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directly; directness; director; directorate; directorates; directories; directors; directorship; directory; directress
  1. This was the real blow; that the vigorous trunk, the Legislature, was struck down along with the withering Directorial branch.

  2. But in other respects the directorial powers were almost as extensive as those wielded by the two secret committees, or as those which Bonaparte was to inherit from the Directory in 1799.

  3. In the Directorial period he displayed more activity.

  4. Before they arrived at Paris, the Revolution of the 18th Brumaire had occurred--the Directorial Government overturned, the Consulate established, and Buonaparte at the head of affairs.

  5. In the mean time, (for half a year had now been consumed in this intrigue,) the despatches of the American Ministers had become public, exciting every where odium upon the Directorial Government.

  6. It is, that the French would not receive the Envoys charged with this business, or permit their speaking to them, although they waited for months at the palace-gate of Directorial Arrogance supplicating in vain for an audience.

  7. If you see the picture you will no doubt observe directorial alterations that came up during production.

  8. It was Bonaparte who offered the money, which, however, he did not send; it was he who despatched Augereau; and he who wished for the triumph of the Directorial majority.

  9. But we will say no more of the Directorial Government.

  10. This movement failed, however, because it was opposed by the very stockholders whose interests were supposed to have suffered by directorial mismanagement.

  11. It is difficult even to estimate the total annual profits of the directorial syndicate.

  12. After some hesitation, the moderate party joined the directorial party, and supported the civic oath with cries of "Vive la République!

  13. Bonaparte had learned in the east, from his brother Lucien and a few other friends, the state of affairs in France, and the decline of the directorial government.

  14. On this account almost every one, except the directorial republicans, declared in favour of the events of that day.

  15. They deposed Treilhard, because an interval of a year had not elapsed between his legislative and his directorial functions, as the constitution required.

  16. The directorial authority, threatened in the centre, and disowned in the departments, became wholly powerless.

  17. If any constitution could have become firmly established at that period, it was the directorial constitution.

  18. At this period the directorial party struck a blow at the extreme republicans, as nine months before it had aimed at the royalists.

  19. The legislative body, in default of directorial power, wished to make sure of the ministry.

  20. The constitutionalists of 1791, and the directorial party formed an alliance.

  21. The directorial manners were the product of another society, which had to appear again before the new state of society could regulate its relations, and constitute its own manners.

  22. Such was our Minister's inveteracy against him in 1798, that a directorial decree placed him on the list of emigrants, because he remained in Spain after having been recalled to France.

  23. During the existence of the directorial government, the number of national fêtes had been considerably increased by the celebration of party triumphs.

  24. Since the revolution, masquerades were strictly forbidden, and this prohibition continued under the directorial government.

  25. The constitutional clergy continued their labours, struggling incessantly against calumny and libels, either from their dissentient brethren or from the agents of the directorial government.

  26. Under the Directorial government, France, overwhelmed by the weight of her long misfortunes, first cast her eye on the construction of a new edifice, dedicated to human knowledge in general, under the name of National Institute.

  27. He had been placed on the list of emigrants, from which his name was erased on the establishment of the Directorial government, under which he became minister of foreign affairs.

  28. When, therefore, the Directory was overthrown in France, it was not his purpose that a directorial form of government should continue to subsist in Italy.

  29. This may be exaggerated, for Napoleon disliked Dubois de Crancé[494] as his personal opponent; but the improvident and corrupt character of the directorial government renders the charge very probable.

  30. Here was another risk of an imminent and pressing description, which menaced France and its Directorial government.

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