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Example sentences for "commanding"

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commander; commanderies; commanders; commandest; commandeth; commandingly; commandit; commandment; commandments; commando
  1. Lucky for us men you do not set your mind to it; for, if you did, no poor fellow would ever have a chance of commanding his own ship!

  2. He had been already two years in Sardinia, and they now attempted to retain him there another year by sending fresh troops to the province, and by commanding the Proconsul to remain in the island.

  3. Antiochus Epiphanes had invaded Egypt, and was marching upon Alexandria, when he was met by three Roman commissioners, who presented him with a decree of the Senate, commanding him to abstain from hostilities against Egypt.

  4. Wandering about, it is said, in search of a settlement, they somehow or other found their way into this remote corner of Lancashire, where they discovered a hill commanding an agreeable prospect and suitable in every way for their purpose.

  5. To the officer commanding in chief at Hawarden castle and his consorts there.

  6. Perceiving himself anticipated here, the mate turned to the boat on the other quarter, and was in her, and in the water, almost as soon as his commanding officer.

  7. The other mate laughed; but a call from his commanding officer put a stop to the dialogue.

  8. There did not happen to be any commanding or famous personality among the professors of the time, but there was plenty of learning and abundance of rhetoric if not of eloquence.

  9. Cleanor, who had contrived to learn something about the arrangements of the camp, gave himself up into the hands of the officer commanding an outlying picket.

  10. The personality of Hasdrubal was not by any means attractive, and Cleanor could not help comparing his puny physique and sinister expression with the commanding figure and noble countenance of Scipio.

  11. He had held high military office in his native country, commanding the cavalry of the Achæan League, the last effort of Greece to hold her place in the world of politics.

  12. I commission you, therefore, as officer commanding the guard of the said temple, to make inquiries of these same priests, and to take the book into your keeping, for which this present writing shall be your authority.

  13. Well, get them out," said the same commanding voice, and in the officer a short distance from him, Roy recognised the one he had met with the flag of truce.

  14. Now, sir, briefly, what message am I to take back to the commanding officer?

  15. Well, sir, I wouldn't have presumed to interfere with my commanding officer's orders 'fore any one else.

  16. Then, in the darkness beneath the gate-way, Roy heard a commanding voice call upon the men in the guard-room to surrender.

  17. Chambly, then commanding for the king in Acadia, was in the place.

  18. The original commanding officer, Brockholes, was reputed a "papist.

  19. A messenger, strongly escorted, was sent with orders to this effect, and succeeded in reaching Michillimackinac, though there was a battle on the way, in which the officer commanding the escort was killed.

  20. Mechanics and other workmen might, at the discretion of the commanding officer, be kept as prisoners to work at fortifications and do other labor.

  21. He lived among them for many years, and gained a commanding influence, which proved very useful to the French.

  22. The special duty of commanding Indians had fallen to the lot of an officer named Villieu, who had been ordered by the court to raise a war-party and attack the English.

  23. Only one of the peasants bared his head--an old man, white-haired and of commanding stature, who lifted a proud face to the newcomer.

  24. He sat motionless, his eye commanding the fair valley from the rocky entrance on the one side to the shrubby cleft on the other, through which the lake found its outlet.

  25. The thatched dwellings are as poor as anywhere in that part of Galicia, not even the church or the manor house commanding any attention.

  26. A little farther on, and a fine mansion with castellated towers, stood on the rising hill commanding a wide prospect of mountain scenery, but the road did not lead us near to it.

  27. We were in no haste: the day was before us, and we had nothing to do but to walk till we were tired, choose a shady spot commanding a fine view of the lake of Lucerne and the surrounding hills, and then rest and enjoy the scene.

  28. On the southern side of the harbor there are many beautiful residences, and, on a commanding eminence, fine military barracks.

  29. San Pietro, commanding a magnificent view of the Castagniccia or the Chestnut country, and the islands of Monte Christo, Pianosa, and Elba, floating in the haze between sky and water.

  30. A rough road, paved with blocks of granite, leads up to it and to the ramparts, commanding beautiful and extensive views.

  31. Piedicroce, between the richly wooded valleys of the Fium'alto and the Alesani, and commanding a very fine view of both.

  32. The citadel or château, built in the early part of the 15th century, stands on precipitous and jagged rocks rising from the Tavignano, commanding from the top a magnificent view of the wild surrounding scenery.

  33. The highest part of the Col d'Arcarotta is a narrow ridge between the valleys of Orezza and Ortia, commanding a charming view.

  34. Lourtier-Vaneau was a man still in the prime of life, wearing a slightly grizzled beard and, by his affable manners and genuine distinction, commanding confidence and liking.

  35. He seemed to be commanding and entreating at the same time.

  36. Dinna let us interrupt you," and Mr. Byles looked up to see three armed keepers commanding their helpless party, and one of them purple with rage.

  37. SPEUG" I Muirtown Seminary was an imposing building of the classical order, facing the north meadow and commanding from its upper windows a fine view of the river Tay running rapidly and cleanly upon its gravel bed.

  38. The inspectors, too, have been in many cases selected by the officers commanding regiments, without the slightest reference to their acquirements.

  39. On my arrival in camp I found that a deep gloom hung over everyone, and I heard the sad news that Colonel Dunn, the commanding officer of the 33d, had the day before accidentally shot himself when out shooting.

  40. The report of their commanding officer as to the state of the road was most unfavourable, and a wing of the 33d were sent out to assist.

  41. It certainly appears to me that a soldier's rifle should combine breech- and muzzle-loading, and that he should only use the former method when specially ordered by his commanding officer.

  42. They are an admirable body of men, and do great credit to Captain Fellowes, their commanding officer.

  43. The precipice at its foot was at least a thousand feet down, but curiously enough the fort was in a sort of hollow, higher rocks at the distance of only a hundred yards on either side commanding it.

  44. But, after all, what is most required by the transport train is a commanding officer of far higher rank than a major.

  45. Discern the molding hand of the potter commanding the clay, from his merely beating foot, as it turns the wheel.

  46. EGYPT takes up a commanding position near the hearth-brush.

  47. Diverging a little to the left, he found himself on the open hill-side, at a point commanding the village and Beechcote itself, ringed by its ancient woods.

  48. There is a consultation among the officers commanding the corps and divisions and brigades, in the woods, in rear of Slocum's line.

  49. Colonel Andrews, commanding Gordon's brigade in Mansfield's corps, was riding along the line.

  50. The mansion is a quaint old structure, built of red bricks, surrounded by elms, and commanding a wide panorama of the James, of the valley of the Appomattox, and the distant Richmond hills.

  51. General Stuart, commanding the Rebel cavalry, had audaciously rode round General McClellan's army at the Chickahominy and at Harper's Ferry.

  52. Cox, commanding the corps (Burnside commanding the left wing), detailed Colonel Kingsbury with the Eleventh Connecticut to act as skirmishers, and drive the Rebel sharpshooters from the head of the bridge.

  53. It was expected, day after day, that the attack would commence; but the commanding officers issued orders that no batteries should open till all were ready.

  54. General Stone placed Colonel Baker, commanding the First California Regiment, in command of the forces upon the Virginia side of the river.

  55. Colonel Sargent, commanding the First Massachusetts cavalry, was ordered to drive them across the river.

  56. Lawton, commanding Ewell's old division in Jackson's corps, relieved him during the night.

  57. She instantly took the shape which, like the magicians of old commanding their familiar spirits, the great magician of our age commanded her to assume.

  58. It was inaccessible by assault, but the French dragged some heavy guns to a commanding height, and after a cannonade the garrison capitulated.

  59. On a near knoll, commanding a view of the circle of mountains and the winding river, stands the sometime summer residence of Holmes among his ancestral acres, where Hawthorne and Fields came to visit him.

  60. She lived probably in a cell or anchoress’s hold built on to the church and commanding a view of the altar, and must have had a singularly poor time of it in all those eleven years.

  61. Here the road has reached a considerable height, commanding beautiful views down over the valley of the Avon at Hampton Lucy and Charlecote.

  62. The Servian kingdom was gradually extended under his successors, and attained its climax under Stephan Dushan, surnamed the Powerful, who was, according to all contemporary accounts, of tall stature and a commanding kingly presence.

  63. The Bishop received us in an open kiosk, on the first floor, fitted all round with cushions, and commanding a fine view of the hills which inclose the plain of the Morava.

  64. Crossing a ruinous wooden bridge over a wet ditch, we saw a rusty unserviceable brass cannon, which vain-gloriously assumed the prerogative of commanding the entrance.

  65. When it was quite dark, we arrived at the Colubara, and passed the ferry which, during the long Servian revolution, was always considered a post of importance, as commanding a communication between Shabatz and the capital.

  66. Minnigh's character as a soldier and a commanding officer, we quote from manuscripts in our possession.

  67. Sadler fell, the company we think, lost its best commanding officer.

  68. Talley commanding the brigade, and several hundred men having been taken prisoners.

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