoyed in the delta of the Zambesi, and proceeds to give an account of the Shiré Valley and its people.

  29. In discussing the matter, Schoene adverts to two of the three lines of argument brought forward in my text:--1.

  30. Bouterwek adverts to this supposed drama of 1504, which is an Auto on the festival of Corpus Christi, and of the simplest kind.

  31. Aristotle also adverts to this fallacy, but without naming the Euthydemus.

  32. What Hegel here adverts to seems identical with that which Dr.

  33. Footnote 30: Aristotle adverts to this class of ethical epithets, connoting both an attribute in the person designated and an unfavourable sentiment in the speaker (Ethic.

  34. The third point to which Samuel adverts is his freedom from all acts of unjust exaction or oppression, and from all those corrupt practices in the administration of justice which were so common in Eastern countries.

  35. In the next place, Samuel adverts to his age.

  36. Under the head of Circumstances influencing Sensibility, he adverts to Sympathetic Sensibility, as being the propensity to derive pleasure from the happiness, and pain from the unhappiness, of other sensitive beings.

  37. The author adverts first to the position that benevolence is a mere pretence, a cheat, a gloss of self-love, and dismisses it with a burst of indignation.

  38. He next adverts to the influence of the Imagination on Happiness.

  39. It is singular that he never adverts to popular representation, of which he must have known examples.

  40. He here again adverts to the case of a promise made under an unjust compulsion; and possibly his reasoning on the general principle is not quite put in the most satisfactory manner.

  41. A very favourable notice of the former appears in the Musical Journal, which adverts especially to the "enchanting unity" of execution, from which the most perfect harmonic marriage of the two admirable artistes was to be recognised.

  42. A peculiar custom which pleases me greatly is, that every time a chorus expresses the praise of God, or in any way adverts to God or Christ, the whole mass of people rise from their seats, and listen to it standing.

  43. For example, he often adverts to dialectic debate on the Platonic Ideas or Forms (Topic.

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