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Example sentences for "directness"

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directions; directive; directives; directlie; directly; director; directorate; directorates; directorial; directories
  1. He had a directness of action never before combined with so much comprehension.

  2. He has never told an intensely absorbing story with more dramatic directness than this one.

  3. I have just seen my daughter," he began, with a quiet directness that duly impressed its hearer.

  4. These actions are generally not due to any one's reasoning overmuch on the respective merits of directness or indirectness, but are the spontaneous retorts of those who feel oppressed by a situation.

  5. The Master next proceeded to instruct with particular directness those upon whom would devolve the responsibility of the ministry as His commissioned representatives.

  6. With humiliating directness He admonished these learned men of the law, these interpreters of the prophets, these professional expounders of sacred writ, to betake themselves to reading and study.

  7. The habit of directness and simplicity, which Bacon formed in his speaking, remained with him through Life.

  8. The style of the author of Piers Plowman is, however, remarkable for the old Saxon sincerity and for the realistic directness of the bearer of a worthy message.

  9. A certain simplicity and directness united with an unusual degree of cultivation, had attracted him from the first.

  10. From the time that his "Lay Sermons" was published his essays found in the United States an eager audience, who appreciated above all things his directness and honesty of purpose and the unflinching spirit in which he pursued the truth.

  11. A letter of this year deserves quoting as illustrating the directness of Huxley's dealings with his friends, and his hatred of doing anything unknown to them which might be misreported to them or misconstrued without explanation.

  12. He made a speech which was for him gallant, but while he made it he looked into her eyes with a directness to which she was indeed unaccustomed.

  13. She received his forced greeting with the matter-of-fact directness which was characteristic of her.

  14. He started, blinking at the swift directness of the question.

  15. Ruth, not coyly, but with a directness that startled him.

  16. Unless I am mistaken the old gentleman cowered before the directness of his daughter's gaze,--and endeavoured to conceal the fact by an explosion of passion.

  17. Simplicity, directness and breadth are the notes of his thought.

  18. In reality, he was quite as much above his neighbours in insight as was the polished orator or writer, but the plain directness of his language seemed to keep him on their level.

  19. Directness and freedom of workmanship are most desirable.

  20. To give ornament its true value we must distinguish between ordinary occasions when simplicity and directness are required, and special occasions when elaboration is desirable or necessary.

  21. But the question is one of directness or indirectness of aim.

  22. Once resolved on the accomplishment, upheld by a strong sentimental devotion, Stover went at his task with a blunt directness that disdains all objections.

  23. Her forehead was clear, a little serious, and her eyes, while devoid of coquetry, held him with their directness and simplicity.

  24. Across the campus, Dana, first man out for Bones, all in black, was making straight for them with the unrelenting directness of a torpedo.

  25. With characteristic directness she replied, "You mean Tertius Marrineal?

  26. It is in art that eternal truth is revealed with a directness and certainty to which science never attains.

  27. In art are revealed the eternal truths of the nature of man and the universe, revealed with a power and directness to which science can never attain.

  28. Sermons of such intense conviction and directness of purpose, combined with such originality and perfection on their purely literary side, are rare everywhere.

  29. She regarded him searchingly, but the simple directness of his gaze caused her own eyes to falter, and she turned into the house with a deep breath that was very like a sigh.

  30. The tendency of man is to verbosity in administering in sacred things; to introduce form and pomp and ceremony; while simplicity and directness mark all the works of God in revelation as in nature.

  31. The simplicity, directness and appropriateness of this ordination in the presence of such temptation to introduce pomp and ceremony, stamp it with the seal of truth.

  32. The same qualities, directness and simplicity, are to be observed in the ordination of Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery to the Aaronic Priesthood, by John the Baptist.

  33. Somehow the simple directness of your expression--I hoped it was anticipation--didn't seem to me characteristic of the stage.

  34. But I used then and for long afterwards to tax him with obscurity, not knowing that my own want of simplicity and directness was to blame for that effect.

  35. I liked its tone of boyish enthusiasm, but your directness of speech scared me.

  36. His seriousness, his decision and directness of utterance, and the idealism which shone from his rugged, boyish face remained with her to the verge of sleep.

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