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Example sentences for "enviable"

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enveloppe; envelops; envenom; envenomed; envers; envie; envied; enviers; envies; envieth
  1. Other girls had done likewise and bettered themselves: Joan knew no reason why she should fall short of their enviable achievements; but she was innocent of dramatic feeling and even of any real yearning for applause.

  2. As he strode to and fro the stuff of his thin summer trousers shaped itself to legs that might have proved enviable to Sir Willoughby Patterne himself.

  3. It was probably the best-known inn of Southwark, for its enviable position at the foot of London Bridge made it conspicuous to all entering or leaving the city.

  4. In the bygone years it was a noted coaching inn and enjoyed an enviable reputation for the rare quality of its punch.

  5. Shall I not be the most enviable of women with my Mellefont?

  6. If Mellefont knows how to appreciate his happiness, Miss Sampson will make him the most enviable of men.

  7. Mr. James Hanna pays more for each acre than McGreal for his whole farm, and yet the Kilmore man is prosperous, his house, his family, all his belongings suggestive of the most enviable lot.

  8. To be deprived of nine-tenths of your income seems remarkably good fun; to be ruined, an enviable kind of thing.

  9. Ireland is now an excellent country to live out of, and those who can leave it have the most enviable lot.

  10. There are few things more enviable than the quality of good talk, but this was not good talk.

  11. The directness and naturalness of the American is the most enviable of his traits.

  12. His Shakespearean and classical studies have won for him an enviable place among students of the classics.

  13. These alone give the Iowa historian an enviable world-reputation.

  14. How exquisite and how enviable must have been the feelings of this pious woman, when she cast her last two mites into the treasury!

  15. The necessitous have been liberally supplied: while those who have been possessed of the most ample and enviable abundance, have sometimes, by unexpected reverses, become destitute.

  16. At this moment I am in no enviable Situation--I feel that I am not in a Mood to write any to-day; and it appears that the loss of it is the beginning of all sorts of irregularities.

  17. In few corners of the world, where English influence has extended itself, is this otherwise than true, and it is a highly enviable distinction.

  18. It was some time ere its approach either attracted the attention or disturbed the boisterous mirth of the boats' crews, who, with the enviable philosophy of their class, were gaily laughing over the incidents of the day.

  19. Every one recognized its simple ease and charm, and he might have gone on writing with that enviable facility had he not determined to study Locke's philosophical compositions.

  20. Now if we apply this art of selection to all our labors it will give us much of that landscape painter's enviable coolness, and enable us to work more satisfactorily.

  21. Then he goes to some clever artist who seems to get the right thing with enviable ease.

  22. But, indeed, I am in a most enviable state.

  23. I reckon me grandma nor Jim Clay neither never done a table better," he said with enviable self-appreciation.

  24. She'd require inoculating with a little of yours," said I, watching with what enviable vigour the girl's work sped before her as though afraid.

  25. Considerable as was the anxiety which Count Kora's rout caused the Marquis de Tricotrin, his state of mind as he was carried home was enviable compared to that of his daughter.

  26. Kophetua reached his apartments in no enviable frame of mind.

  27. It is sufficient to say that as a soldier he did his duty bravely; he did it intelligently; he won an enviable fame, and he retired from the service without blot or breath against him.

  28. He graduated in August, 1856, and among the forty-two members that composed his class, are a number of names that have since won an enviable distinction.

  29. I am once more in that frugal, happy home, where contentment ever smiled upon us, and the kind words of my brothers and the affection of my sisters, more than compensated for what by some would have been considered not an enviable lot.

  30. Wonder and observe the small portion of real happiness the world affords even in the most enviable position.

  31. Possessed of an enviable little fortune, entirely at her own disposal.

  32. She sat down by the fire in her room, and for the first time in her life, the harmless existence of one of those domestic drudges whom she despised began to seem enviable to her.

  33. Jack possessed the dog's enviable faculty of distinguishing correctly between the people who are, and the people who are not, their true friends.

  34. Europe, where it has so often been asserted that the receiving of petitions, and granting their prayer, is the most enviable branch of royal prerogative?

  35. With agitated feelings, and distracted with doubts and fears, it was in no enviable state of mind that Lady Chutny re-entered her home on the plantation.

  36. To assume a would-be charming manner for the moment, with the desire to be unusually pleasing to some one in particular, does not confer the enviable reputation of having a charming manner.

  37. This enviable condition of body and mind was mine while studying Portia in "The Merchant of Venice," which is to be given on the 25th for my benefit.

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