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Example sentences for "envies"

Lexicographically close words:
envers; enviable; envie; envied; enviers; envieth; envious; enviously; environ; environed
  1. There is nothing the world envies so much as a happy soul!

  2. In this edition it runs as follows: Who envies none that Chance doth raise, Nor Vice hath ever understood; How deepest wounds are given by praise, Nor rules of State, but rules of good.

  3. How little he envies the linnet and how little the linnet envies him!

  4. The feast, the music, and the dancing went on, so did the envies within and the clamours without the palace.

  5. The music had never been so merry, the dishes so rich, or the wines so rare; neither had the clamours at the gate ever been so loud, nor the disputes and envies so many in the halls.

  6. Menaced with grave and imminent peril, it was not while the Athenians were still in the camp that they would have conceived all the petty envies of the forum.

  7. The people are then told that "they have been insidiously taught to believe that Great Britain is rapacious, cruel and vindictive, and envies us the inheritance purchased by the sweat and blood of our ancestors.

  8. This desperate quarrell sprung out of their envies To D'Ambois sudden bravery, and great spirit.

  9. Come to the Presence then, and see great D'Ambois (Fortunes proud mushrome shot up in a night) Stand like an Atlas under our Kings arme; Which greatnesse with him Monsieur now envies As bitterly and deadly as the Guise.

  10. The urchin who hawks matches in the rain envies the sheltered office-boy, and the waif without coppers to invest envies the match-seller.

  11. Besides, I know how many envies still attack the reputation of this most eminent man.

  12. Salangan swallow,” hirundo esculenta; they never tasted those birds’ nests which Europe still envies the East.

  13. Right, for what a man truly envies in another, he could always love and cherish in himself; but no man truly reprehends in another, what he loves in himself; therefore reprehension is out of his hate.

  14. The poor man envies the rich man his wealth; the rich man envies the poor man his solitary ewe lamb.

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