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Example sentences for "directorates"

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  1. The directorates had direct connections with all implementing bodies.

  2. Major subcommands, such as the army's directorates of Political Affairs and Rear Services (Logistics), serve all service components.

  3. He is responsible to the chief of the Rear Services, which is one of the unified directorates directly beneath the Ministry of People's Defense.

  4. The top executive branches of the Politburo were the four-man Secretariat and the various directorates of the Central Committee.

  5. It is also known that Political Directorates in both the Ministry of People's Defense and the Ministry of the Interior control the commissars in the armed forces and the security forces, respectively.

  6. These directorates shall be composed of rabbis, elders of the community, and a commissioner representing the Government; in the central directorate this commissioner shall be replaced by a "procurator" to be appointed directly by the king.

  7. The functions of the directorates shall include the registration of the Jewish population, the management of the communal finances, the dispensation of charity, and the opening of secular schools for Jewish children.

  8. When asked the direct question, "Do you approve of the identity of directors or interlocking directorates in potentially competing institutions?

  9. Frank Haigh Dixon, The Economic Significance of Interlocking Directorates in Railway Finance, The Journal of Political Economy, Vol.

  10. Interlocking directorates among the more important banks were prohibited by the Clayton Act, passed in 1914.

  11. Under this ingenious arrangement, it is evident that the direct influence of the banks of the large cities in selecting the directorates of the Federal Reserve Banks is limited.

  12. The Illinois Central, which connected the lower South with Chicago, was affiliated by means of interlocking directorates with the New York Central before 1856.

  13. The Central Administration and its organs establish new managements and technical administrative directorates of enterprises.

  14. Technical administrative directorates of nationalized enterprises are organized according to Part I of this Regulation.

  15. You conceded me my seat at your directorates only because you were compelled to recognize my value there.

  16. These four could swing directorates controlling the major interests of Consolidated.

  17. Nor does that finish the list, for subsidiary directorates under the Director-General of Transportation were: Director of Construction (Brig.

  18. It will be of interest to note how all the directorates of the Q Branch of the Staff were co-ordinated so that the man at the top could keep control and yet not be smothered under a mass of detail.

  19. Some day we shall progress to the point where the directorates of our railroads will be very real directorates indeed, not groups of busy and harried bankers dropping in once a week for an hour or two for their twenty-dollar gold-pieces.

  20. To the limit of my ability and knowledge I recognized banking control, natural traffic routes and breaking points, and interlocking directorates and ownerships.

  21. Two-thirds of the ministry's major directorates deal with the militia.

  22. In addition to the directorates and administrative sections there were, in 1970, eight formally established commissions directly tied to the Central Committee.

  23. The minister has a number of deputies, including the chiefs of the main directorates for training, political affairs, and rear services (logistics) and the chief of the general staff.

  24. Other directorates of the ministry deal with prisons and labor settlements, reeducation of minors, and state archives.

  25. Three members of the Secretariat serve as the supervising secretaries of the major directorates of the Central Committee.

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